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Favorite casinos with mobile slots for Australians [2022]

Throughout centuries, many games have emerged that became household names and are popular among gamblers in the community even now. Slots are definitely one of such games. They were already very popular in land-based casinos, but with the introduction of online gaming and especia…

Throughout centuries, many games have emerged that became household names and are popular among gamblers in the community even now. Slots are definitely one of such games. They were already very popular in land-based casinos, but with the introduction of online gaming and especially Australian mobile slots, their popularity has skyrocketed. If you’re not familiar with slots, you might remember them from movies or tv shows as huge colorful machines with a lever on the side and spinning reels containing different symbols like cherries, 7s, diamonds, etc. It’s usually depicted in a moment when a player hits the jackpot and the machine starts to spit out coins. While that’s no longer the case with online gambling and even the machines in land-based casinos have been modernized, the idea behind the games is the same.

To play a slots game, you simply have to press a button that spins the reels and wait. After a spin, a different combination of symbols will show up on the screen. Depending on how these symbols line up next to each other, you might win or lose. Some combinations, which occur rarely, are worth more than others. While this basic rule is the same for virtually all AU mobile online slots, the rest is up to the developers. There are thousands of slots games out there and more are being made continuously. The differences in the storylines, themes, design, and bonuses give rise to many variations of the game.

If you’ve decided that you are interested in slots and want to try one out for yourself, you’ll need to become familiar with its workings. While these games are simple enough so that you can dive into it without any prior experience, it will be much more enjoyable if you know what you’re dealing with. We’ve provided below a quick guide to Australian mobile slots games with the description of the main features and elements of these games as well as an overview of advantages and drawbacks.

Before you dive into the rules, check out our list of mobile slot casinos in Australia

Below, you can find some of the best casinos in Australia offering mobile slots. Use it to avoid the hustle of doing your own research and start gambling right away.

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Features of slots

While slots are known for their simplicity, there are some elements that you have to be familiar with in order to fully enjoy these games. Anyone can spin the reels and it doesn’t really depend on whether you understand the game or not, but there’s no point in just watching the symbols spin if you don’t understand what’s going on. For that reason, we list below some of the key features of these games that will help you when you play mobile slots in Australia.


The columns that depict different symbols and spin after you press the button are called reels. There might be any number of reels in a game, but it usually varies in the range of 3 to 6. Reels are further divided by rows. Each intersection of reel and row is referred to as a position and contains a certain symbol. The number of rows is not fixed either and you’ll usually see games have anywhere from 3 to 5 rows. While most games will have the same number of rows for each reel, there are some modern slots that don’t follow this rule. Even more than that, some Aussie mobile slot games change the number of reels or rows dynamically within the gameplay.


At each position, there is a certain symbol. Depending on how these symbols line up next to each other, you might win a specific sum or lose the bet. Each of the standard symbols has a specific value associated with it, which means that some symbols pay more than others. In the classic slots, these symbols could’ve depicted different fruits, gems, numbers, letters and more. Nowadays, they draw inspiration from the main theme and could depict anything that the designers see fit. There’s not much you should know about the standard symbols. When you start playing the game, you might wanna check out the associated values for each symbol so that you know which ones to be happier about. This will make playing AU mobile slots online more enjoyable, however, the special symbols bring the real fun to the game.

Slots usually have two special symbols. Not all games might have these and some might have one symbol that serves both functions, however, we will explain the ideas separately. First is a Wild symbol. It can substitute for any other standard symbol to form a winning combination. Say, you need three diamonds to be aligned horizontally in order to win. If you get two diamonds and a Wild, you still win. Wilds are good because they can take the value of any standard symbol so they make it more probable that you’ll form a winning combination. In addition to Wilds, there are also Scatter symbols. These symbols pay no matter where they show up on the reels. If you need three Scatters, they might show up in completely unrelated positions, but you would still win. Very often, Scatters also trigger mobile slots bonus modes, which we will discuss later.


When you play slots, you’ll have a control bar you can use to input your commands. Probably the most important button is the Spin button. When you press it the reels will spin to reveal a new combination of symbols. There’s also usually the Auto-Spin button. You can set the number of auto spins and when you press it the reels will spin a specified number of times without requiring you to press anything. When you’ve been playing for a while, a tool like this will come in handy. You also get to adjust the size of the bet. Per each bet, a certain number of credits will be deducted from your account. You can adjust that amount depending on how risky you want the game to be. The more you bet, the more you can win. There are other minor controls as well, which allow you to adjust different settings of Australian casino mobile slots.


