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The best Australian online horse racing betting sites

There are many sports that have become especially popular with bookmakers. Some of them might not have as many followers as others but still manage to attract a lot of attention to betting sites. Horse racing is definitely one of such sports. Among those who follow horse racing, …

There are many sports that have become especially popular with bookmakers. Some of them might not have as many followers as others but still manage to attract a lot of attention to betting sites. Horse racing is definitely one of such sports. Among those who follow horse racing, a bigger proportion like to get involved with betting than is the case for other sports. Australian horse racing betting sites manage to appeal to a large audience as well. Sports betting, in general, is quite popular in the country and there are many providers who want to meet this demand and offer their services. As a customer in Australia, you have to be familiar with the process of selecting the best platform to place bets on. In this article, we will cover the basics of horse racing betting and then move on to discussing the major criteria for selecting the best betting sites in the country.

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Things you need to know about horse racing betting

Aussie horse racing betting is quite straightforward and easy. Even if you’ve never done it before, you should be able to figure out the basics in a matter of minutes. You don’t get as many options or complex bets on most platforms as you would in case of soccer betting. So, you can really focus on the important things in the race. The straight bets in the races allow you to guess which particular horse will win or place high. For example, if you place a win bet, you are guessing that the horse will win the race. You can also place more lax bets. For example, a place bet means that you believe the horse will finish either first or second. As the odds of this are higher than that of the win bet, you will get paid less if you win. There’s also a show bet, which wins if the horse finishes first, second, or third.

An important thing to keep in mind when placing these bets is the morning line of the horse you are betting one. This determines the payout of your AU horse racing betting online. Morning lines are usually determined and issued at the start of the day, hence the name. They reflect the bookmakers’ opinion on what the odds of winning are for each horse. For example, if the morning line for a horse you are betting on is 20-1, you will win $20 by betting $1. This would mean that the horse is not seen as a frontrunner in any way and is largely expected to lose the race.

In addition to these straight bets, you will also have a chance to make the exotic bets. These are for people who enjoy a bit of complexity or those who have gotten bored with win, place and show bets. Most Aussie online horse racing betting sites will allow making exotic bets as well. The exotic bets include exacta, trifecta, superfecta, and a few other options. The exacta bet means that you are betting on two horses to finish in the first and second places in the exact specified order. You can also bet on the exacta box, where the order doesn’t matter. Trifecta and superfecta work in a similar way but you are betting on three and four horses respectively. The exotic bets are more difficult to get right for obvious reasons. Not only do you have to guess the winner but several other positions as well. However, these odds are also reflected in the payouts which is why many people tend to favor exotic bets over the standard ones.

How to pick a horse racing betting site?

There are a few things that you need to pay attention to when selecting the best Australian horse racing betting sites. It is often too easy to get carried away with only one aspect of the site and completely ignore other important features. This could lead to disappointment down the line. We suggest that you touch upon the major criteria listed below and make sure that the platform you are about to sign up on is satisfactory in many different ways.


Bonuses are a crucial part of sports betting sites. They provide a way for these companies to diversify their services and offer something competitive. As a customer, you should take advantage of the competitive environment that has given rise to interesting and appealing bonus offers. In general, you will find AU horse racing betting sites to offer either deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, or free bets. All three of them will give you an additional benefit and a chance to see some actual monetary benefit as well. Furthermore, with the bonus money or bets, you will be able to explore the functionality of the site and venture into types of bets that you might have avoided on your own.

Deposit bonuses will reward you only after you’ve made a deposit on your account. Because by depositing you demonstrate your commitment to the site, companies prefer such bonuses over others and that’s why deposit bonuses are probably the most common type of promotions you’ll encounter on horse racing betting online Australia sites. The deposit bonus will match your deposit and give you the free cash to place bets with. For example, a 100% match bonus will give you $100 if you deposit $100. You can’t withdraw the money but you can use it to place bets on the site. If you manage to accumulate winnings, you’ll need to meet the wagering requirements to be able to withdraw those winnings. These will specify how much you need to bet in terms of the original bonus amount. Aim for offer with lower wagering requirements as it will be easier for you to see the actual financial benefit from the offer. Some bonuses might also have restrictions on the types of bets or sports you can use the money on. Make sure to go over any such restrictions beforehand so that you know what to expect.

No deposit bonuses are very similar to the deposit bonuses but they don’t require you to make any deposit. Upon signing up on AU horse racing online betting site, or entering the bonus code, you will simply be rewarded with free cash that you can use to place bets. No deposit bonuses come with wagering requirements and a list of supported games as well. The free bet bonuses allow you to make free bets on the platform while you get to keep the winnings. However, the requirements apply to these as well. While free bet bonuses are also quite common, you won’t find a lot of no deposit promotions around. If you do, they might come with wagering requirements that are simply too tough to meet. Because these bonuses are expensive for websites to host, they will often compensate with tough wagering requirements.

Supported bets

If you are mainly interested in Aussie online horse racing bets, this aspect might not be as important to you. However, most people enjoy following a few different sports at the same time and you don’t want to have to use a separate site for all of them. It’s best that you find a platform that supports many different sports and types of bets. If you are into exotic bets, you want to check that the website under consideration will allow you to make such bets as well. Overall, the more types of bets a website allows you the better, however, keep in mind that if you are exclusively interested in horse racing bets the interface and functionality of a website that offers solely horse racing betting might be more optimized for customers like you. It all depends on your particular preferences, priorities, and inclinations to bet on other sports.

