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The best high roller casinos with bonuses for Australians in 2022

While gambling is a preferred pastime for millions of gamblers in the world, not all of them gamble with the same stakes. Some people choose to be involved in the activity only lightly while others take the risk to another level and increase their stakes in the game. Of course, t…

While gambling is a preferred pastime for millions of gamblers in the world, not all of them gamble with the same stakes. Some people choose to be involved in the activity only lightly while others take the risk to another level and increase their stakes in the game. Of course, this all depends on the resources of the player as well. Those who gamble with high stakes are usually referred to as high rollers. Because such gamblers are more profitable for the casinos, they put out special offers and promotions that are exclusive for high rollers. In this article, we will discuss Aussie high roller gambling in general, as well as the types of bonuses that high rollers might receive.

These casinos offer the best high roller bonuses for Aussie players

If you plan on being a high roller and want to take advantage of great bonuses, check out the list of our handpicked high roller Aussie casinos below.

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Briefly about high roller casinos in Australia

High roller casinos and bonuses are all too common in Australia. High rollers are also referred to as whales and include gamblers who constantly wager large sums of money. There are no set rules for what qualifies an individual as a high roller, however, each casino will have its own standards. Some land-based casinos in Australia consider players who bring over AUD$50,000 to the table to be high rollers. For others, this number might be as high as AUD$100,000. You don’t need to bet that much to receive AU high roller bonus offers when you’re gambling online.

Gambling is extremely popular in Australia as more than $23 billion is spent a year on the activity. Among the games, Australians seem to favor Pokies the most, which account for half of all gambling activity. In Australia, it’s not uncommon to have high roller Pokies as well where each spin could cost $50 or more. Aussie high roller gamblers also tend to go for table games like Poker and Roulette. It is hard to quantify the online gambling market in the country due to the illegality. However, some sources estimate the number to be around $1 billion, which is still a sizeable sum.

Guide to high roller casinos and bonuses

When it comes to land-based casinos, high rollers get truly fascinating perks. They also have to put up much more than the ones gambling online. For example, in Australia, it’s common for high rollers to gamble several tens of thousands of dollars at a time. Such players might receive different kinds of benefits from the casino. Some high rollers get a credit extension and they can gamble with the money that they don’t possess at the moment. There are also instances when high rollers are allowed to use a casino private jet or a special suite in a hotel. It all depends on how much stakes we’re talking about. When it comes to online gambling, AU high roller casinos have a bit more tame definition. Here, you don’t have to gamble hundreds of thousands of dollars. The bonuses you will receive might also be just short of a ride on a private jet.

High roller bonuses

Most often, high roller bonuses take the form of a deposit bonus, in particular – a match bonus. If you’re not familiar with the term, a match bonus matches your deposit by a certain percentage up to a specific limit. For example, if a casino has a 100% match bonus with a limit of $100 when you deposit $50, you’ll get another $50 from the platform to gamble with. You won’t be able to withdraw the money but you can use it to place bets on a wide range of games. If you deposit $100, the casino will match it with another $100, however, no matter how much more you deposit, you’re only going to get $100 as that’s the limit. Usually, this is the range that the match bonus would operate in. However, when it comes to Aussie high roller casino bonuses, we’re talking about completely different numbers.

The particular range that qualifies you as a high roller depends on the casino. Generally, you can expect it to be over $1000. In some cases, you might need to make a deposit of several thousand dollars in order to receive the match bonus.

In addition to the match bonus, in rare cases, you might also be given free spins. Free spins are usually awarded for specific pokies and they allow you to spin the reels for free a given number of times. While for usual deposits you might be given a couple of dozen free spins, high rollers will get much more than that. Much like with a match bonus, you’ll get to keep the winnings from the game. A disadvantage of free spins compared to the match bonus is that you don’t get to choose which Aussie high roller games to play.

For the bonuses mentioned above, you can not withdraw the bonus cash directly, but you get to keep the winnings. In order to be able to withdraw those winnings, you need to meet the wagering requirement. This requirement specifies how much you need to wager in terms of the bonus to be able to withdraw. In some instances, casinos will put out promotions with a high rate match bonus or an exceptional number of free spins only to offset the expense with high wagering requirements. For you as a user, this will completely eliminate the worth of the bonus as you won’t be able to actually benefit from it either way. That’s why it is important to take a look at the whole picture before you decide which Aussie high rollers casino bonus to go for. In some cases, casinos will only advertise the best parts of the offer, while keeping the less appealing aspects like the wagering requirement in the fine print. If you don’t read the whole information about the promotion, you might end up disappointed down the line when you find out you can’t even withdraw your winnings.

