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Booming Games casinos that accept Australian players

It’s not easy for a company to establish itself as one of the leading casino software providers on the market. Booming Games has managed to be represented on gambling platforms alongside other giants by pushing for innovation and variety. There are thousands of slots out there, y…

It’s not easy for a company to establish itself as one of the leading casino software providers on the market. Booming Games has managed to be represented on gambling platforms alongside other giants by pushing for innovation and variety. There are thousands of slots out there, yet, the rules of these games are very simple and straightforward. Developers need to come up with ways to diversify their products and create slots that aren’t like any other that’s been created before. To do that, Booming Games casino software AU provider focuses on innovative features and appealing visuals. This article will explore in more detail the background of Booming Games, as well as what the company represents. We will also go over some of the most notable slots issued by BG.

Casinos with the Booming Games software you should be looking at

If you are a fan of Booming Games software looking for a new platform you don’t need to spend a lot of time on finding one. Just refer to the list below we have prepared for gamblers like you. Pick any one and be confident in your choice.

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Booming Games brief history

Booming Games is a popular casino software provider represented on many major gambling platforms. All of the games of the company are designed in-house. The provider considers innovation to be one of its main assets. “Titles packed with a diverse range of ground-breaking features, from interactive symbols to multidirectional paylines.” – reads the BG website. The AU Booming Games software also provides a complete back-office solution for casinos that allows the platforms to monitor players’ activities. Furthermore, BG orchestrates Bonus Spin campaigns for its clients.

A great thing about the provider is that all of its games are optimized for mobile platforms as they are developed in HTML5. There is also an opportunity to have the company develop bespoke games. “Tailor-made titles crafted by our accomplished Custom Games Department integrate clients’ requirements while retaining great gameplay.” – BG advertises on its website. However, the company has a portfolio of its own as well, consisting of a number of slots that you’ll be able to find on top Booming Games casinos accepting Australian players.

Wild Pride

Wild Pride is a popular game by Booming Games. It’s on the simpler side of slots and doesn’t really feature a great design either. However, if you’re into classic slots, you might want to check it out. Wild Pride has 5 reels and 3 rows. The number of paylines – 10, is fixed and can’t be changed. The game features a Wild symbol that can substitute for the others to form a winning combination. There are also interacting symbols. If two of them appear at the same time side-by-side, a short animation will be displayed and you’ll get a special win. You also get free spins which are triggered by landing three or more Scatter symbols on the reels. As you see, the game is quite simple and although the interacting symbols give it a peculiar appeal, there’s not much in terms of outstanding and innovative solutions. However, if you manage to get a Booming Games casino no deposit bonus Australia offer, you might want to check the game out.


A lot of game studios have put out slots based on the Irish culture and Wunderfest is the entry of Booming Games. Although it maintains the simplicity of visuals that is characteristic of BG, the game is quite pleasing to look at. The color scheme and graphics are definitely aesthetically superior to those of Wild Pride. As for the features, you get the Wilds as well as Scatters. Three or more of Scatters will trigger free spins play. For a unique part of the game, there’s the Expanding Symbol feature. Before the free spins mode begins, you get to designate a symbol of your choice as the Expanding Symbol. During the free spins mode, if three of such symbols appear on different reels that will expand vertically to cover the whole reel. This way, your chances of landing a winning combination are much higher. This unique feature still maintains the simplicity of the game but brings something new to the table. It could make it worth your while to spend your Boomin Games casino bonus Australia offer on Wunderfest.

Wild Ocean

If you were beginning to think that BG doesn’t have any feature-packed games out there, think again. Wild Ocean is one of those slots by the developer that could be categorized as modern. As the name suggests, the theme of the game is the ocean and its inhabitants. Of course, you get the traditional Wild symbol. However, the fun begins with the 2-Way Pay feature. When you land one special symbol on the reels, it activates the feature for the next 5 spins and your winnings will be counted on active paylines from left to right as well as from right to left. The feature can be retriggered within the play. There’s also the Wheel of Fortune symbol. If you land three of them at the same time, a number of free spins will be revealed to you. In the Free Spins mode, you also get the Walking and Locked Wilds feature. A Walking Wild will move one position to the left after each spin and then locks into a place when it can no longer move until the end of the free spins. This is a really fun feature you can enjoy if you spend your Booming Games no deposit bonus Australia offer on Wild Ocean.

