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Great casinos with free spins for Australian players [2022]

Pokies are some of the most favorite games in Australia. They are responsible for half of all gambling activity in the country and Australia is home to 200,000 pokie machines, more than any other country in the world. Due to the popularity of these games and the creative freedom …

Pokies are some of the most favorite games in Australia. They are responsible for half of all gambling activity in the country and Australia is home to 200,000 pokie machines, more than any other country in the world. Due to the popularity of these games and the creative freedom it allows game developers, studios are coming out with new Pokies quite often. In order to promote new games and also to attract customers to their platforms, casinos will often offer promotions that are specifically targeted to particular Pokies. Free Spins are an effective way to do this. Free Spins can usually be spent on a certain game only, thus allowing casinos to promote a particular game. It also is appealing to the gamblers who are generally interested in Pokies. Thus, casinos kill two birds with one stone. This article will go over the features and details of Aussie casino Free Spins bonuses so that you can navigate these offers with ease.

Casinos that offer some of the best free spin bonuses for Australians

Those who already know all about free spins and how they work can jump straight to our list of best Aussie casinos that provide free spin bonuses to their players. Pick a casino from the list to create an account on.

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Briefly about Free Spins

Free Spins offers are one particular type of casino bonus. They are usually given for specific slots and can be used on those games exclusively. For example, you might get 100 free spins on the Red Dragon slot, which will allow you to spin the reels in that game 100 times for free. These Free Spins offers shouldn’t be confused with the free spins that are triggered within the game and are a part of the slot. The latter will allow you to keep the winnings without any conditions, while the Free Spins bonuses have certain requirements that need to be met. Since AU Free Spins bonus offers are awarded for slots, they are very popular in Australia, due to the popularity of slots.

Australians spend about $24 billion on gambling a year. While this number itself is huge making Australians the biggest gamblers in the world, it’s also important to consider it’s composition. In particular, half of that activity is generated by slots, or pokies, as the residents of the country refer to it. The spending on Pokies completely overshadows other forms of gambling in the country. There are 200,000 pokie machines in Australia, which is more than what any other country in the world can boast of. It’s not surprising that in a country that favors pokies so much, AU free spin bonus offers are going to popular as well. However, there’s also the issue of regulation.

Overview of Free Spins 2022 promotions

Free spins, which are often called gratis spins, allow you to spin the reels in a Pokies game a certain number of times. Usually, you’ll know how many free spins you’re getting when you are rewarded with the bonus. There are a couple of ways you can get a bonus and most platforms will follow one of two main structures: the no deposit bonus and the deposit bonus. We’ll go over each of them separately so that you have an idea of how free spins are awarded. Naturally, casinos have complete freedom to come up with unique promotions and you might encounter different methods of distributing Aussie free spins bonuses on certain platforms. However, the scheme described below should fit most online gambling platforms.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are some of the most common promotions used by casinos around the world. They are rewarded to users after they make a certain deposit. The reward itself can differ depending on what the platform decides to include in it. However, most often, it includes a match bonus that matches the deposit of the user by a certain percentage and a certain number of free spins. You can use the free cash or free spins to gamble. While free cash gives you a choice among various games on the website, free spins are usually rewarded for particular pokies. The casino will specify in advance which pokies the free spins can be used on. A great thing about these bonuses is that you get to keep whatever money you win by playing with the AU free casino spins.

In order to be able to withdraw your winnings, you’ll need to meet the wagering requirements first. When it comes to free spins, this requirement will usually be expressed in the form of a number. It signifies how many times over you have to wager the won amount in order to be allowed to withdraw. Say, the wagering requirement on an AU free spins casino bonus is 40 and you’ve won $50 playing with the bonus. This means, that you’ll need to wager a total of $200 before you are allowed to withdraw. You have to be careful here as well, not all games will contribute equally towards the wagering requirement. Some games might only count 50% of wagered money while others won’t count at all. Wagering requirements can completely eliminate the appeal of a bonus so you have to consider them carefully when looking at different bonuses. You also have to look at how limited the list of eligible games is. If most games don’t contribute to the wagering requirement, you’ll be forced to play a few games that you might not want to, to withdraw the bonus. If the wagering requirement itself is too high, you’ll never be able to actually benefit from the AU online slots free spins.