Bonuses are also important in differentiating slots games. To make these games more fun and add another layer of interest, game developers have introduced bonus modes in many of these games. A very common one is a free spins mode. It is usually triggered by landing several of the Scatter symbols at the same time. In the free spins mode, the reels will spin a fixed number of times without reducing your credits. You still get to keep the winnings. Very often, there is also a multiplier applied to this mode that multiplies your winnings by a certain coefficient. While free spins are very common, it’s not the only bonus feature these games will have. Jackpots are also easy to come across. Progressive jackpots in Australian mobile slots gradually increase in size until won. Very often you also get to play a guessing game for a chance to double your winnings. If you win after a spin, the slots will offer a bonus game where you have to guess the color of the card or something similar for a chance to double the winnings. There are countless more bonuses offered by these games that often tie into the storyline and make slots really enjoyable. Finding out about these features and new bonus modes is a very exciting part of looking for new games to play.


Themes are used by game developers to make slots more interesting and appeal to a particular interest group. Anything can become a theme for a slots game. Usually, game studios draw inspiration from movies, tv shows, popular video games, and mainstream events. There is a game based on cryptocurrencies and another one based on children’s stories. In some cases, themes are only used to inspire the design of the game and symbols. However, there are games that take it a step further and introduce a storyline based on the theme that ties in the bonus features as well. These games are very enjoyable for people who could get easily bored by repetitiveness and want to get more involved in the story behind the game when they play mobile slots online.

RTP & Volatility

Another thing that you can use to compare different slots games is the return. Keep in mind that slots are a game of luck, so there’s no way to tell how much you’ll win or lose. However, because these games have a predefined set of payouts, there is a way to tell how much you’ll win on average in the long run. You might end up losing more or winning more, but the number will be able to tell you what to expect on average. Return to Player or RTP denotes how much you’ll get back per bet as a percentage. If a game has an RTP of 90%, you can expect to win $90 per $100 you bet on average. RTP almost never goes above 100% for slots as it would be a losing game for the casino and would be discontinued. However, you can aim for games that have an RTP above 95%, which is considered good. This doesn’t mean that you have no chance of winning when you play slots on mobile, however, it says that an average player will lose $5 per $100 bet.

RTP is one way to measure the return and it is indicative of how much you’ll win or lose in the long run. However, another important feature of the return of a slots game is how spread out the return is. This is measured by volatility. Games that are more volatile will have winnings concentrated in rare but highly profitable moments, while less volatile games will have the winnings spread out more evenly. When you play more volatile games, you might continue losing for a long period of time and if you strike gold and win big, you’ll win really big. With less volatile games, those wins are smaller but you’ll lose less on most spins. It is up to you and your preferences how volatile you want your mobile casino slots to be.

Pros & Cons of playing slots

When you create an account on a gambling platform, you’ll have a lot of options for various games to choose from. In addition to slots, you’ll be able to play table games like Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and more. To be able to choose, you need to know what the advantages and disadvantages of playing slots entails. We’ve prepared a brief guide that should help you in the process.

Slots are simpler

One of the biggest advantages of online Australian mobile slots is their simplicity. You can be completely new to gambling and you’ll be able to play slots just as well as any other player. The only thing you have to do is hit the Spin button. While more layered games involve a bit more detail and complexity, it doesn’t affect your return, so you can have fun figuring it all out. That’s why slots are predominantly preferred by beginners who don’t want to be disadvantaged due to their lack of experience. If you were to go for games like Poker or Blackjack without thorough preparation, you would be at a significant disadvantage. With slots, on the other hand, you’re just as good as any other experienced player.

Fun themes and design

Table games are more strictly defined even when it comes to the visuals. Sometimes even the color of the table is set in the rules. When it comes to mobile slots AU games, developers have more freedom to do as they please. That’s why these games have exploded in numbers. There’s a huge diversity that is introduced by different themes and visuals. Many slots exist that are identical in every way but the visuals. Modern slots have some of the best quality graphics and animations which alone make it worthwhile playing these games. Themes that can be based on your favorite movies and tv shows make things even better. In conclusion, visuals are definitely one of the best aspects of playing AU mobile slots online.

Fast pace

Another great thing about slots is the fast pace. Some games like Poker require you to become more involved in the game. With slots, on the other hand, every spin takes only a couple of seconds and you can leave the game at any time. This fast pace might not be a top priority for some players who like to strategize, but it’s great for those who want a light fun and don’t want to take things too seriously. There are some table games that are fast-paced as well. Roulette spins also take a couple of minutes but Aussie online casino mobile slots require much less involvement and decision-making.

