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Australian casinos that offer the best Reload bonuses [2022]

Casino bonuses have become practically ubiquitous. You will have trouble finding an online gambling platform that doesn’t offer at least one type of bonus. These bonuses are used to distinguish one’s services from the other casinos on the web. As the competition is getting toughe…

Casino bonuses have become practically ubiquitous. You will have trouble finding an online gambling platform that doesn’t offer at least one type of bonus. These bonuses are used to distinguish one’s services from the other casinos on the web. As the competition is getting tougher, the bonuses are becoming more generous. To attract customers, casinos will usually put out welcome offers and first deposit bonuses. However, it’s equally important for the business to retain old customers and to encourage them to make repeat deposits. To achieve this, casinos use what are known as reload bonuses. When you are gambling online, you’ll definitely encounter one of the Australian casino reload bonuses. This article will introduce you to the main features and procedures associated with the bonus so that you know what you’re dealing with.

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Briefly about reload bonuses

Reload bonuses work just like any deposit bonus. A user has to make a deposit and in turn, will receive some sort of benefit from the casino. In Australia, where gambling is a hugely popular activity, bonuses such as this are very important. Australians spend about $24 billion on gambling each year. While most of that is generated through land-based casinos, online gambling is quite popular as well. Some analysts estimate the size of the online gambling market to be above $1 billion. It’s hard to obtain actual statistics on online gambling as it is outlawed in Australia. Still, many people find a way to gamble online and they take advantage of AU casino reload bonuses as well.

Companies that provide online gambling services to the residents of the country could face huge fines. On the other hand, there are no such fines for individuals that gamble online. They simply have to find a platform that’s willing to provide the services. When they do so, they can start using different bonus offers including the reload promotions. Because slots are the most popular form of gambling in the country, many of these offers will be targeted towards slots through their benefits. Half of all gambling activity in Australia comes from slots, or pokies, as they are known in the country. Aussie reload bonuses are very effective for slots as well.

How do reload bonuses work?


The idea behind all reload bonuses is the same. When you make a repeat deposit on your account, the casino will give you some kind of benefit in return. The bonuses will differ based on the benefits that they give you. Casinos have complete freedom of creativity to come up with benefits that they want, however, most will use one of the two common offers – a match bonus or free spins. It’s also not uncommon for casinos to offer a combination of the two for the bonus. This way, reload bonus is technically a type of deposit bonus that applies to repeat deposits, hence the name. Any deposit bonus after the first one can be considered an Aussie reload casino bonus.

One of the most common benefits to include in reload bonuses is a match bonus. A match bonus will match your deposit by a certain percentage and give you free cash to gamble with. For example, a casino might offer a reload promotion with a match bonus of 100% up to $200. What this means is that if you deposit $100 on the platform, you’ll receive an additional $100 by the casino. If you deposit $200, the casino will match it with $200. If you deposit more than $200, you’ll only get $200 as that’s the limit of the offer. You won’t be able to withdraw the bonus cash directly, however, you’ll get to gamble with it on the platform and keep the winnings. A match bonus is not the only type of benefit included in Australian casino reload bonus promotions. Casinos also often choose to give users free spins in return for making deposits on their accounts. Free spins are granted for particular slots and they allow gamblers to spin the reels a certain number of times for free. Much like with the match bonus, users get to keep the winnings.


An important feature of any deposit bonus including the reload bonuses is the list of supported games. When it comes to free spins, things are simpler. You will likely get spins for one particular game. However, with the match bonus, there will be a list of games you can spend the bonus cash on. It’s more than likely that not all of the games available on the website will be supported by the bonus. Casinos usually try to drive users to more volatile games. Sometimes, you’ll be able to use the bonus on a game but its value will be reduced. For example, you could make a bet worth $10 in a game but $20 will be deducted from your bonus. It’s important to pay attention to such features when considering different AU casino reload bonus offers. If you have a particular game in mind that you want to play, it’s best that you check whether it is supported by the bonus or not.

We mentioned a few times that you get to keep the winnings from the bonus. However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to withdraw those winnings and actually see some real benefits from the bonus. In order to be allowed to withdraw winnings, you’ll need to meet the wagering requirements. These requirements specify how much you need to wager in terms of the bonus cash. For example, if you received $100 through the AU reload casino bonus online and the wagering requirement is 5x, you’ll need to wager $500 on the platform before you can withdraw. The higher the requirement, the less chance you have of actually withdrawing the winnings. Casinos will often put out promotions that sound very appealing due to the high match bonus percentage only to compensate for it with an extremely tough wagering requirement. When you’re considering different offers, it’s important that you take a comprehensive look at them and factor in the wagering requirement into your calculations as well.

Some AU casino reload bonus offers might be active on specific days. For example, a casino might have a Friday Reload Bonus day, where each Friday it will give a 100% match bonus on deposits. There might also be monthly promotions. Bonuses such as these give users something to look forward to and are also surprisingly effective in encouraging new deposits. People get accustomed to depositing money on their casino a particular day and even if they wouldn’t otherwise make a deposit on that day, they do so due to the bonus. Weekly or monthly bonuses are also effective in diversifying the gambling experience and making it more enjoyable.


