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Microgaming-powered casinos in Australia - top things to know

Focusing on Microgaming online casino slots in Australia is always something to look forward to for any person enthusiastic about gambling in any shape or form. The methods the company uses to develop their games and the ways they promote their products need to be recognized not …

Focusing on Microgaming online casino slots in Australia is always something to look forward to for any person enthusiastic about gambling in any shape or form.

The methods the company uses to develop their games and the ways they promote their products need to be recognized not only by Australians but also by the whole world as well.

In this article, we will focus on multiple aspects of what makes Microgaming slots so unique when compared to their competitors in the market.

We will showcase several games that stand out from the rest and also try to explain how these games work. Although gambling games seem quite simple from the surface, there are usually quite a lot of details involved in knowing what to expect from them.

But, before we dive into the details and start talking about the technical parts of Microgaming Australian mobile slots, let’s first find out more about the company itself.

The list of Microgaming casinos that give access to Aussie players

Microgaming has lots of fans. If you’re one of them you don’t have to search on the internet for a casino to sign up on. Instead, you can just refer to our carefully put together list below.

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Microgaming’s story

Microgaming’s story starts as early as the 90’s as it is sometimes referred to as the company that introduced the first online casino in the world, but that is still being debated to this day. But, it still gives us the scope of what Microgaming has accomplished over its more than two decades of experience in the gambling market.

The company has become so notorious in fact that whenever gamblers see that an online casino features Microgaming’s slots they immediately assume that they’re in for a good time.

The software developer services hundreds upon hundreds of casinos worldwide and has received numerous awards for its games over the course of the last couple of years.

Another reason why Microgaming is so popular among players, is because it was their game that paid the largest recorded jackpot in history, almost 18 million euros in just 25 spins.

Although it may seem that the provider focuses more on the EU market, make no mistake that Microgaming online casinos in Australia are just as popular and accessible as anywhere else.

Now that we’ve gotten to know the company’s background a little bit and saw the scope of their capabilities, let’s look at some of their most popular and fun games and try to determine what makes them so unique.

Best Microgaming online casino slots

Zeus Ancient Fortunes

Zeus Ancient Fortunes is a perfect example of why Microgaming slots in Australia are so beloved by so many gambling enthusiasts.

The game is quite simplistic, it doesn’t have too many mumbo jumbo features that sometimes get too confusing to even understand. The only benefits that players find with this game is the massive profitability that it can offer.

The game has just five columns and three rows, but the chance of hitting the jackpot is always high.

There are more than 40 paylines thanks to the fact that it pays both ways, therefore any combination could work in reverse as well.

The best part is that once a combination has been met, the symbols will crumble and allow new reels to join the spin, therefore increasing the chance of getting multiple combinations during a free spin and maybe even some free spins to base even more winnings on.

Another great feature about this Microgaming AU mobile slot is that it has a multiplier bar on top of it. If you get combinations three times in a row, you can get x11 multipliers applied to your winnings.

With free spins that becomes even better as multipliers increase and could lead to a cash out of x1000 of what you wagered in just one spin if the combination is correct.

In order to get the free spins, players will have to land at least three bonus symbols that resemble Zeus’ lightning. If players get more 5 then they will get 50 free spins, the 3 symbols give only 15.

Overall Zeus Ancient Fortunes is the essence of what Microgaming slots are all about. They’re all about entertainment and generating as much as possible for the players.

Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II is arguably one of the most iconic Microgaming online casino slots in Australia to date. The amount of profits the players have gained from this game is simply uncountable as it’s designed to not only provide slick animations and graphically designed images, but as many avenues for profit as possible.

Although it’s not directly centered around vikings, it’s still classified as a vikings slots game, which is obligational for every software provider at this point. It’s a game about the norse gods, including Freya, Loki, Odin and Thor, all with their own additional features.

The game itself may look quite simple, just three rows and five columns, but it’s all about the progression in the bonus levels that get players the winnings they try for.

Before we move into the bonus level, let’s mention one very handy feature from Thunderstruck II. Every now and then, Thor will fly down from Valhalla and help the players out by turning at least one column into wild symbols, thus increasing the winnings even more.

But Microgaming casino bonus Australia is so fond of didn’t gain its notoriety for nothing, the main bread and butter of this game is the free spins level.

Three bonus symbols are enough to get the players in the free spins level, but there’s a twist. Every fifth entry of the bonus level is governed by a different god. Players start out with Freya and work they way up towards Thor.

Freya’s bonus feature has 15 free spins and a multiplier of 5x. Any additional bonus symbols gotten during the free spins are immediately translated into free spins and additional levels of progression.

