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Casinos with EGT online casino slots and how to play them

EGT software, also known as EGT Interactive is a casino software provider hailing from Bulgaria. However, this doesn’t mean that the country restricts itself to Bulgaria only, it has a global presence and caters to dozens of online casinos worldwide. In this small EGT showcase we…

EGT software, also known as EGT Interactive is a casino software provider hailing from Bulgaria. However, this doesn’t mean that the country restricts itself to Bulgaria only, it has a global presence and caters to dozens of online casinos worldwide.

In this small EGT showcase we will discuss the provider as a company, meaning its presence around the world, the partnerships it has and other important details such as the number of games, licenses and overall performance during its existence.

We will also be taking a look at EGT games and trying to showcase what the core values of the company are, meaning what they prioritize when planning and developing these slots games.

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About EGT Interactive

As already mentioned EGT casino software provider is from Bulgaria, but it has a presence in nearly all of the Eastern European countries, as well as a few Western ones such as Belgium and Spain.

The company has also managed to get partnerships as far as Colombia and is planning on expanding into different markets around the world as well.

It currently has games featured on as many as 50 different casinos in the European and South American regions.

The good news is that despite its relatively small presence in Australia, there are still a number of EGT casinos in Australia accepting local players. The license is also covered as an EU-based recognition is already equivalent to Australian legal recognition.

EGT was first created in 2002, which gives the provider multiple years of experience on the market, thus painting them as one of the most well-performing ones out there.

According to the company themselves, they’ve managed to penetrate as many as 80 different country markets in the 17 years they’ve been operational and will continue to develop their products for even better adoption in the future.

Only recently did they add an office in Ireland which indicated the company’s dedication to further growth in the West and most likely to Oceania as well.

Now that we’ve gotten a quick look at the company’s global presence, let’s take a look at what they produce in terms of games and software in much more detail.

Best EGT online casino slots available in Australia

Here we will try to showcase some of the best EGT online slots and try to categorize them based on what type of value they offer to the players. One thing we can say about most of them is that they’re pretty simple at first glance, in fact, some may think that they’re just re-skins of an original game.

However, it’s clear that EGT software developed these games with one thing on their mind, RTP and the simplicity for the players. Let’s find out about the best ones available.

20 Hot Blast

20 Hot Blast should be immediately familiar for players who used to visit offline casinos back in the day. The game is based on the classic fruit slots with a little bit of an added value through its wild feature and etc.

However, the main benefit that we’ve found out about this game is the rolling reels that come with it. But let’s take it all one step at a time.

The game consists of 5 reels and symbols we all know and love. Things like fruits, bars, and bells are all present, but there is some uniqueness to it as well.

Thanks to the rolling reels feature 20 Hot Blas is the most featured game in top EGT casinos accepting Australian players, simply because there’s much more entertainment value attached.

The wild symbol, which is a bomb, expands on a whole column if there is a possibility for a combination. It then explodes alongside all of its combination symbols and allows new symbols to simply rain down. If players get two combinations in a single spin, they will get an x2 multiplier, x3 for three consecutive combos and so on and so forth.

Overall 20 Hot Blast performs as a great game for RTP and represents the core value of EGT slots.

Unfortunately, though, the game does not come with free spins bonus which is quite a disappointment, although it does have scatter symbols which tend to pay the most when there’s more than three of them on a spin.

There is also another feature that is unique to EGT software, which is the “Gamble feature”. Basically, anytime a player wins less than 3500 credits, he or she has the chance to gamble on a card color that changes very rapidly. If the player is successful their winnings for the previous round double, but if they’re unsuccessful they lose it all.

Olympus Glory

Olympus Glory is the other type of EGT mobile slots in Australia, it’s not really connected to the classics like fruit slots, but it’s still referred to as one, simply because it has 10 paylines.

However, those 10 paylines are more than enough for EGT players, simply because of the frequency at which the wild symbol appears and the unique feature of the free spins.

Overall the game is quite simple, it has 5 reels in total with three rows and five columns. The theme is around ancient Greek mythology, but that much was obvious from the title itself, right?

It contains symbols of several greek gods, which are naturally the highest paying symbols to get in a combination.

The paylines are quite limited, but unfortunately, as already mentioned the game has a unique free spins feature.

In order to get the Olympus Glory free spins feature, players need to get three wild symbols on a single spin, which is Zeus himself. One that happens, a single reel will start spinning on a new background to determine which symbol the free spins will classify as “expanding”.

The reason why Olympus Glory is one of the best AU EGT slots on mobile is because of this feature. Once the symbol is chosen, every spin will give it the opportunity to cover as many as 9 reels at a time. If the spin leads to a combination of the chosen symbol, then the expansion is guaranteed.

This game also comes with the gambling feature at the lower right corner. Everything below a set number of credits one during a spin can be gambled for potentially doubling or even x16ing it.

Dice of Magic

Dice of Magic is a part of the EGT’s Dice game style, which they have quite a lot of, however, Dice of Magic has its own unique feature of rolling reels, which we’ve already talked about in the previous game review of 20 Hot Blast.

Basically what happens is that any combination that is achieved during a sping will “destroy” all of the symbols and make way for new ones to cascade down and create even more combinations.

In the end, EGT-powered casinos in Australia tend to promote these types of games as they have the best RTP policy for players.