High roller VIP programs

High roller deposit bonuses establish your status as a high roller when you make a deposit of a certain amount. However, there are other ways for you to become a VIP user of a platform. In particular, this can be accomplished by accumulating comp points. The rules for accumulating these points will differ from one platform to another. In general, you are rewarded with these points after you make a bet. As you gain more points, you gradually move to another level until you become a VIP user. VIP users get special treatment from the Australian high roller casinos. You might be allowed to play higher stake games, you might receive free cash or other bonuses.

In order to find such a program, you can look under the ‘Promotions’ tab of a casino website or search for it in a ‘Loyalty Program’ section. This should bring up the complete scheme of point accumulation and corresponding user levels. Usually, it’s not just one or two levels, but several. In most cases, you can move up the latter and claim a higher title but you can’t come down if you reduce your activity on the platform. Each level is also associated with its own benefits. The more you play, the more benefits you receive from the casino. High rollers or VIP players are extremely valued by these companies so expect to be pampered if you’re planning on betting large sums of money.


How do I find a high roller casino?

Finding the right casino should be done meticulously and with enough research in all cases. When you’re trying to find the best high roller casinos Australia has to offer, you should put even more effort into the process. After all, you’ll be entrusting the casino with lots of money and you’ll also want to get the best experience out of it. There are some major criteria that you have to take into consideration in the process. It’s not wise to dive head-first into it. While there might be some who choose the first platform they encounter and then deal with the consequences, it’s much more time-efficient if you do the research first. There’s also a smaller chance that you’ll miss out on some great opportunities.

One of the first things you have to look at is the game selection on the casino. You’re only signing up to enjoy the games and you have to make sure that there will be a bunch of options you can choose from. There should also be variety in the games offered. If a casino only has one particular type of table games, you won’t get the full choice. There is a lot of diversity within the categories as well. For example, there are many different types of Pokies you might want to try. Usually, the diversity of games depends on how many game providers the Aussie high roller casino online has partnerships with. Each developer has its own approach to the games and comes up with products that are unique to it. The more game studios that are represented on the casino, the more diverse options you’ll have.

You can’t forget about the bonuses as well. Bonuses have become ubiquitous for all types of players as the environment is getting more and more competitive. With high rollers, they become even more important. High rollers are extremely important for casinos, so they try to attract as many as possible through appealing exclusive bonus offers. You can’t miss out on these opportunities and should definitely consider what high roller bonuses Australia gambling platform offers before signing up on it. Don’t forget to take the wagering requirements into account. Finding information about the bonuses of a casino is not difficult. Just go to the ‘Bonuses’ or ‘Promotions’ tab and scroll through the offers until you find the ones that are specifically for high rollers. It’s one of the best ways to compare different casinos that stand out in every other way.

Another thing to consider is the selection of payment methods. You don’t want to be forced into using a channel that you’re not comfortable with. After all, you’re going to be depositing and, if you’re lucky, withdrawing large sums of money. If you don’t feel secure with a certain method, you shouldn’t have to use it just because there are no alternatives offered by the casino you’ve chosen. The best high roller casinos online Australia has to offer should offer enough options to include your preferred channels as well. If you don’t do the research beforehand, you might end up disappointed down the line when you find out that the selection of payment methods is very limited. It’s best to spend those two minutes and go to the ‘Payments’ tab to look over the accepted methods before you start the registration process.

One thing that a lot of players wrongfully choose to ignore when searching for a new casino is customer support. It might not seem as important as the game selection or the bonuses before you sign up. However, it could easily become a top priority if you’re facing an issue that is not allowing you to continue gambling. You might have a question regarding AU high roller bonus offers, or a deposit method might not be working for you. In such cases, you’ll require the attention of the company representative and you’ll need to use one of the options provided by the casino to get in touch with them.