No deposit Free Spins bonuses

As the name suggests, no deposit bonuses are awarded without the need for a user to make a deposit first. Because such bonuses require less commitment from a player to the website, casinos don’t have as much incentive to offer them. As a result, you won’t find as many no deposit bonuses around as you will for the other types of promotions. No deposit bonuses usually activate through a special bonus code. Upon registration, or later when you’ve already been using the website for some time, you can enter a no deposit bonus code and you’ll receive free spins to gamble with. Much like with the Aussie free spins deposit bonus you’ll get free spins that you can spend on a particular slot game. You will be able to keep the winnings as well if you manage to meet the wagering requirements.

Features of a Free Spins bonus

When you’re looking at different Free Spins bonuses, you’ll need to consider the main features to compare them by. The first thing to look at is going to be the number of free spins you’re getting. This is the easiest way to compare bonuses, but it’s not thorough enough for you to base your judgment solely on it. The number of free spins will tell you how many times you’ll be able to spin the reels for free, but nothing beyond that. To make the right decision, you also have to consider what game you’re being rewarded the Aussie Free Spins for. Everyone has a favorite type of Pokies they always go to. Since the Free Spins offer will only be valid for a particular slots game, you want to make sure that it’s not a game that you don’t enjoy that much. The main idea behind these games is very similar, however, some people have strong preferences when it comes to different types of slots. Since you’re considering different options, why not choose the one that also involves a game you like?

Wagering requirements are also an important part of AU free spins no deposit and deposit bonuses. Unfortunately, it is all too common for gamblers to overlook this feature and focus on the benefit. That’s not very wise. At the end of the day, you want to get some real benefit out of the offer and that won’t be possible if you’re not able to withdraw your winnings. Casinos know the drawing power of a flashy bonus, so they might put out Free Spins promotions that seem generous, only to compensate for the expense with a high wagering requirement. As the benefit is usually advertised more conspicuously than the requirement, it will be up to you to find this information and take it into consideration.


I found a Free Spins bonus, but I don’t know how slots work.

If you have come across an Aussie no deposit free spins bonus you’ll be able to play slots for free. These games are very simple and purely based on luck, which means that you can dive into it without any prior preparations. With other games like Poker and Blackjack, you’ll put yourself at a serious disadvantage and could zero out real fast if you don’t know the rules of the game. The same isn’t true fo slots. Here, you don’t have any effect on the outcome of the game. Chance will decide whether you win or not and you only have to hit one button. That means that you can technically play slots without knowing what you’re doing. However, it’s going to be much more enjoyable if you’re familiar with the workings of the game. This way, you’ll know when to be happy and when disappointed.

The rules of using Aussie slot machine free spins are very simple. These games contain reels that are further divided into rows. Each intersection depicts a certain symbol. The symbols will vary from one game to another. To play the game, you make a bet and hit the ‘Spin’ button. This will spin the reels and after the spin, a different combination of symbols will show up. Whether you win or not depends on how the symbols align next to each other. For example, you might win if you get three similar symbols next to each other diagonally. The games will have their own winning lines (paylines) and you can usually see the number of paylines as well as their direction on the reels in the ‘info’ section.

Whether your AU free spins on slots win or not depends on the symbols. Each symbol has a certain value. The higher value symbols you get in your winning combination, the more you win. These symbols that we’ve considered up to now are standard symbols. There are also special symbols that could differ from one game to another. There could be games that come up with completely unique special symbols as well. However, generally, you have to be familiar with two of such symbols – Wilds and Scatters. Wilds have the power to replace any other standard symbol on a payline to form a winning combination. So, if you needed three similar symbols aligned horizontally, you can get two and a Wild for the same result. This way, Wilds increase your chances of winning.

