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All about casino games and the best AU casinos to play them [2022]

Gambling has a long history, tracing its roots back to the Paleolithic period. Throughout the centuries, a lot of things have changed about the activity, however, some things remain the same. There are Aussie casino games that have been around for centuries and are still quite po…

Gambling has a long history, tracing its roots back to the Paleolithic period. Throughout the centuries, a lot of things have changed about the activity, however, some things remain the same. There are Aussie casino games that have been around for centuries and are still quite popular. The modern technology has brought the latest wave of transformation to the industry as new interesting games emerged, while some of the classic ones found a new providerform. Although there are a handful of very popular games, the variety is still huge and new gamblers might find it difficult to navigate these options.

Although there is a huge variety of games, most of them fall in certain categories. When you start gambling, it’s a good idea to have a general understanding of these categories and games so that you’re not confused by the options. This article offers a guide to Australian casino games. We will go over the types of games out there and discuss the important features of these games so that you are equipped with the knowledge when you have to decide which game to play. We will also guide you through the process of selecting a game to play. Continue reading for this information.

Skip the details about casino games and check out our list of best casinos to play them

If you’re more into a hands-on approach and want to figure out the games yourself, see below a list of the best Australian online casinos that we have carefully picked out for you.

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Types of casino games


Slots have been around since the time of land-based casinos. You might not be familiar with the term, but you will almost certainly have seen a slot machine in a movie or real life. You will recognize them as big upright machines with spinning symbols and a handle on the right-hand side, or a set of buttons on the bottom of the screen. Slots have been a popular option for Australian casino gaming in land-based casinos as well, but their popularity skyrocketed with the introduction of online gambling.

The idea behind slots is simple. You hit the button making the reels spin. The reels, or columns, contain symbols and after each spin, a different combination of symbols show up. Depending on how the symbols line up next to each other, you might win or lose. Modern slots have introduced more complexity and layers in these games with bonus features and special modes as well as special symbols. Wild and Scatter symbols are ubiquitous in virtually all of these games. Wilds can substitute for other symbols to form a winning combination while Scatters will usually pay no matter where they show up on the reels. You’ll understand the AU casino game better once you start playing it.

Slots are fairly simple. There’s no strategizing required from you whatsoever. You are going to be simply hitting the spin button and the machine will do the rest. The outcome doesn’t depend on your wits or experience and is purely determined by chance. While that makes slots one of the most appealing options for beginners, it could also make them quite boring after some time. That’s why game developers go out of their way to introduce layers, storytelling, fun design and animations to these games. You’ll find modern slots to be extremely visually pleasing and engrossing. That’s why people choose slots so often when they want to play Australian casino games online.

Table Games

For those who want more control over their game and like to strategize, table games are probably a better choice. These include some of the most popular titles that have crossed over into the mainstream culture as well, like Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. Table games usually require a table, hence the name. They are also more involved, with the exception of some games. Roulette for example, much like slots, is purely a game of luck. It has a wheel with a set of numbers and a ball that lands on a certain number after each spin. You place your bets on the table trying to predict where the ball will land. If you guess it right, you win, otherwise, the house takes your bet. Of course, there are more intricacies in the game, but nothing that could give you an advantage over other players. That’s why Roulette is also one of those online casino games preferred by beginners.

Blackjack is also known as the game of 21. The dealer hands out cards that have a certain value affixed to them. You need to get a hand with a higher value than that of the dealer without going over 21. Unlike Roulette, you actually need to do some calculations in this game and you can use your wits and strategy to put yourself at an advantage when compared to other players. Video Poker, which is a popular version of the game for online casino gaming, is also a simplified version of the game. You get dealt a certain hand where you can switch out some cards and try to end up with a winning hand.

There are various other table games as well. Furthermore, for the games mentioned above, there exist dozens of variations. Most casinos will offer a handful of them. The variations are created by slight changes in the rules of the game. Once you start playing these games and try your hand at a few of them, you’ll quickly establish your preferences. A great advantage of most table games is that you get to have some control over the outcome of the game. That’s why these games are usually considered the best online casino games in Australia by many in the community.