Probably the most convenient option in such instances is a chatbox. Using a chat box, you’ll be able to connect to the support staff without even closing the browser. Click on the chat box button and a box will open up using which you can ask your question right away. A representative on the other end of the line will answer your question as fast as possible and you’ll be able to give feedback instantly as well. You can write back and forth for as long as you require until the issue is resolved. This way you can get to using your high roller casino bonus Australia offer quickly and without any annoyance. Some platforms will also offer a phone line that might give you a chance to better explain yourself, however, such services are usually associated with long queues. The slowest option that is better used for inquiries that require research and aren’t urgent is an email. Most casinos will have a few of these options for you to choose from.

While it might be less quantifiable and thus a bit more difficult to judge, when you’ve narrowed down to a list of few best Australian high roller casinos online, you can look at the user experience to make the final decision. User experience refers to the user-friendliness of the website and the ease of navigation. If it is designed in a logical way that’s easy to get around, you’ll find many processes to follow a well-known flow and it will be easy to find sections of the casino even if you’ve never looked for them before. In order to see how user-friendly the website is, you can simply open it in your browser and try to navigate it for a few minutes. This should give you an overall idea.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of choosing the right casino is making sure that it can be trusted. Even if you’re being offered the best high roller bonuses for Australians, or if the casino claims to have the largest selection of games, none of it matters unless you make sure that the casino is a legitimate platform and not a scam. The internet has given access to millions of players not only to real businesses but to scammers as well. You don’t want to fall into such a trap. Unfortunately, the absence of a licensing scheme doesn’t allow establishing the trustworthiness of a casino in Australia using a national registry of licensed companies. In other jurisdictions, where providing online gambling services is legal, authorities do thorough background-check companies before they allow them to operate. This vetting is much more meticulous than what single individuals do. Unfortunately, in Australia, you have to do the research yourself.

Before you choose among high roller casinos Australia gives access to, you should do a quick internet search on them. You should be able to find ample information on a legitimate casino if it’s been around for a while. If there’s a lack of information or if there’s none at all, it’s a cause for concern. Take advantage of the shared knowledge that the internet allows access to. There are many discussion forums where users share their experiences with various gambling platforms. Look up the casino you’re considering on such a website and see what others have to say about it. If there are lots of complaints, maybe you should avoid the platform altogether. Don’t be lured into a false sense of security by positive reviews. Fake reviews are all too common.

When you’re doing an internet search, see the regulatory status of the casino as well. The fact that it won’t have a license to operate in Australia doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be licensed at all. If an Aussie high roller online casino falls under the regulatory framework in some other jurisdictions, it means that someone has vetted it and that it is held to a certain standard that protects you as a customer. Avoid companies that don’t provide any information on their founding history or regulatory status. There should be no reason for a casino to have to hide this information. Most legitimate platforms will provide such data openly in the footers of their websites.

Lastly, watch out for the red flags like offers that are too good to be true. No casino can promise a guaranteed return or free money. Either it is a masked promotion that is not actually free money, or you’re dealing with a scam. Don’t be lured into a trap by unrealistic Aussie high roller bonuses. There’s only so much a casino can do in terms of generosity. Don’t expect any offers that will suddenly make you rich.

What are the best high roller casino deposit methods?

When you are dealing with any type of financial transaction with a casino, you have to think about the deposit and withdrawal methods. However, this issue becomes even more important for casino high rollers Australia is home to. The channel you choose should be secure, cheap and convenient to use. Not all methods are good for all of these so the final conclusion you’ll come to depends on your priorities as well as circumstances. Some of the options that might be at your disposal include electronic wallets, debit/credit card transactions, cryptocurrencies, direct bank transfers, withdrawals with bank cheques, etc. Each of these methods has its own advantages as well as drawbacks. Don’t forget to consider limits as well. Limits are important for all users, but for high rollers they become crucial. Constricting limits might not allow you to deposit or withdraw as much money at a time as you would want to.

If you decide to use debit/credit cards to deposit money on your AU high roller casino account, be prepared for your gambling history to show up on your bank statement. Your bank will have access to all information about your transactions with the casino, which might have an effect on the services the bank provides to you. However, with bank cards, you are dealing with a small commission. Even though there might be fixed fees for the card, you will use the card regardless of whether you use it for deposits or not. There are hundreds of other transactions most of us do with our bank cards. As a result, you can disregard the fixed fees. Cards are also very convenient to use. You pay just as you would on an online store. There are no additional steps to become familiar with. When it comes to limits, you have to check with your particular casino. Limits with bank card payments might be a bit more restrictive than what other methods offer.