Scatters are also important to understand in order to get the full enjoyment out of your Aussie free casino spins no deposit bonus. Scatters don’t have to align on a payline in order to pay. They can appear wherever on the reels and you’ll still win the associated value. These symbols are often tied to special features in the game as well. For example, if you land three Scatters anywhere on the reels at the same time, a bonus level might be triggered. Bonus features are important part of slots and they are often the reason why people explore new games. Game studios can get really creative with these features and it’s interesting to see what new ideas they come up with.

There are some bonus features that you’ll come across very often. One of these is a free spins feature that shouldn’t be confused with the AU free spin bonuses. Free spins feature is triggered within the game and it spins the reels a given number of times for free. The winnings will be added to your account immediately and there are no wagering requirements to be met. Sometimes, the free spins mode can be retriggered within the mode itself. It is also possible that a multiplier will apply to all your winnings in the mode. This way, you might spend a couple of dozen spins in the standard mode losing and winning a bit, and then win a large sum if you manage to trigger the free spins.

There are other interesting and peculiar bonus features as well which will make your gambling with Australian casino free spins more fun. For example, one such feature is called a Sticky Wilds feature. It fixes the Wilds to their positions on the reels for the next couple of spins. This way, your chances of winning are higher as you have a Wilds guaranteed on your next spin. If more Wilds are fixed to the reels on the next spin, your chances will grow even further. An Expanding Wilds feature expands Wild symbols to cover several positions on the reels. This also affects your chances of winning significantly. Some slots have a progressive jackpot as well, which increases until won and could lead to truly sizeable winnings.

To input your decisions in the game and control different variables like the size of the bet, you can use the control panel that will usually be displayed on the bottom of the screen. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the control panel before you start spending your casino free spins Australia bonus. You’ll notice the ‘Spin’ button to be the main button in the panel. As the name suggests, you can use it to spin the reels. There’s also going to be an ‘Auto Spin’ option. You can set a number of spins and the reels will spin automatically indicated a number of times without requiring you to press the button each time. There’s also going to be a button that allows you to set the size of the bet. Inside boxes, you’ll see your winnings for the round as well as total balance.

How to choose slots to play?

With a vast majority of free spins Australia bonuses, there is going to be a specific slot you can spend the spins on. However, you might be deciding between various offers and comparing them by the slots they apply to. In this case, you’ll need to know how to choose the best slot that fits your preferences and priorities. There are some features that you can use for the comparison. We’ll go over them below.

The design may not be the central issue when it comes to some other casino games like Poker or Roulette, however, it’s definitely one of the most important aspects of slots. Game studios put a lot of effort and resources into designing these games and comping up with high-quality graphics and striking visuals. You’ll see that slots are much superior to other games in this aspect. Some of these games are simply mesmerizing. You definitely have to take advantage of this. When you’re comparing different Australian online casino free spins no deposit bonuses, check out the visuals of the games that they apply to. Simply open the free version of the slot and observe it to decide whether you like it or not. The design is a subjective matter and there’s no point in looking at rankings or other people’s reviews.

Very often, the design will be inspired by the theme of the game. While design refers to the execution of the visual quality, there’s also the theme itself that you need to take into consideration. Anything that can inspire the background of the game as well as different symbols can become a theme of a slot. You’ll see a lot of games that are based on popular movies, TV shows, video games, children’s stories, legends, mythology, cultures, etc. Sometimes the themes are only used for the design of the backdrop and the symbols. Some games go even further and introduce bonus features that tie into a storyline that’s based on the theme. Depending on how layered you want your game to be, you might want to spend your AU free spins no deposit bonus on one or the other.

While return shouldn’t be the focus of gambling as every game is a losing game when you’re playing on a casino, it’s still something that can be used to break a tie between two equally appealing games. Games usually use an indicator called Return to Player (abbreviated as RTP) to measure the return of a slot game. RTP expresses how much you’ll be able to win as a percentage of the bet over the long run. It’s not a guaranteed return, nor does it mean that you won’t be able to win more than that. It simply denotes what you’d get if you continued to play the game indefinitely. Ultimately, gambling is based on luck and there are many winners and losers. To illustrate RTP with an example, let’s consider a slot with an RTP of 90%. On average, you can expect to win $90 in the game per every $100 you bet. RTP is one concept that you can use to decide what to spend your AU casino free spins on. There’s also another measure of return that’s equally important.