Aussie reload casino bonuses don’t come without risks. These offers are extremely appealing to users. Some might decide to sign up on a platform because of the generous reload bonuses that it offers. As a result, many casinos have introduced these bonuses. Unfortunately, it’s not just casinos that try to take advantage of the drawing power of the bonuses. There are many scammers out there who set up fake casinos posing like legitimate websites and lure in unsuspecting customers only to steal their money or personal data. As these casinos have no intention of meeting their promises, they have the freedom to come up with exceptionally appealing bonuses. It’s easy to get distracted by the flashy numbers of a match bonus in such cases and forget to look into the reliability of the casino.

Another risk of an AU online casino reload bonus is that it might force you to make larger or more frequent deposits that you otherwise would. This is especially true if there is a minimum limit on the bonus. Knowing that you’ll be getting free money by depositing can lead you to think that you’ll be missing out on an opportunity if you don’t make a deposit. Fortunately, many online casinos nowadays have responsible gambling tools that allow you to set limits on your deposits and bets so that you don’t go overboard and spend more than you would want to.


How do I make a deposit to receive the reload bonus?

In order to receive the bonus, you’ll need to make a deposit first. To do that, you can use one of the payment options supported by the casino. Not all casinos offer the same deposit methods. To see the ones available on your casino, you should go to the ‘Payments’ or ‘Banking’ section of the website. Some of the most frequently offered options include credit/debit cards, electronic wallets, direct transfers, other payment service providers, cryptocurrencies, and more. Pick out one option based on your preferences and priorities, make a deposit and receive the AU reload bonus. You might need to indicate a bonus code in the process.

Each of the methods mentioned above has its advantages and drawbacks. Credit/debit cards, for example, are great for convenience and are also very cheap. You’ve probably paid with a card while online shopping. The process will be very similar to the casinos. Since you have to own a credit/debit card, either way, you can also ignore any fixed costs. The commissions for these payments are going to be very small in most instances. On the other hand, credit/debit cards aren’t that great for privacy. All of the payments you make using these channels will be reflected on your bank statement. If you don’t want your casino to have access to your gambling history, then using credit or debit cards for casino reload bonus AU offers might not be the best option.

Electronic wallets are great for privacy. They essentially introduce an extra step between your casino and your bank thus hiding your gambling history from the bank. The payments will simply show up as transfers to your eWallet on your bank account. If you don’t already have an eWallet account, it might require some extra time and effort to set one up. You will also need to do extra work when transferring money to and from your eWallet account each time. Fees are also a big drawback of electronic wallets. Some of these providers will advertise free payments to casinos. However, don’t be deceived by such offers. The provider will almost certainly charge you for the service one way or another. The fee might be included in the commissions for withdrawal or when you want to refill your eWallet account. Still, electronic wallets remain one of the most popular payment methods on the casinos. You can certainly consider them for your AU casino online reload bonus as well.

Cryptocurrencies have recently become another popular option for making deposits and withdrawals on casinos. However, they are still quite volatile due to the speculative environment around them. The value of these assets fluctuates dramatically within a day. You might think that you have a certain amount of money on your crypto wallet account and then find out that it’s value has been halved all of a sudden. If you don’t want to take on the risk of volatility, you probably want to avoid cryptocurrencies. They are also not easy to use at first. You have to set up an account on an online exchange and then figure out how to use a crypto wallet. This could take some time to learn, especially, if you’re new to blockchain technology. A great thing about crypto is that they don’t have any barriers when it comes to territories. No matter where in the world you are, you’ll be able to send payments through crypto to any other wallet (with the exception of countries that have put a ban on cryptos). That’s why some people still choose to go for cryptos for their Aussie reload casino bonuses online.

How do I choose a reload bonus?

When you’re choosing a platform to sign up on and you’re considering different reload bonus offers, you can base your decision on a few factors. First of all, you’ll want to look at the benefit you’ll be receiving. Everything else held constant, 100 free spins are better than 50 free spins. In some cases, the comparison might not be that easy. For example, with match bonuses, you have to look at the percentage as well as the limit. Only considering the percentage can lead to wrong results in some cases. For example, say casino one has a 200% match bonus up to $100 while casino two has a 100% match bonus up to $200. If you’re planning on depositing $150, casino one will give you $100, while casino two will give you $150. You have to do these quick calculations to make the right comparison and choose the right AU reload bonus at online casino.

It’s also not wise to simply look at the benefit. Wagering requirements can completely make or break an offer. If you’re getting a very appealing benefit on one bonus but the wagering requirement is so high that you won’t be able to actually benefit from it, there’s no point at all. You want to think about the end result and the ability to withdraw the bonus. It’s also important to consider which games are supported by the bonus. If one bonus doesn’t allow you to gamble on your favorite games but another one does, you’ll know which one to pick. You have to take a more comprehensive look when judging different casino reload bonuses Australia offers.