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Aussie free casino games and where to find them

We’ve all wanted to find free casino games Australia seems to be full of but have had some issues finding the real deal. In this article, we will be trying to tell you the ways you can find these offers from actual companies that are registered and licensed in Australia. Naturall…

We’ve all wanted to find free casino games Australia seems to be full of but have had some issues finding the real deal. In this article, we will be trying to tell you the ways you can find these offers from actual companies that are registered and licensed in Australia.

Naturally, though, we won’t be naming any brands or anything, we want to teach you ways to find these offers for yourself in order to then apply this knowledge to your own preferences. Every casino is different therefore, us sending you to just a few of them would be unfair.

Furthermore, we’ll also explain how these free games work, what they’re made of and what it truly means that they’re free.

Furthermore, we’ll be answering some frequently asked questions that most beginners would have in regards to casinos games, but we’ll include some questions that a veteran would have occasionally as well.

But first, let’s find out some history of Aussie free online casino games and when they first appeared.

Great casinos that will allow you to play free games

In the list that we have carefully put together below, you will find casinos that allow users to play their games for free. Don’t waste time on online search, just pick one from our list and start playing.

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All about the history of casino games in Australia

Although the first real casino slots became available in the 1800s Australia only saw them appear in the beginning of the 70s when large companies started to import the machines. However, slots are not the only casino games that are available right now, are there? Most of the other games like poker, blackjack and etc go even further back as settlers used to always set up shop as large casino companies.

The exact date when casino games became widely accepted in Australia is 1976, which isn’t too long ago if you think about it. But when it comes to free online Aussie casino games then we don’t need to look further back than two decades ago. The industry really got on its feet in the 90s and has been performing extremely well ever since.

Considering how Aussies like to enjoy the games in a nicely air conditions house while the streets are literally melting from the heat, it was pretty obvious that the idea would take off in the region immediately.

But let’s stop reminiscing about the past and start focusing on how you can actually play AU casino games for free these days in Australian casinos.

What is a free casino game?

Many online providers like to call their games free for some reason, but what exactly is a free casino game? Is it profitable or is the casino lying to us? Well, there is some truth to both of those questions actually.

You see, there are indeed free casino games available online nowadays, but in very rare occasions are they designed to bring you some profit. You see, whenever a casino is referring to a game as “free” it actually means the trial version or the “for fun” version of that game.

Pretty much every casino, regardless of it being an Australian brand or otherwise always has the “fun” version of their games, so that people like you or me could try the game out at first, see how it plays, see if we like it or not and then deposit to play.

Overall, free casino games are usually mass-marketed, they should be called casino games for fun, as it would create a much more transparent message that you can’t make money off of these things.

But you may have noticed that we mentioned Aussie free casino games to play are usually just “fun” versions of their true selves. Well, what about that unusual part that we didn’t mention? Let’s talk about them next.

How to play free casino games for profit

There are ways that you can play casino games for free and make a profit. The trick is to use a bonus or some kind of promotion from the online casino of course. What’s a bonus you ask? Well, let’s explain it.

A bonus is something that the casino offers to their players on top of what it’s already offering, that’s why it’s called a bonus. There are actually a few types of bonuses. A no deposit bonus, the deposit bonus and the free spins bonus.

Two out of these three types does not require the player to deposit any money whatsoever on his or her account. However, we will guide you through all of the available bonuses and try to explain them on a very detailed level.

The no deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus should be your go-to if you want to play free online casino games Australia seems to be so full of. The explanation is actually in the name itself. The casino gives you a bonus without you having to deposit any money, but what is the bonus?

In this case, it’s usually just money. For example, you will usually see these casinos offering somewhere around AUD 100 to AUD 300 in deposit bonuses. This gives the players the opportunity to play with this amount and potentially make quite a lot of money off of it, but there’s a trick to it.

You see, the casino can’t really afford to dish out these bonuses to everybody all the time right? It’s their money, so if the player wins, they’re giving away more than they’d had to. This is why it’s usually referred to as a welcome bonus, meaning that it’s given to you only once when you first register.

Furthermore, the casino will give you some terms to qualify for a withdrawal. In order for the AU free casino games online to work, you need to gamble a certain amount before you can actually withdraw. What does this mean?

This means that, if the casino gives you AUD 100, it will expect you to gamble at least AUD 1000 before you can withdraw the funds. So basically, you’ll have to win at least AUD 900 and place them as bets as well in order to qualify for the withdrawal. It may sound risky now, but remember that it’s basically free cash.

Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is a bit different, as it doesn’t really lead to free casino games as well as the no deposit bonus does. There is no easier explanation for this bonus unfortunately if the person wants to qualify for it, they need to deposit at least something.

But let’s put it into perspective, regardless of the fact that it doesn’t lead to free Australian casino games at all.

In most cases, what the casinos do with this bonus is that they label it as a matching bonus. Meaning that whatever you deposit, they will match it with the same amount and give it to you. However, this will have a cap of some sorts. Usually, it’s around AUD 1000 or so.

But let’s imagine that you’re depositing AUD 100 and the casino gives you another AUD 100. In total, you get AUD 200 on your account but your requirements for withdrawal are much smaller.