No room for strategizing

What is a huge advantage for some, might be a big drawback for the others. Some gamblers like to have control over the outcome of the game. Unfortunately, that’s not possible when it comes to slots. You could read all about it and train for months, but you wouldn’t be any better off than a beginner. There are also individuals who like to employ their wits and think their strategizing gives them an edge over other players. While some games like Poker and Blackjack allow you to strategize and put yourself at an advantage, there’s no room for logic or calculations when it comes to slots. Even if you find the best mobile slots in Australia, the outcome will depend solely on the chance and you’ll have no influence over it.


Also a huge drawback of slots is its repetitiveness. While some developers might introduce additional layers in the game to make them more fun, it’s almost never enough. You have to go through a dozen spins that are virtually the same to end up with one of the special features, and that’s if you’re lucky. While there are some gamblers who enjoy this simplicity, for others it might be too repetitive and annoying. That’s why after some time, many people like to diversify their gambling experience and play other games along with Australian mobile slots for real money.

Playing slots on mobile

Another choice you’ll have to make when you decide to start playing slots is whether you want to play them on your computer or on your smartphone. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly more popular due to the convenience that it offers, but it also compromises user experience due to its limitations. Of course, you can always try free Aussie mobile slots on both platforms to see yourself which one you prefer, but we’ll cover the basics below.

When you use your smartphone for gambling, you can start playing your favorite slots anytime, anywhere. You can be on your commute to work and it wouldn’t be a problem to take out your phone and start gambling. You could be waiting in line for an appointment and it would be very easy to kill time with your preferred slots. It’s much less convenient to do so with a laptop and practically impossible to do it with your personal computer. Mobile phones are easy to carry around and as most people look at their phones when they’re not doing anything else, it wouldn’t feel out of place. That’s the biggest convenience of mobile online Aussie slot casinos. It’s also the main reason why many gamblers are switching to their mobile devices.

Unfortunately, mobile gambling has its disadvantages as well. First of all, the size of the screen of a mobile phone is considerably smaller than that of most laptops. This means that there’s limited space for the game to fit the reels as well as the controls. Developers might have to compromise on user experience to present a game in a way that is accessible on a phone. Some controls might be hidden behind certain buttons which makes them more difficult to access. The visuals are also much less appealing when they’re displayed on a smaller screen. In terms of the user experience, many prefer to play mobile slots Australia offers on computers, but for some, convenience trumps this issue and they still choose phones over computers.

There’s also the issue of game selection. Some developers haven’t made all of their games accessible on mobile devices. This means that you’ll be facing a smaller set of options if you plan to use a mobile phone than you would in the case of using your computer. Some games that are available on mobile devices might not run as smoothly as well, depending on the technical capabilities of your particular phone. Imagine finding a perfect AU no deposit mobile slots bonus, only to find out that your phone can’t access the game as well as you would want to. That would be a very rare occurrence where computers are concerned.

Casino bonuses for mobile slots

When you start looking for gambling platforms to play mobile slots, you’ll be interested in bonus offers. These shouldn’t be confused with the bonus features within slots. Bonus features are determined by game developers, while casino bonuses are issued by casinos to attract gamblers to their platforms. These bonuses come in different form and shape but all serve to encourage new users to sign up on a certain website. Australian mobile slots deposit bonus offers are some of the most popular bonuses out there. When you make a deposit on a casino, you receive free spins for particular slots and you get to play the slot a certain number of times without spending any of your own money. However, you still get to keep the winnings.

In addition to the deposit bonuses, there are also no deposit offers. These don’t require you to make a deposit in order to be claimed. You only have to create an account and the corresponding bonus will be given to you right away. Aussie mobile slots no deposit bonus offers might also include free spins. Similarly, you get to keep the winnings if you are able to meet the wagering requirements. Certain no deposit offers might ask you to make a deposit on the casino before you’re able to withdraw the winnings. Companies do this to make sure that you’ll continue using their services and didn’t simply sign up for the bonus.

There are other types of bonuses as well. It’s important that the casino you choose keeps offering such promotions long after you’ve made your first deposit. Weekly bonuses are a good way to encourage customers to continue playing and also give them something to look forward to. Finding a good AU mobile slots no deposit bonus is one way to start searching for a platform to sign up on.