Security & Reliability

Due to the fact that the interest in sports betting is so high, there are lots of individuals or groups who want to take advantage of this interest as well as the less tech-savvy customers and defraud them. Such groups will sometimes set up websites that look like legitimate Aussie online horse racing betting sites in every way but are, in fact, scams designed to steal users’ money and funds. You have to be able to identify such schemes. Oftentimes, the main reason why people fall for such scams is the overconfidence in their ability to recognize one. While users have gotten more tech-savvy on average, the scammers have also started to come up with more and more realistic platforms.

In general, the easiest way to identify a reliable platform is by checking whether it has a local license or not. In order to obtain these licenses, companies have to prove themselves to the authorities who use their vast resources for vetting the applicants. This way, you can be nearly certain that all the companies in the national registry of licensed operators are legitimate. However, when it comes to Australia, the situation is more complicated. You see, the regulation of sports betting in Australia is quite tough. For example, in-play sports betting is completely illegal in the country and only a few companies manage to obtain a license in a handful of jurisdictions. While choosing a licensed operator is always the safest choice, it also means that you will limit your choices by a lot. Instead, you might have to rely on other methods for identifying trustworthy online horse racing betting sites Australia has to offer.

One of the first things to do is to do a quick online search. Look at sources other than the provider itself. What is everyone saying about the website? If there have been some significant or even mild misdeeds in the past of the company, an internet search should bring it all up. You can also read user reviews to see what other people’s experiences with the betting site are like. If there are many individuals complaining about the platform and its services, you might be in the wrong place. The Internet is a great pool of knowledge that you should definitely put to use for such occasions. If the site claims to have been around for a while but you can’t find any information on it online, maybe you’re not dealing with a reliable platform and should look for horse racing betting Australia opportunities somewhere else.

User experience and customer service

While the functionality of the website is important, it’s also great when everything is organized in a manner that makes it easy and smooth navigating the website. Some platforms, that aren’t designed based on modern guidelines can be a bit harder to get used to. You want to pick out a website that is user-friendly and can be browsed intuitively. It shouldn’t be too difficult to make this judgment. Simply go on the website and try to browse it for a minute or two. You’ll get the feel right away. If you’re having trouble finding certain sections of the website, you might not be dealing with one of the better designs. For some people, in addition to the layout, the aesthetic part of the site might also be important. Because there are so many websites out there, you do have the luxury to pick and choose even based on the design. Go for the best horse racing betting site AU platform that looks the most appealing to you.

A big part of the user experience is the customer support. Some websites will have a few options for getting in touch with a representative that might even be limited to email only. In such cases, it might take you hours or days to have even the simplest questions answered. While a good FAQ section should be able to help you with most of the common problems, if you encounter an issue that is specific to your case, you will need a one-on-one with the support staff. In this case, the best options are a live chat or a phone line. These options will connect you to a representative allowing you to exchange remarks back-and-forth until you find a resolution to your problem. A live chat is even more convenient because it is usually associated with shorter queues and doesn’t even require you to leave the browser you are using. Before you sign up on an Australian horse racing betting site, you should make sure that it has at least one of these two convenient methods.

Can I make bets on my phone?

An increasingly larger number of people decide to opt for their mobile devices to access betting sites and place sports bets. This is not surprising considering the convenience of mobile devices and how far they’ve come in terms of the technology. The latest smartphones rival laptops with their displays and technological capabilities. If you are one of those people who enjoy betting from their phones, you will be interested in whether the site you have created an account on can be accessed via phone as well. The thing is, most modern phones will be able to open any website that you can open via your laptop. This will likely include your horse racing betting sites Australia offers as well. It’s one thing to be able to open a website and it’s another to be able to use it conveniently. Most modern developers, when creating a website will give it a responsive design, which means that the layout of the pages will adjust to the size of the screen you are viewing them on so that you get the most optimal experience and there’s no need to zoom in and out constantly. It’s not guaranteed, however, that your website has a responsive design as well. Furthermore, there are different degrees of responsiveness and the execution could be different as well. You definitely want to check before signing up how well your phone can access the site you’re considering.

In addition to the browser-based betting sites, there are also those who put out mobile applications for you to download and use. Now, mobile applications are not easy or cheap to develop so not all online horse racing betting sites Australia offers access to will have one.

How do I pay for the bets and withdraw the winnings?

You won’t be able to take advantage of the amazing features and in most cases, bonuses offered by the platform if you can’t make a deposit on your account first. For that, you’ll need to use one of the payment methods offered by the website. Sometimes, the list will be too limiting so that you are forced to go for one particular option that you can use. In some cases, you might have several options to consider, while there are platforms that might not accommodate your preferred methods at all. Because the list of payment options on the best online horse racing betting sites AU offers differs from one site to another, it’s always a good idea to check out the Payments page of a particular website you’re interested in before signing up on it.

In most cases, you’ll find the payment methods to include bank cards, electronic wallets like Skrill and Neteller, bank transfers and alternative payment methods. You might also be able to deposit and withdraw money in cryptocurrencies, although that technology is still not adopted by a lot of providers. When choosing a method, it all depends on your preferences. If you want your betting history to be hidden from your bank, you’d rather go for electronic wallets or cryptocurrencies. If you prefer speed and convenience, then bank cards are probably the best options. You also have to think about the fees and commissions. High fees could eat into your deposits and winnings. The speed of transactions nowadays is mostly the same for most methods i.e. all payments will be reflected immediately on your account. However, when it comes to withdrawals, the processing time could vary from one method to another. The best horse racing betting sites in Australia will list all the withdrawal methods with corresponding approximate withdrawal times.