Volatility is another concept that can be of help. While RTP measures the average return in the long-run, it doesn’t say anything about the distribution of that return. For example, a game where you win nothing for 99 turns and then win 100, and another one where you win 1 on each of the 100 turns will have the same RTP, but a very different distribution and the gambling experience. Games with higher volatility have winnings more concentrated which also means that you might have to play dozens of spins without winning anything. Less volatile games will have the returns spread out more evenly. Which one you prefer ultimately depends on your preferences. Most games will provide information about RTP and Volatility openly. You can use it to decide which Aussie casino online free spins bonus to go for.

What types of slots are there?

There are thousands of slots out there and each of them differs in some way. Some have similar gameplay but a different theme, others differ in the bonus features. There’s no way to really classify these games but you can think of slots as either modern or classic. This division is also inaccurate and there are many games that would fall somewhere in between, however, it can help you in the process of navigating a big game selection on your chosen website or deciding which Aussie no deposit free spins casinos to go for.

Classic slots are usually simpler with fewer features and bonus levels. The themes of these games aren’t outrageous either and will generally include the glitzy Vegas theme, fruits, gems, etc. Don’t expect over-the-top animations or graphics from these games. They are stripped-down versions of the game that could’ve been around decades ago. If you enjoy simplicity or if you’re new to gambling and don’t want to be overwhelmed by different features, then classic slots might not be a bad option for you. It will take some time for you to recognize straight away which games are considered classic and which modern. If you are deciding between different AU casinos with free spins, you can base your judgment on other more concrete criteria instead.

Over time, as game studios had to come up with new slots without repeating what had been done in the past, they started to add different features to these games. This way, slots became a bit more complex. They also introduced more interesting and specific themes as you could only do so much with the Vegas theme. The graphics got better with technology and the animations could be done with more ease. As a result, modern slots are more layered and usually introduce an interesting storyline. This way, they can also be considered to be less repetitive than the classic slots. Of course, it ultimately depends on your preferences but if you’re someone that can get easily bored with repetitive things, you might want to try out modern slots. As many no deposit free spins Australia promotions are offered for new slots, there’s a higher chance that you’ll end up with a modern type slot.

What are the pros and cons of playing slots over other casino games?

Slots aren’t the only type of casino games you’ll get to play. There are others like Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Wheel of Fortune, and many more you can choose from. It’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of slots over other games so that you can make the right decision. You might also be comparing an AU casino free spins no deposit bonus with a match bonus. The first one will only allow you to play a certain slot while the other one will give you access to table games as well. To choose between the two, you’ll need to understand how to compare slots with other games.

One of the biggest advantages of slots over table games is its simplicity. You don’t need to know the rules of the game to play it, and even if you want to learn the rules to fully enjoy the experience, they are very simple and can be grasped within minutes. The simplicity allows even beginners to play the games without being put at a disadvantage compared to more experienced players. It also means that you can take the game lightly and there’s no need for you to strain your mind on coming up with a plan and strategy. Simplicity is one of the most important reasons why so many gamblers choose to go for slots and why they are so popular in countries like Australia. It’s also one of the reasons why you should go for no deposit casino free spins Australia offers over other promotions.

Another huge advantage of slots compared to other games is the visual aspect. When it comes to the standard table games, there’s not much room for the developers to get creative in terms of the design. Slots, on the other hand, offer more room for cool themes, interesting animations, and aesthetically appealing design. There are many slots out there that don’t differ by much when it comes to the gameplay but are drastically different visually. Many gamblers who decide to play these games base their choice on the design. Although it might not seem like visuals are going to have a huge impact on your enjoyment of the game but they do subconsciously affect your experience. If you’re one of those players for whom visuals take the top priority, then slots should be even more appealing than the other games. In this case, you might want to go for an Aussie casino with free spins no deposit bonuses instead of the ones offering match bonuses and other promotions.