Loki’s bonus feature appears at the fifth entry of the Great Hall of Spins. In this feature players should look out for the middle column which could potentially show a “Wild Magic” symbol. This symbol can turn up to 3 different symbols on the reels into wilds therefore giving the players a chance to score quite the buck.

Odin’s bonus feature is at the 10th entry. Everytime a player gets a combination of symbols, he or she will get one or two ravens flying down as multipliers. The multipliers range from x2 or x3 and x6 if both ravens land.

Thor’s bonus feature is the last one and is awarded at the 15th entry. With this level, players get rolling reels, meaning that once you get a combination of symbols, they disappear and allow new ones to fall down, potentially giving way to dozens of new combinations on a single spin. Oh, and don’t forget the multipliers up to x4.

As you can see Thunderstruck II is yet another amazing example of what Microgaming mobile slots in Australia can earn their players. But we’re not done here, there are plenty more games we want to showcase.

Lost Vegas

When we talk about the Lost Vegas slot it’s very hard to regard it as just one game, simply because players get to choose between two different modes.

The game is centered around a zombie apocalypse, which is also another trend in the gambling industry, nearly everybody has a zombie slot at this point, but Microgaming managed to make it a little bit more interactive.

Players can choose if they want to play the Zombie or the Survivor modes. Both of these come with their own features, and therefore turning Lost Vegas into two slots compacted in one. Let’s start with discussing the Zombie mode.


Zombies have two unique features of their own. One is the fist of cash and the other is the blackout feature. The fist of cash appears randomly and hands the players a random amount of winnings. The blackout bonus darkens the screen and turns out night vision. Any unique symbol that appeared during that blackout spin will be translated into wins, sometimes in the x10s of what was wagered.

However, the main feature of the game lays in its free spins stage which also comes in two different variations. The Zombies free spins could actually be unlimited, which is the most unique way of forming them and can only be seen with free Microgaming casino slots in Australia.

Basically what happens is that during every spin, there’s a chance that a column will get “infected”, that happens when the whole column is occupied by a zombie. The free spins continue until all of the five columns get infected. The infection does not affect the profitability though.

Therefore, there’s a chance that you can squeeze out as many as 50 spins with this feature if you’re lucky.


The survivors don’t come with the additional features like the Fist of Cash or the blackout, however they also have quite a unique free spins stage.

During the free spins level, all of the symbols that are not “unique” (meaning the symbols such as J, Q, K and etc.) will automatically be counted as a “win”. Furthermore, the stage also has rolling reels, meaning that once the common symbols are gone, new symbols will keep on falling and forming newer combinations.

Here’s what’s really nice about this level. Imagine that you got 9 symbols of combination with the rest scattered as normal symbols. Everytime the reels continue to roll, those 9 symbols of combination will repeat itself therefore potentially giving you x10 of what it was supposed to.

This is why most Australia Microgaming casinos promote Lost Vegas as one of their best RTP games available.

3 Genie Wishes

If you’re a regular gambler you’ll most definitely have heard of 3 Genie Wishes from Microgaming, it’s sometimes referred to as the best wilds-oriented slots game available in the gambling market in modern times.

The game itself, much like any other Microgaming slot is quite simple, four rows and five columns. However, it’s all about the wilds that players can get and the number of profits that this game is able to generate.

The most important combination that you need to look out for is the scatter combination. If you get at least 3 symbols, you’re awarded with a choice of three wishes. It’s best to always go for the chest, as it’s the one that contains the “Sticky wilds” and “Raining wilds” features.

They’re not that in-depth but let’s take it a step at a time.

Sticky wilds

The sticky wilds are pretty self-explanatory. During the 10 free spins that players get, any wild symbol that appears during those spins will remain in place for the rest of the bonus level. This means that if you get on average 2 wild symbols every spin, you’ll end up with anywhere between 15-24 wild symbols on the reels at the last free spin. Consider the fact that there are 5 reels and 4 columns in total. Having the whole game covered in wild symbols is pretty much a guaranteed jackpot.

The Australia Microgaming no deposit bonus features have nothing on this sticky wilds level as of yet. But there’s something else this game offers.

Raining wilds

Raining wilds is not as radical as sticky wilds, simply because the wilds are refreshed on every spin, however there’s a guarantee of at least 5-6 wild symbols. Should these wilds create combinations with “unique” symbols players have the chance to potentially x100 their initial bet for a single spin, or even more.

Overall, much like the rest of the Microgaming slots discussed in this article, 3 Genie Wishes is also oriented on player profitability.

What Microgaming slots are all about

As you may have already noticed from the games we featured in this article, Microgaming as a software developer focuses on providing as many winnings to their players as possible. Although the games may not be as feature-rich and sensational as other developers’ games, it’s still the essence of what gambling is.

