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The best Australian casinos that use Endorphina software

Endorphina software is a casino games developer headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. The company has been active on the markets since 2010 and features dozens if not hundreds of online casinos in its portfolio. The provider has a global presence thanks to their compliance wit…

Endorphina software is a casino games developer headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. The company has been active on the markets since 2010 and features dozens if not hundreds of online casinos in its portfolio.

The provider has a global presence thanks to their compliance with international gambling standards when it comes to building algorithms based on fair practices and no real disadvantages to the players themselves.

In this article, we will be talking about the general values of Endorphina as a company and as a developer. We will take a look at some of their best performing games and try to dissect them to showcase the best case practices that made the developer as famous as they are today.

Naturally, we’ll also touch the subject of reaching Endorphina-powered Australia casinos in this article.

Australian Endorphina-powered casinos for the best gambling experience

If you’re looking for a fun time with Endorphina slots but don’t want to put in the effort to find a suitable casino, just use our list below and you’ll be able to have a safe and entertaining experience.

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More about Endorphina software

As already mentioned, Endorphina was founded in 2010 and has been active on the market for nearly a decade now. In this short period of time, they’ve managed to score partnerships with a number of online casinos, not only in the European Union where they’re located but also all over the world.

The company has a large international team of designers and developers, working tirelessly to produce the best quality games they can.

Endorphina is also the owner of several awards which it won over the years of its operations. For example, their slot called The Ninja won second place in 2015. The company itself was named the best online slot developer of 2015 as well.

Every Endorphina AU online casino is licensed and regulated by relevant authorities of their region, this includes Australia as well. The reason why the company’s record is so clean is because of its standards on partnerships. The company has a policy where they don’t bother with casinos that aren’t approved by the government.

When it comes to technicality in general, and by technicality we mean the design of slots games, Endorphina is famous for adding various 3D animations to their games and thus managing to find a niche to differentiate themselves from the competition.

But enough talk, let’s actually play some Endorphina Australian slots and see for ourselves how the developer manages to stand out from other software providers. We’ll try to cover at least three games here, but we won’t shy away from adding a fourth one as well.

Best Endorphina slots in Australia casinos

Here we will focus on the unique features and design of several Endorphina games, but since we’ve already mentioned that one of them got recognized by the global gambling community, let’s start with that exact slot, “The Ninja”.

The Ninja

The Ninja slot is quite a simple game when we look at it from a first 10 spins perspective. In fact, the game may seem quite disadvantageous due to its 20 payline system, but the moment we get to the wilds and the additional bonus levels, we immediately see why it was classified as the second-best slot in 2015.

First, let’s take at the background. The game has 5 reels in total, that is created by three rows and five columns, There are about 7 symbols in total, and only one scatter/bonus/wild symbol represented by a black ninja.

We all know why Australian online Endorphina casinos are so popular now, Aussies love ninjas, and in fact, who doesn’t.

The base of the game is quite simple. You spin and hope to get one of the combinations, but the real value lies in the black ninja. If you get two black ninja symbols, you will accumulate two wild symbols during the free spins stage. What’s the free spins stage? Well, it’s a level that initiates after one gets three or more black ninja symbols.

The number ninjas you gathered while spinning to get the free spins bonus, will determine how many free spins you’ll get in general. What happens during the free spins is that, the black ninja appears and turns 2-5 symbols into wilds, but takes that away from the number you’ve gathered. So, if you have 100 symbols gathered, you get 20 free spins minimum, and 50 free spins maximum.

Furthermore, there’s also the option to gamble your winnings. Meaning that there’s the “double feature”. Where you get to choose a card from four options, and if it’s higher value than the dealer, your winnings are doubled. That extra flair of risk is always welcome, as long as it’s optional.

Ancient Troy

Ancient Troy is a history-based slots game. We’re pretty sure we’ve all seen the movie about Troy and more or less know the main characters of the story. Basically, Endorphina decided to make that story come to life and incorporate it into gambling.

The reason why Ancient Troy is one of the best Endorphina online casino games in Australia is because of its unique Trojan Joker Feature.

But before we talk about that main feature, let’s look at the game from the simplest standpoint possible. Like the first 10 spins if you will.

We’ve got 25 paylines in total with 12 symbols to accommodate them. There are 5 reels in total, with three rows and five columns which are now basically a norm for Endorphina games.