Electronic wallets are another option you can use for making deposits at the best Australian high roller casinos. If you don’t have an account on any of the popular eWallet platforms, you will need to set one up. Registering and getting used to the process might require some time and effort, however, after you’ve become familiar with its workings, there’s not much extra work that needs to be done for using these services. If you don’t plan to make frequent withdrawals and deposits to your eWallet, you shouldn’t be too worried about the inconvenience. When it comes to privacy, banks will no longer have access to your gambling history. You will first transfer your money to the eWallet account and then to your casino. This way, the bank will only see that you’ve made a payment to the eWallet operator. One thing that could possibly be worrisome is the price of the service. There will indubitably be a certain kind of fee or commission for using the eWallet. For AU casino high roller players who are dealing with lots of money, fixed fees are probably better than commissions on transactions that take a percentage.

Bank transfers and withdrawals through cheques might not be the most popular options for smaller transactions but they are much more appealing when dealing with larger sums of money. These methods are usually slower and more expensive than others, however, they are also more secure. They might also have larger limits than alternative options. For that reason, if you want to deposit or withdraw large sums at once, you might want to consider direct banking channels. Like with credit/debit cards, your bank will have access to your gambling history. If you decide to withdraw your winnings from your AU high roller casinos online through a bank cheque, be prepared to wait for a couple of days or even weeks until the cheque is processed, mailed and delivered to you.

You might also be considering cryptocurrencies as an option for making deposits. Many gambling platforms have started to support these assets due to the convenience, speed, and privacy that they offer. Borders represent no barriers to cryptocurrency transactions. Payments to all merchants anywhere in the world could be reflected immediately. You also don’t need much knowledge or experience to use crypto wallets, although it might be a little inconvenient getting used to the process at first. Most importantly, cryptocurrency networks are mostly decentralized, which means that neither your bank nor any other third-party private company will have access to your data. That’s one of the reasons why these assets have been lauded and praised by so many people. However, if you’re thinking about paying your AU high stakes casino with these assets, there are some downsides that you have to consider as well.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. The price of these coins can change drastically several times within the day and move in the opposite direction each time. Although the speculative attention on these assets has quieted down a bit, many cryptos are still used for arbitrage and short-term trading. When you’re playing with huge sums, you’ll need to keep your holdings in crypto at least for a short period of time until you’re playing and before you manage to cash the coins. The risk that the value of your holdings will be reduced in that period not due to your gambling but due to the price movements is very high. While some players that gamble lightly might be willing to take that risk, with Aussie high rollers gaming we’re talking about a lot of value that can suddenly evaporate into thin air. It’s only natural that you would want to avoid this.

Volatility is not the only issue with cryptocurrencies. There’s also the matter of scalability. Some of the cryptocurrency networks didn’t account for the huge level of demand that they actually received. These networks aren’t scalable enough, which means that they can’t accommodate a growing number of transactions without inflating the fees or the waiting time. For example, the largest cryptocurrency network out there – Bitcoin, famously has serious issues with scalability. During the peak demand, the fees were so high that they made small transactions completely worthless while it could take hours or days for your transaction to be processed and included in the blockchain. Obviously, that’s completely unacceptable for AU high roller casino players. However, there are some newer cryptocurrencies that don’t have this problem and the demand for Bitcoin seems to have dropped as well bringing the fees and waiting times back to the reasonable range.

What high roller casino games should I play?

When you’re playing high roller games and spending a lot of money on the activity, you should put some effort into picking out the right games as well. Not all casino games are equally enjoyable to all types of gamblers so you need to be familiar with the general structure of games to be able to choose the right one.

It’s usually the table games like Poker that are associated with higher stakes and AU high roller casinos. Popular table games available on most online gambling platforms include Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and others. There are many variations of these games as well each with slightly modified rules. Some table games like Poker and Blackjack involve strategizing and thinking, while others, like Roulette, are completely based on chance. When you play Poker or Blackjack you have to be familiar with the rules and strategies if you don’t want to zero out very quickly. Beginners are at a big disadvantage compared to experienced players so you want to study up on the rules and different playing methods before you dive into it.