Microgaming has more than enough experience to know what the players are looking for, they’ve been on the market for more than two decades now, therefore, whenever they develop a new game, you better be sure that it’s based on years of research, data and the demand that comes from the players themselves.

Remember, Microgaming has a presence on more than 500 casinos worldwide, therefore they have access to this much data.

Furthermore, the reason why we featured the four games above is because they’re one of the biggest contributors to this data. It all comes together whenever you actually try playing these games, the comparison to other developers is just uncanny.

FAQ about online slots

We didn’t want to make this article just about AU Microgaming online slots, in fact we want to have it provide some value to players of other software providers as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or a beginner, reading up on how these games work, how to generate the most amount of profit and what games to go for is always going to be beneficial.

Therefore, let’s try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Microgaming slots and casino slots in general.

What is a reel?

Reels are the backbone of any slots game. They are the shapes we see that contain the symbols inside of them. For example, if the slots game is a 7×7 then there are 7 reels in total, containing 49 symbols inside of them.

The reason we differentiate reels from symbols is because there are games that may not contain a symbol on the reels sometimes, therefore we have to have a clear clarification. Furthermore whenever there’s a symbol that occupies three reels, it also requires its own classification.

The most basic explanation of a reel is a shape that contains the symbol within a slots game available on the casino and the thing that actually spins.

How many symbols are there?

The number of available symbols usually varies between the developer themselves. With Microgaming it’s usually four (the regulars, uniques, wilds and bonuses), but there have been some cases with developers who introduce additional symbols that can be classified as something different.

But for the convenience of the players, developers tend to put them in the “Unique” family. Most of the “unique” symbols you may have seen come from Microgaming casino bonus features, which could be additional wilds, or unique wilds, but there are other variations as well. Let’s try to look at them individually.


The normal symbols are the ones we see on nearly every spin. They’re usually in the form of letters or numbers. Letters are J, K, Q etc. and number are from 1-10 usually.

These combinations bring the least amount in profits, but they’re also the most common, therefore if you get them on a regular basis with good multipliers they could also prove to be quite profitable.


The uniques are sometimes the symbols that distinguish a software provider. For example, most of the Australia Microgaming online casinos feature 3d animated unique symbols, which are quite entertaining for the players. However, this entertainment value is just scratching the surface, the real value is the profitability of these symbols.

Needless to say, if you’re playing a slots game you should always be wishing to get these symbols as your combo, as they pay the most. Combine them with some multipliers and you get a really nice spin that could earn you hundreds of spins down the line. But there are other symbols that trump the value of uniques as well.


As you’ve already seen from the 3 Genie Wishes slot, wilds can sometimes be the centrepiece of a slots game. Wilds are symbols that can take the classification of any other symbol. For example, imagine there are five columns in the game.

On the first and last two columns you get similar unique symbols, but without another similar one in the middle it won’t end up as a combination. If there was a wild symbol in the middle though, it would immediately classify as that unique symbol and therefore complete the combination.

Now imagine that this wild symbol can take part in more than three combinations during a single spin. Wilds are the primary source of winnings for most gamblers these days and software providers like Microgaming are catching up on the trends.

Some of the best Microgaming casinos in Australia base their whole promotional material on wilds alone and manage to get the best reactions from their audience, therefore cementing wilds as the best symbols to get during a spin regardless of what you’re playing.


A bonus symbol is sometimes also referred to as scatter, which leads to new levels or additional benefits. They’re usually quite easy to spot as they’re quite different from your average wild or unique symbols. Or they simply have the words “bonus” engraved on them.

The main focus of these bonus symbols is to somehow get you to the bonus level, or the free spins level where all the fun happens.

All of the games that we described above come with these bonus “free spins” levels that contain multipliers, raining wilds, sticky wilds and etc.

However, there are some bonus symbols that lead to just cold hard cash as a prize. In most of the cases, Microgaming no deposit bonus casinos in Australia focus on these bonus features, such as free spins and multipliers, therefore don’t be surprised if you get the same deal everywhere you go.

What does RTP mean?

If you’ve ever scrolled down or opened the options menu of a slots game, then you’ve definitely noticed the RTP abbreviature, but what does it mean. RTP stands for Return to Player. This means that the percentage displayed on the screen is the amount that the casino is willing to give to the players should they have a “successful spin”.

For example, let’s say that your bet is $10 and you get a combination that would equal the amount of your bet. If the RTP is 95% you’ll be getting $9.50 instead of the $10. It may seem unfair, but every casino has it and it’s better than nothing at all.

Therefore, if you’re the type of player that is focused on the winnings and winnings alone, then RTP could be your main source of information to differentiate between what games you should play and which ones you should avoid.

But in the majority of cases, AU Microgaming mobile slots will have at least 93% RTP, so you’re covered in that department.