The wild symbol is the notorious Trojan horse and can participate in any combination provided by the players. But now, let’s focus on the main event, the free spins bonus.

The free spins bonus is called the Trojan Joker Feature. Basically what happens is that after the players get three scatter symbols during a spin, they’re given 10 free spins with this feature. During this feature, two columns will have the chance to feature a stacked wild symbol. But the good news is that every symbol has its perks.

The reason why Australian Endorphina casino bonus codes are usually revolved around Ancient Troy is due to the profitability of the slot for the players. And that profitability is translated into the wilds such as.

Helen of Troy – turns into a stacked wild and reveals herself only when there’s a potential combination.

Achilles – turns into a stacked wild with an x3 multiplier, reveals himself when there’s a potential combination.

Hector of Troy – turns into a stacked wild with an x2 multiplier, reveals himself when there’s a potential combination.

The Gladiators

The first time you launch the Gladiators you may be surprised that the Roman Empire has managed to somehow find its way in Atlantis. But, even weird is the fact that the gladiators are not human, they’re different variations of fish. But that’s one part of the unique design of this slots game.

We’re not choosing these games on a whim here, they’ve actually been tested and classified as the some of the best by top Endorphina casinos accepting Australian players, therefore we have at least some international recognition.

Back to the game at hand though. It’s the regular 5 reels, 3×5 slots game with a little bit of a twist. The base game itself has around 21 paylines with a dozen different symbols. But, much like other Endorphina slots we’ve talked about in this article, comes with a unique feature in the free spins bonus level.

Once players get three scatter bonuses, they’ll be given 10 free spins. During those free spins, every unique symbol has the chance of becoming a wild symbol. Here’s how it works.

Let’s imagine we spun and got 5 X unique symbols and 3 Y unique symbols. The X unique symbol will become the wild because there’s more of it. Basically, the game favors the most advantageous outcome, which is quantity. But if there are only singles of each unique symbol, it will choose them randomly.

That’s about it for this slot as well. Naturally, though, it also has the “double gamble” feature where players can choose random cards in hopes of doubling their previous win during a spin.


Since we’re on the topic of reviewing slots based on mythology or history, let’s focus on Durga and try to see what type of story this slot has behind it.

Durga is based on Indian mythology. It contains two entities, Manisha the devil, and the goddess Durga. Manisha represents the scatter symbol and players will be able to trigger the free spins bonus if they get three of his symbols.

Durga herself though is a wild symbol with quite a lot of unique features which we will discuss promptly. But first, the overall review of the slots game.

Durga has 5 reels in total, four rows and five columns. There are 40 paylines in total and additional bonuses such as the “Double gamble” feature that allows players to double their previous winnings if they guess the color of a card correctly.

Anyways, that’s not why an Australian Endorphina online casino would want to promote Durga as one of its best available games. No, it’s all about the wild feature and its presence in the free spins bonus.

Durge will always appear on reels 2, 3 and 5. He then has the option to expand and cover the whole column, depending on where he appears, he could also expand upon adjacent columns as well and cover as many as 10 reels in total. This gives players 10 wild symbols which is guaranteed to lead to a lot of winnings.

But that’s not where it ends. Durga wild symbol can also take the form of a multiplier, x2, and x3. So now imagine 10 wild symbols on a single spin with an x3 multiplier, quite enticing, isn’t it?

Furthermore, during the free spins, Durga has a higher chance of appearing, therefore, giving players a chance for even more profits. Before players engage in the free spins though, they have the option to choose how many of them they want. For example, you can choose 28 free spins with no multiplier, 16 free spins with x2, 11 with x3 and 7 with x4.

In terms of profitability, it’s obvious why Endorphina free spins Australia likes to talk about always includes the Durga slot somewhere.

The pattern with Endorphina slots

As you can see there’s a very small pattern we can spot with Endorphina games, especially with the ones that have come out just recently.

Nearly all of them are trying to focus on things like the bonus feature and the additional wild symbols that the games offer.

Very few of them have in-built mechanics that change the way a normal spin would go or behave. The only game that does this one way or another is Durga but on a very small scale.

Regardless though, Endorphina has managed to produce some of the best slots available in the market today. Their usage of 3D animations, clever game design, and engaging strategies are what got them the thousands of fans that the company now has.

It’s clear that Aussie Endorphina slots are going to continue becoming better and better over the years, especially when the developer is always trying to find something new to add as a spice.

