Alienware will be the exclusive hardware provider for Fortress Melbourne

Harry Mason

Alienware will be the exclusive hardware provider for Fortress Melbourne

Fortress Melbourne will be one of the biggest gaming venues not only in Australia but in the entire Pacific region. Fortress Melbourne will be a natural home for gamers, providing state of the art equipment and high-tech facilities, which we could have only dreamt about. Truth be told, we can barely contain our excitement!

Fortress Australia will definitely contribute towards the development of a healthy esports community. Only recently, we learned that Fortress Australia selected the Dell brand, Alienware as its main provider. Things are about to get serious at Melbourne’s new esports arena!

High tech equipment 

Alienware is now on course to becoming the exclusive, and executive, hardware provider for Fortress Australia. What does it mean in practice? The brand will provide PCs, peripherals, and monitors for the venue. What is more, it will have the rights to the name of the main arena, a privilege normally reserved for the main sponsor.

Fortress Melbourne is located in Emporium Melbourne, a popular shopping center. It is one of the best possible locations for a new gaming venue. The mall gave the investors the opportunity to reconfigure the gaming area, according to their needs. It essentially gave Fortress Melbourne a free hand at modifications. The venue will be equipped with over 150 PCs, all of which will be provided by Alienware Aurora. The Lan Lounge will seat around 200 people.

Several comments have been made about the partnership, as well as the much-anticipated new gaming venue. Ben Jackson, the General Manager of Consumer and Small Business at Dell Technologies, summed up the partnership in his comment. What are Dell’s future goals? The partnership is fundamental to the company’s future strategic direction.

He highlighted the rapid growth of the local gaming industry. Gaming has never been taken so seriously and the industry is booming. Why? More and more people are actively involved or engaged, in some sort of gaming activity. Across the board, we see an increasing number of active users, who are contributing to the industry’s growth. Can we talk about a success story?

He said that two out of three Australians regularly turn to video games. This translates into an increase in total sales, seen across the retail gaming industry. The sales exceeded A$4 billion in 2018. And this is just the beginning! Melbourne is at the center of events, with a steadily growing community. It is already home to PAX Australia, as well as the Melbourne Esports Open. And there is more to come, down the line!

Jon Satterley, the CEO of Fortress Australia also commented on the partnership. He pointed out that the venue will become one of the top destinations for all Australians, especially gamers and their families. They will all have another reason to head to Melbourne. The partnership is “destined” for success: it is a win-win situation for both parties. 

Without a doubt, Fortress Melbourne will become one of the best-equipped gaming venues in the entire world. It will become a place, where players of all types of skills or abilities can come and master their technique.