With AU high roller casino games like Roulette, you can start playing without any preparation and you won’t be any worse off than any other player. If you’re not familiar with the rules of the game, you have to basically guess where the ball lands on a wheel with different numbers. You can guess the number directly, the color of the number (there are reds and black as well as a green 0 or 00). You can also guess which neighborhood the ball lands in. The payouts depend on the odds and are mathematically calculated. As no one can be better at guessing a random occurrence, everyone has an equal chance of winnings. The game is probably more enjoyable when you know what you’re doing but, technically, you can start playing Roulette without any prior research. That’s why this game is preferred by beginners.

Don’t forget that there are live-dealer games as well. If you haven’t played games and if your high roller bonus Australia offer covers them, you should definitely test one out. Live-dealer games offer a live feed to an actual table set up in a land-based casino. There’s a human dealer involved in the game, hence the name. You get to input your decisions and control the game via a navigation panel that will appear on the screen. Live-dealer games are usually more expensive for casinos to offer as they require more resources. However, they also manage to offer a more realistic casino experience with the feeling and atmosphere that’s peculiar to the land-based casinos.

Pokies, much like Roulette, are completely based on luck. These games are extremely popular among gamblers, especially in Australia. Although they aren’t often associated with Aussie casino high roller gambling, there are some Pokies that can be played with very high stakes. If you’re not familiar with the workings of the game, it contains a spinning set of reels with different symbols. You have to make a bet, spin the reels and see how the symbols line up next to each other. Winning combinations will mean that your bet is multiplied by a certain coefficient. If you lose, the casino takes your money. It is possible to adjust the size of the bet. For example, each spin can cost you $0.10 or it can cost you $50. This way, it is possible to gamble with Pokies for higher stakes. Naturally, your winnings will also be much bigger if you win with a larger bet.

With Pokies, you get hundreds of options to choose from to spend your AU high roller casino bonus on. These games come in different exciting themes and with striking designs that make it worth playing the games. Unlike standard table games where rules dictate even the visual aspect of the gameplay, with Pokies game studios, have complete creative control over the visuals. Some modern Pokies have really high-quality graphics and animations. There are also interesting storylines and bonus features that could be completely unique for a single Pokies game. When you are trying out a new game, a very exciting part of the process is figuring out what extra features it has.

If you’re new to gambling or want to try something new and aren’t sure about which games to play there are a few criteria you can base your decision on. First of all, you want to look at the difficulty of the game. Are you one of those Australian high roller casino players who enjoy strategizing and figuring out how to improve your chances of winning? If so, you probably want to go for table games like Poker or Blackjack. On the other hand, if you prefer simplicity and want to gamble without having to worry about a plan, you might want to choose Roulette or Pokies. There are other games like the Wheel of Fortune that offer simplicity as well.

You have to think about the visual aspect of the games as well. Some games are simply more appealing than others. As we mentioned, Pokies will likely have an edge over other games here, but even if you’re choosing between two versions of Video Poker, you can take the design into consideration to make the conclusion. For many gamblers, the design doesn’t seem as important for the experience, but game studios put a lot of time and resources into making their games aesthetically pleasing. It would be a waste not to take advantage of this and get the full enjoyment out of high roller casinos AU games.

Three is also the issue of return. Return to Player or RTP is usually used to measure the return of casino games. It denotes how much on average the game will pay back per bet. For example, if a game has an RTP of 90%, it means that you can expect to win about $90 per $100 you bet. Of course, gambling is based on luck and there are those who win massively while others lose. This number simply indicates the average long-run return you would get if you played the game indefinitely. In addition to RTP, another measure that might have even a stronger effect on your gambling experience is Volatility. Volatility shows how spread out the winnings will be. So, if you’re comparing two games with the same RTP, the more volatile one will have long losing streaks but higher highs, while the less volatile one will have the winnings more spread out evenly. The game you should go for depends on your preferences completely. Some people just can’t take playing for hours and not winnings anything, while others want to play for the chance of that rare but extremely big win. Top high roller casinos Australia has to offer should have many options for both types of games to choose from.