But, some of the explanations we just had about these slots games, may have been hard to understand for some of our readers, that’s why we’re here to offer you answers on some of the most asked questions about Endorphina games and slots games in general.

Frequently Asked Question about Endorphina slots

Let’s now address the misinterpretations or the general questions that the community gets when they first try to play online slots. Although the games may look very simple on the surface, there is still some depth to them that we need to address, especially when there are people asking these questions.

What does “reels” mean?

Reels are sometimes invisible parts of the slots games. They’re basically the repositories of the symbols. If we deconstruct the design of the slots game we’ll see that they’re the shapes that actually do the spinning.

The reason why they’re being differentiated from symbols themselves is that developers need them to be a separate object so that they can add some unique features to them. If they were just normal symbols, it would be very hard to add some mechanics from a technical standpoint.

But, overall, you can view reels as the backbone of any slots game.

Does every game have similar symbols?

In the grand scheme of things, yes, every Endorphina AU online slot has similar symbols, but they’re usually diversified through design patterns and roles in the ecosystem. However, it’s usually unlikely to find big similarities with games from different developers.

We like to classify symbols though, and through our calculations, there are around four different types. The normals, uniques, wilds, and bonuses, let’s go through them one by one.

The Normals

The normal symbols are the ones you see the most often. For example, imagine how many times you’ve seen the letter Q, or the letter K, or the number 10 during your spin. Those are the symbols that we call the normals because they’re the most common.

Usually, they pay the least amount in winnings, but it’s not uncommon to score a nice win if you get a big chunk of them at once. Oh and if you’ve ever been wondering why Q, K, and J, it’s basically like in cards. Q for Queen, K for King and J for Jack.

The Uniques

The uniques are pretty much everything that isn’t a normal symbol. If you want an example of unique symbol-focused slots game looks no further than Endorphina-powered casinos in Australia. Pretty much any venue you can find that features these games will let you know that these games are unique-focused, meaning that you should expect a nice profit out of them.

The best example we can bring is the Gladiators slot we reviewed in the middle of this article.

The uniques are usually in the form of pictures based on the theme of the game. For example, in the gladiators, they’re just different types of fish, while in Ancient Troy slot, it’s the characters themselves.

The wilds

Wilds are what we like to call shapeshifting symbols. They can participate in nearly every single combination they find themselves in.

Let’s bring an example. Imagine that you just did a spin and got a combination as follows. Column 1, 2, 4 and 5 have similar symbols on them while column 3 has a wild symbol. A beginner would think that this doesn’t equate to a win, but a veteran would be ecstatic about it.

You see, there are a lot of Endorphina online Australian casino games that are solely based on wild symbols, it’s their bread and butter, their main benefit.

While reviewing some of the Endorphina slots, we mentioned stacked wilds and raining wilds. All of these are the possibilities that wild symbols open up for the developers.

The bonus/scatter

The bonus/scatter symbols are the ones that earn players the free spins they so desire, and it’s usually during these free spins that we get all of the unique features and possibilities for massive gains.

Bonuses sometimes come in the form of free spins, more gambling levels, just flat cash gifts or sometimes just random multipliers.

Bonus symbols are usually most referred to in no deposit Endorphina casino promotions in Australia, where companies offer players additional incentives to deposit more funds and earn more in the process. It’s called double the trouble in our books.

Are paylines important?

Yes, paylines are very important, they’re the ones that determine if you get some profit from the combination you just got or not. A payline is basically a specific set of symbols that could potentially lead to winnings.

For example, if you get four symbols in a line and it leads to a win, that’s what’s referred to as a payline.

The more paylines there are, the more options a player has for profits. However, the developers tone down the RTP if there are a lot of paylines.

What does RTP stand for?

RTP stands for Return to Player. It’s a rough estimate of how much a player should expect to receive back from his bet.

For example, let’s imagine that a game has 95% RTP. You bet $100 on a single spin and managed to get a pretty nice combination. The RTP determines that you will be getting $95 on top of the $100 that you placed as a bet. $95 because that’s 95% of $100. Pretty simple right?

It’s not uncommon to see Endorphina AU deposit bonus codes being promoted for high RTP games, in order to maximize the users’ profitability.

But if there are no promotions, you can always use RTP as your filter. Find a game that has the best percentage and play it non-stop if profit is your main point of interest.