Not all gamblers want to get involved in the activity at the same level. Some just enjoy light fun and don’t want to dedicate a lot of attention or time to the play. For such players, slots are a great option due to the fast pace. Some games like Poker require more commitment on your part. Once you join a table, you might have to spend some time on it. Slot spins, on the other hand, take only a few seconds and you can quit playing anytime. You don’t have to wait a lot to find out the outcome of each turn like you would with some of the other games. Some of these games even allow you to turn off the spinning animation which saves even more time and accelerates the gameplay to a mere second. Although it’s not an advantage for everyone, some gamblers might choose slots over other games due to this particular reason. You should also consider it when deciding between online casino free spins Australia bonuses and other offers.

There are some aspects in which slots might be a worse choice than table games. For example, if you’re someone who enjoys strategizing and using their wits to play games, slots might not be for you. In that case, you probably want to go for other games like Poker or Blackjack. With slots, there’s not much you can do to affect the outcome of the spin. The only input required from you is to hit the ‘Spin’ button. The algorithm will do the rest. While this might be an advantage for the beginners who don’t want to be put at a disadvantage compared to more experienced players, it’s also a drawback for people who like the process of coming up with a plan and testing it on the game. Ultimately, it’s going to depend on your preferences whether this factor will affect your decision to go for the online casino free spins Australia offers or not.

Repetitiveness could also become an issue with slots. This is especially true for games without many special features. There are only so many times you can watch the reels spin. If nothing interesting happens after ten or twenty spins, you might get bored. With games like Poker, every hand is different and you are constantly on edge because you have to think about the game. With slots, you’re just sitting in front of the screen watching the play unfold. If no special features are triggered often, you might lose interest in the game really fast. When you find free spins promotions Australia platforms offer, you’ll get a limited number of spins that are not going to be enough to bore you but if you want to commit to these games for a longer period of time, this is something you should definitely consider.

How do I withdraw my free spins winnings?

When you accumulate winnings by playing with your bonus, and if you manage to meet the wagering requirements, you’ll want to withdraw those winnings. To do so, you have to use one of the withdrawal methods supported by the casino. It’s always a good idea to make sure your preferred method is supported before signing up on a platform. This way, you don’t have to change your behavior and payment channels when withdrawing your Aussie free spins after deposit bonus winnings. In general, the withdrawal options available on modern gambling websites include credit/debit cards, eWallets, bank cheques, cryptocurrencies, and alternative payment service providers.

Each of the methods has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you’re in a position to use more than one of the channels, you’ll want to pick out the best one based on your particular circumstances and priorities. If privacy is of the top-most priority, you probably want to avoid direct banking channels like debit/credit cards or direct deposits. Using these channels means that your gambling history will show up on your bank statement. Certain banks might limit their services to you or introduce other undesirable measures if they find out about your gambling. For this reason, many people decide to withdraw their casino free spins after deposit Aussie bonus winnings through eWallets or alternative channels.

When you use electronic wallets, the payment is first transferred to your eWallet account and then to your bank. This way, the bank only sees that you’ve transferred your money from your eWallet and doesn’t recognize its true origin. eWallets, however, have their own disadvantages. For example, if fees are important to you and you want to minimize your expense on commissions, you might prefer credit/debit cards to eWallets. Many electronic wallet providers will advertise free payments to casinos or withdrawals, however, they will almost certainly charge you for the service in some other way. It might be in the form of monthly/yearly fees or fees on withdrawing to the bank account. Since you probably already own credit/debit cards and have to pay fixed fees anyway, comparing just the commissions, bank cards come out cheaper than the wallets. For this reason, it might be more desirable to withdraw your Aussie free spins bonus no deposit winnings through bank cards.

Convenience is also important when considering withdrawal channels. You don’t want to have to put a lot of time and effort into withdrawing your own money to your bank account. Credit/debit cards are very easy to use. If you don’t already have an eWallet account, you will need to exert yourself a little bit to set one up. It’s not a lengthy or difficult process, however, it does require some effort. You’ll also need to spend an extra bit of time on moving your money to and from your eWallet account. If you’re spending directly from your eWallet then you might not even need to do that, however, eWallets aren’t as adopted by merchants as bank cards so you’ll probably want to transfer at least some part of the money to your bank account. Based on convenience alone, credit/debit cards are probably a better choice for withdrawing AU free spins with no deposit required bonus winnings.