Remember how it was AUD 1000 for AUD 100 bonus with the no deposit bonus promotion? Well, the requirement is going to be the same here although you have AUD 200 as a deposit. Even though the requirement is still the same, it’s much more easily achievable.

Free spins bonus

The free spins bonus is arguably the most popular method people use to play casino games online free in Australia these days. This one is also quite self-explanatory when you look at it.

However, it’s a bit more specific. The free spins bonus is usually designed for slots and slots only, but there are some variations with things like roulette and “spin the wheel” type of casino games.

With slots as well, the casino tends to pick a specific one and offer those spins on that game alone. But the good news here is that there are no withdrawal conditions.

You’re given around 20-50 free spins, with which you can generate as much as you want and withdraw as much as you want without any artificial caps and maximum requirements.

In this case, it doesn’t really matter if you like or dislike the slot you’re being offered the free spins on. All you do is just power through them, make some money and then transition to a different game.

But let’s leave all of that behind now and focus on where and how you can actually play casino games free online in Australia or pretty much everywhere else in the world.

How to find places to play casino games for free

It’s mostly not that hard to find the casinos that offer these features, but you should always keep an eye out for untrustworthy companies trying to bait users with these offers.

Yes, there are actually untrustworthy companies in Australia, but to put it in a more legal phrase, unlicensed casinos.

These companies do not have the right to offer gambling services to the Australian population as the local regulator does not deem them compliant with existing guidelines. This could be the unfair nature of their algorithms in the casino games, prior cases of “rigging” the games and etc.

Overall, playing with these blokes is definitely not recommended. If you want to choose the best one possible, it’s best to head over to the Australian gambling regulator’s website and search from there.

What are free casino games all about

As you can see most of the free online casino games Australia companies like to offer are designed to turn irregular players into returning customers further down the road. Even though it all leads to a point where one may have to deposit some money to get his withdrawal approved, it’s still better than having to deposit for you to play a single game.

Overall, we believe that the methods casinos use in order to provide their customers with the option of potentially making a lot of money through free spins or no deposit bonuses, is enough material to label it a customer-friendly practice.

It’s a business, so we all know it’s focused on profits, but as long as it doesn’t make that money-making process hard for the end consumer, they’re pretty alright in everybody’s books.

That’s pretty much all that can be said about free online casino games when it comes to technicality,  but there are still some unanswered questions, which we’d like to address one by one in the paragraphs below.

Frequently Asked Questions about casino games

How do I get a bonus?

All three of the bonus version we just talked about have their own way of being given to the user. In order to get the deposit bonus, players usually indicate a deposit bonus code that is provided by the casino themselves.

In cases of no deposit bonus acquisition, which we mentioned is one of the best for playing free Aussie casino games online nowadays, it’s enough to just register and tick a box saying that you want to receive the bonus.

With the free spins bonus, it’s pretty much the same as the deposit bonus. You will be given a code you have to indicate on your account.

Do I need to install something to play these games?

We understand where this question may be coming from. Multiple free games require you to download it and then watch some ads so that the developers make money.

We’re happy to say that in order to play free online casino games, you don’t need to download anything. The only difference could be if the casino has a mobile app, which still doesn’t mean you’ll have to watch ads.

Furthermore, every casino website is optimized for all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Are there any other restrictions?

Unfortunately yes. Besides the minimum required gambling volume, several casinos will also impose some kind of maximum betting cap as well as the “eligible” games that will count as the volume for withdrawals.

In order to get the best experience of playing online AU casino games, it’s best to always look at the terms and conditions.

But there are some universal standards that can be applied to pretty much every casino offers.

For example, the maximum bet cap that the casino should have is somewhere around AUD 10 per bet, as imposing anything lower is forcing the players to stay online for too long and diminishes their chances of reaching that requirement.

Next comes the restriction for certain games. The standard is that there should be at least a few variations of games that players can choose from. This includes at least 10 casino slots, one or two casino games such as roulette or blackjack and one more sports betting opportunity.

Anything less than this is not very user-friendly.

How do I make deposits?

In order to get the deposit bonus, you’ll have to make some kind of deposit for it. The more you deposit, the more you receive as a bonus, that much is obvious, but make sure you’re choosing a method that has the least amount as a fee.

Currently, depositing for free Australian casino games is best with payment providers such as Paysafe card, Skrill and Neteller. PayPal has a very different policy of labelling your deposit as a gambling payment and depositing via banks is immediately classified as gambling, which could do some damage to your credit score.

Which game is best to play for free?

As already mentioned, the best game to play will largely depend on the type of bonus you will receive at the casino.

For example, if you get free spins bonus, it’s probably best to use them on slots and roulettes, while the cash bonus can be applied elsewhere.

However, the best games to use the deposit bonus on are higher volatility games. A higher volatility means that it’s much more likely to win every try, but the winnings are relatively smaller. Despite this, these games tend to pay much more and the bonus will last you much longer.

Higher volatility games are things like slots and roulettes. Things that have multiple ways of generating you income through that bet.