The game has three rows and five columns meaning that it has 5 reels in total. Alongside the rolling reels feature it also comes with the “Stacked wilds” bonus, which gives it the ability to feature wild symbols on a whole column.

To explain it more plainly, getting just one wild symbol during a spin is much rarer than getting a whole column full of wilds. That’s one of the main reasons why we’re featuring Dice of Magic here.

The Business ethics of EGT online casinos

As you can see EGT has quite a lot of slots that come in different shapes and sizes. But based on the fact that the company does not solely focus on slots, it gives their games a little bit of a disadvantage when comparing them to software providers who solely produce slots.

Therefore, we can’t really consider Australia EGT online slots as competitive to others, they’re simply there and are usually used for nostalgia by players wanting to remember the good old days.

However, we want to make this article beneficial not only for the veterans but also for beginners as well, therefore let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about EGT games online.

Most Asked Questions about EGT Australian casinos

What are reels?

Reels are the foundation of every slot game. The most basic explanation is calling them the shapes that actually do the spinning. For example, we have symbols inside the game, those symbols are positioned inside the reels. The reels do the spinning and the symbols do the combination.

The reason why we call them reels and not just symbols themselves, is because they could sometimes be empty, and therefore require some kind of definition to differentiate them from others.

Reels are most useful for the developers, as in the technical aspects, separating reels from symbols allows for much more flexibility for adding features and bonuses to a game.

What symbols are best to get?

There’s no universal answer to this question because software providers like to diversify their style with the symbols. However, what we can say is that getting wilds are always beneficial. What are wilds? Well, we’ve gone into completely new territory at this point. Let’s try to talk about all the symbol types and what you should expect with AU EGT mobile slots.

Normal symbols

A normal symbol is the one you see the most often. For example, it could be a number or just a simple letter. The most common letters used are J for Jack, Q for Queen and K for King, but there are other variations as well.

The letter symbols are usually from 0 to 10 and payout equivalent to how big they are. So for example, if you get a combination with 10s, it’s going to be much more profitable than a combination of 5s.

Usually, it’s best not to get these symbols but they can also lead to large wins or even jackpots.

Unique symbols

Unique symbols are pretty much self-explanatory. These symbols are everything that isn’t a normal symbol, at least in EGT online slots on Australia casinos. So for example, when you see a picture or an animated symbol, it’s referred to as a “unique”.

The unique symbols tend to have the best payouts but are much rarer than normal symbols. Getting a combination with them is a bit harder, but pays much much more. Furthermore, some developers like to assign different features to different unique symbols.

For example, a female symbol could lead to better payouts, while a male symbol could lead to multipliers and additional features. It’s all about the way the developer decides to design the game.

Wild symbols

So what are wild symbols? Well, they’re pretty much the symbols you want to get on every single spin. We also like to refer to them as universal symbols, simply because they can participate in nearly every single combination and be a part of it.

Let’s take an example. Imagine that there are five columns in the game. You spin and get four identical symbols, but they’re located on columns one, two, four and five. Because there’s a gap between the symbols, they don’t create a combination. But, if there was a wild symbol in between, the combination would be completed and the payout would be even bigger.

Wild symbols in EGT Aussie casino slots are usually the main focus because bonus levels and free spins tend to revolve around them. Bonus levels? What are those?

Bonus symbols

Bonus symbols are the ones that lead to things like free spins, bonus levels, additional payouts and all the unique features that the game could possibly have.

It’s usually enough to get three of them during a spin, but there have been cases where the game requires you to get at least seven.

Regardless of how much the game demands, all of them have one simple feature, to give you as much in winnings as possible. Usually, they add features like rolling reels, scatter wilds, multipliers, hidden treasures and etc. They’re truly the best combination to get in a single spin.

Is there an EGT casino bonus Australia can use?

There is definitely something resembling an EGT casino bonus, but it’s hard to say if there is anything in Australia specifically. Usually, the bonuses depend on the casino themselves, therefore it’s up to the Australian EGT casino to offer these features.

What types of bonuses are there?

There are many kinds of bonuses to choose from, but usually, they’re about free spins or additional benefits to the player. You’ve probably seen where some games offer players to buy free spins in-game, that’s not necessarily something we’d call a bonus. A bonus is something unique to a casino.

What we’d refer to a bonus is an EGT deposit bonus Australia casinos tend to offer from time to time, and other benefits like discounts and increased odds.

How can I get a bonus?

As already mentioned, bonuses are usually applied to deposits. Therefore, if you find a casino in Australia that features EGT games, try to find out if they have bonus promotions every month or even every week.

It’s likely that their promotions will feature EGT casino deposit bonus codes in Australia which users will need to indicate when applying for one.

But these bonuses can sometimes be directed towards specific slots. And according to some research, the games that get these free spins or deposit bonuses are usually high RTP slots from any provider.

What does RTP mean?

RTP is an abbreviation for Return to Player. It’s the percentage that the developer has calculated to be the most optimal profit margin.

Let’s just bring an example, shall we? Imagine that you’ve deposited $100 and are starting to play a 95% RTP game. By the time you’re finished, if all goes well, the game developer estimates that you’ll get a 95% profit on average, meaning $95. However, it’s just an estimate, therefore it may not always be true.

Make sure to use RTP to filter your games of choice, regardless if they’re EGT mobile slots in Australia or games from any other provider.