Cryptocurrencies have also become quite popular in the gambling community for payments and withdrawals. These assets seem to be designed specifically for some of the important issues that gamblers face. For example, the level of privacy you get with cryptos is even higher than with eWallets. When you use electronic wallets, although you might hide your gambling activity from your bank, the eWallet provider is still able to collect data on your spending habits. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are decentralized which means that there is no central authority to collect and use your data. While, in most cases, it’s still possible to trace transactions to particular users, it is associated with huge resources that no company would dedicate to finding out a single individual’s gambling history. If you’re worried about the privacy and don’t want third-party companies to have access to your data either, you might want to consider cryptos as an option for withdrawing your AU free spins casino no deposit bonus winnings.

Cryptocurrencies have their own problems and drawbacks which have hindered widespread adoption of these assets. For example, some platforms can’t accommodate an increasing number of transactions without inflating fees and long waiting times. Bitcoin has famously faced this issue in late 2017 when a single transaction in the network could cost dozens of US dollars. That would make the channel completely pointless for smaller transactions. It also could’ve taken hours or days for a transaction to be processed. That’s too long when you want to gamble and are out of funds. You also don’t want to wait too long to withdraw your winnings from Aussie no deposit free spins bonuses. Credit/debit card payments and eWallet transactions are usually reflected immediately on your account. When it comes to withdrawals, the casino itself will need some time to release the payment. After the payment is released it shouldn’t take too long for the money to reach your account through these channels. If you withdraw using a bank cheque, be prepared to ways days or weeks before you get hold of your money.

When you’re considering withdrawal channels, don’t forget to think about the limits as well. Limits determine how much you can withdraw at a time or in a given period of time. Sometimes, the limits can be too low which means that you could to be stuck withdrawing your winnings from Au free spins casino no deposit bonus in several installments. You don’t want the process to drag out for weeks. Instead, you want to take hold of your whole winnings at once. That will be possible with high limits. The limits will likely be different for different withdrawal channels and there’s no way to predict their exact levels. You want to check the website of your casino and see under the ‘Payments’ or ‘Banking’ tab the exact limits you’ll be dealing with for each withdrawal method.

How do I compare different free spins casinos?

In addition to the free spins offers, there are other important factors that you need to take into consideration when picking out the best casino. Otherwise, you might end up on a platform that doesn’t really have much to offer other than the Aussie free casino slot games with free spins. After the free spins are all used up, you’ll be stuck on a website that is not that enjoyable. You’ll either have to continue gambling on it and get the mediocre experience or switch to another website which is associated with additional time and effort. It’s better to take a comprehensive look at the platform when you’re picking one out instead. This way, you’ll end up on a platform that has a great free spins bonus as well as other features.

First thing you want to think about is the game selection. You’re not signing up on the website just to play the one slot that the bonus applies to. You’ll want to have other options as well to play long after you’ve exhausted your AU free spins bonus with no deposit. It won’t take long to use up the 100 or even 200 spins and a much more important part of the gambling experience is what you’ll get to play after. You want your casino to offer a lot of pokies. In addition to the numbers, pay attention to diversity as well. Each game developer has its own unique approach and style. The more such developers a casino has partnered up with, the better it will be for the variety of games. You want your casino to offer a few classic pokies as well as modern games with many different themes and high-quality visuals.

Although AU free slots with bonus spins are important, so are other table games like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, etc. Even if you’re currently only interested in pokies, you never know when you might want to play a different type of casino game. You shouldn’t have to sign up on a separate platform to do that. Your casino should offer many variations of these classic games. There are also live-dealer versions of the standard table games that should be offered by your website. These games live-stream an actual casino table set up somewhere in a land-based casino. There is usually a human dealer leading the game as well. Live casino games give a more realistic gambling experience that resembles gambling in an actual land-based casino. Many gamblers prefer these games over the standard ones and if you haven’t tried one out, you should be able to try it on your casino.