Live Casino

While not necessarily a separate category, live casino games are important enough to merit a quick mention. Standard games that we went over above are graphical representations of the table games people play in land-based casinos. This means that whatever you’ll be seeing on the screen, will be computer-generated imagery. While this does allow for over-the-top visuals and cool design elements, it also eliminates the atmosphere and feeling of a real casino. Live casino online games, on the other hand, offer a live stream to an actual table set up somewhere in an actual casino. There is a human dealer curating the game and sometimes you’re even allowed to communicate with the dealer through a chat-box.

Important features of casino games

When you start looking at different casino games and comparing them, you’ll need to understand some key terms and features. Some of these might not be obvious to a new gambler so we suggest going over the terms and becoming acquainted with them.


Return to Player, or RTP shows how much the game will pay back to a player per bet as a percentage. Let’s say that a game has an RTP of 95%. This means that on average if you bet $100 on the game, you can expect to win back 95%. This number rarely goes above 100% as a platform wouldn’t take up an online Australian casino game that is a losing venture. RTP is more meaningful when you’re dealing with games like slots or Roulette. In this case, as you don’t have control over the outcome, RTP will be a good measure of a long-term return. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t win with these games. It justs says that on average, people lose a certain percentage of their bets.


RTP is not the only measure of return. It’s also important to consider volatility. While RTP shows an average return in the long-run, volatility indicates how evenly spread out that return is. Consider two Aussie games online with the same RTP, but one with high volatility and another one with low volatility. The high volatility one will more often be associated with higher losses, but in rare instances, it will give a huge payout. The low volatility game will have the winnings more evenly spaced out. It truly depends on your preferences which one you want to go for. The high volatility games could get frustrating over time as you keep losing and losing, while the low volatility games might become boring without any significant wins. Most games will provide information about the RTP and volatility openly so you can choose which one to play.


While not technically a feature of the game, the provider, or game developer, is still something you can check out before you play online casino games in Australia. Most game studios have their own unique style and approach to the games so that once you have settled on a favorite game, you might want to check out other ones by the same developer next. You’ll understand this better when you dive into gambling yourself.


In order to make the games more fun and give players something to look forward to, game developers often introduce special features and bonuses in their games. This is especially true for slots, where there’s not much else to be engrossed by. These bonuses could come in different shapes and forms and will often draw from the theme of the game and the storyline it follows. Jackpot is a popular and classic feature that is often present in many slot games, however, modern games go further and get more creative with the bonuses. When you decide to play Aussie casino games online, make sure that you pay attention to the in-game bonuses as well.

Selecting a game to play

In addition to the features mentioned above, you’ll need to think about some additional aspects of the game when you are making a choice. RTP and bonuses will only get you so far. The gambling experience is shaped by other things as well, which will determine how enjoyable you’ll find the process. If you ignore these criteria, you might end up with a game that you don’t like but it could take time to figure out why. It’s best to think about the process as a whole in advance so that you are able to find the best Australian casino games.

Look at the design

Design is an often overlooked feature in the process of game selection, but wrongfully so. Although it might not have a direct effect on the profitability of the game and its rules, the design still has a huge impact on the overall gambling experience. Especially in the modern gambling industry, the design is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Companies are spending millions on coming up with the most innovative graphics and animations for you to enjoy. It would be unwise not to take advantage of this. When you are looking for games to play, you should check out the free versions or screenshots to judge the design. In particular, when it comes to slots, there might be several games with the same exact gameplay and the only difference in the visuals. The best online casino games in Australia are also nice to look at.

Can you play it on mobile?

Not all games are cross-platform compatible. If the developer hasn’t updated its games, you might not be able to play them on your phone, or you might run into serious problems when playing. For users who don’t like using their smartphones for gambling purposes, this is not as important. If, however, you are into mobile gambling, you’ll need to make sure that you’ll be able to play AU casino games on your mobile phone as well.

How complex are the rules?

A complexity of a game can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on how experienced you are and how much you like being challenged. As we mentioned, some games like slots and Roulette depend completely on chance and have a pretty straightforward set of rules. Other games, on the other hand, require your involvement. These games will take a bit longer to get used to and figure out, however, they might be more enjoyable once you’ve gotten familiar with the rules. When you are choosing Australian casino games online to play, you’ll get a better result if you take the complexity into consideration beforehand.