In addition to the game selection, it’s important for your casino offering AU slots with free spins to have great user experience as well. User experience refers to the ease of navigating a website and its user-friendliness. If a platform is designed well, you will have no trouble accessing sections of the website even if it’s your first time on it. There are some standards that a well-designed website should follow. However, some gambling platforms that have been around for a long time haven’t updated their websites and offer an obsolete user experience with complex navigation and menu. It’s not difficult to judge the user experience (UX) of a website. Simply, open it and try to find a section of the website you might be interested in. If you have to think hard and try out different routes maybe it’s not the best design. In this case, it might take some time for you to get used to the navigation.

There’s also the issue of customer service that can’t be ignored. For many people who are looking for a new AU free spins online casino, it doesn’t seem as important at first. However, when you’re facing an issue that’s hindering you from continuing to gamble and that requires the involvement of a company representative, it will soon take the top priority. It’s better to think about this in advance. You want your casino to have convenient options for getting in touch with the support staff. If email is the only method available, you’ll have to wait for hours or days to get your response. If it’s not satisfactory, you’ll need to wait just as long for a follow-up. Instead, modern platforms have a live chat option that opens up a chatbox right within your browser connecting you to a representative. You can talk to the representative until you have your issue fixed. It’s arguably the most convenient and simplest way to contact customer support. You should make sure that such an option is available on your casino as well.

How do I avoid getting scammed?

Due to the popularity of pokies in Australia, AU free slots with free spins have a huge appeal to the gamblers in the country. As such, many legitimate casinos put out promotions to attract users. Unfortunately, there are also scammers who want to use the appeal of such offers to lure unsuspecting gamblers to their fake platforms and steal their money or personal data. In many jurisdictions, you can usually resort to a national registry of licensed operators that have gone through meticulous vetting and background-checks to obtain the license. Regulators employ their vast resources to take the burden off of you. In Australia, there is no such licensing scheme as providing online gambling services is illegal. Instead, you are responsible for doing the background-check yourself.

Before you sign up and start to play free slots with free spins AU platforms offer, there are some things you can do to make sure that you’re not being scammed. First of all, you can do an internet search on the company. This should pull up if there is any obviously blatant misdeed in the history of the platform. If you don’t see a lot of information, don’t be lured into a false sense of security. The casinos that have been around for a while should leave a trace on the internet and if you can’t find anything on it, maybe it’s a cause for alarm. You can also read some user reviews to see what others have to say about the website. If there are many users writing negative reviews, you should probably be concerned.

You can also make sure that the casino with AU slot games with free spins is registered at least in some other jurisdiction. Just because it won’t have a license to operate in Australia doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be registered at least somewhere else. This way, you’ll know that the company has gone through some vetting. It’s not the most reliable thing to base your judgment on as many jurisdictions, in attempts to attract business, only vet these companies superficially. However, it’s still some guarantee that the company is adhering to certain standards.

Can I use my free spins on mobile?

Mobile gambling has become very popular in the last couple of years and you can absolutely use your smartphone to access Australian free spins no deposit casinos as well. There are two ways you can do this but the casino you’re using has to make them available to you. The first option is to use your smartphone browser to simply open the website. If the casino website has a responsive design, the layout and navigation will readjust to give you the most optimal mobile experience. Otherwise, you’ll have to zoom in and out constantly which makes the site useless for phones. Most modern websites should have a responsive design and some make it more fitting to mobile experience while others will simply shrink the screen with minor adjustments. You can just open the website and navigate it for a few minutes to see how well it’s designed for phone users.

Another option to start playing AU free spin slots is to use a mobile application. Developing such applications is not easy or cheap so not all platforms will have one. However, if your casino has a dedicated app, you can download it and start playing with the same account you used for the web. The process is quite simple and straightforward. While the application will take up some free space on your phone, it will also offer more mobile-centric features and even faster gameplay.