Winner’s Cup

If you like football, you might want to check out Winner’s Cup. Another popular game of Booming Games. It’s not a particularly beautiful game. In fact, visually, it is one of the least appealing slots by BG. However, it offers simplicity which is something that could attract some gamblers. The game has 5 reels and 4 rows. There is a Wild symbol and a Scatter. When you land 3 Scatters, 10 free spins will be awarded. A unique feature of the game is called Vertical Multiplying Lines that multiplies the winnings on specific lines by the value displayed above them. This feature is not particularly fun or exciting, however, it is different and unique. If you don’t like convoluted games and prefer more classic slots, you might consider spending your Booming Games no deposit free spins Australia bonus on Winner’s Cup.


How do I play Booming Games slots?

Slots are one of the simplest casino games out there. You don’t need much knowledge or experience to play these games. They are purely based on chance. In fact, you can start playing slots right now without reading anything about them and you would have just as much chance of winning as any experienced player. However, if you are familiar with the workings of these games and know the basic concepts, you will have a much better time playing them. You don’t want to strain your brain to figure out what’s going on. Instead, you want to take in all the features and elements of the games with full understanding. Some Aussie Booming Games slots will have features that are unique to the games and you’ll have to learn about them on your own. However, we will go over the main common attributes of slots below, so that you are familiar with these basic concepts when you start to play.

Slots contain reels with symbols on them. The reels will spin to reveal a different set of symbols each time. If symbols of the same kind line up next to each other in particular predetermined ways, you will win, otherwise, you lose. Depending on what combination you can and what symbols constituted that combination, your winnings will differ in size. In addition to the standard symbols, you also usually, get special symbols. Wilds, for example, can substitute for all standard symbols to form a combination. This way, they vastly increase your chances of winning. There are also Scatters that pay no matter where they appear on the reels. Scatters can sometimes also trigger bonus features like free spins. It’s features like these that make AU Booming Games online slots entertaining and exciting.

The only thing you have to do to play the game is to set the size of the bet. You can adjust the size depending on how much risk you’re willing to take on. The bigger the bet, the more you win. However, if you lose a turn, you’ll also lose more. After setting the size of the bet, you can hit the Spin button to make the reels spin. There’s also going to be an Auto Spin option that allows you to set a particular number of spins where the reels will spin automatically without needing you to press anything for each time. It’s really easy to control slots as there’s not much you need to do in terms of functionality in the base game. Of course, some special features and bonus modes might require more input from you, in which case, you’ll get the corresponding control panel that should be very intuitive to use in the best Booming Games slots Australia casinos offer.

What are the features of Booming Games slots?

Although the main idea behind all slots is the same, there are some distinguishing features that allow companies to come up with hundreds and thousands of these games. A theme, for example, is an important aspect of slots that is sometimes the only differentiating between two games. Anything can become a theme of a slot game. Developers draw inspiration from popular movies, TV shows, children’s stories, legends, cultures, mythology, etc. Sometimes games are based on ideas from popular culture. Very often, a theme will only be used for the design of the backdrop and symbols, however, some games go even further and tie in the bonus features of a slot into the theme as well. You should be able to find all types of slots on the best online casino Australia Booming Games platforms.

Design is also a very important part of the slots. These games, more than any other casino game, allow developers to get really creative with the visuals and offer cool animations and color schemes. Design is one of the main reasons why so many beginners tend to flock to slots. More classic slots tend to lean to a tamer side when it comes to the visuals. They don’t go overboard with the animations. Modern games, however, can be really astonishing visually. Some of them offer extremely high-quality graphics that rival those of popular video games. If you are comparing different AU Booming Games games online, you can use the design as one of the criteria for the comparison.

Bonus features are also crucial when it comes to slots. These shouldn’t be confused with the promotions offered by casinos. Bonus features are a part of the games and they don’t come with the wagering requirements. Since these are one of the major ways a casino can truly make their products stand out, you will find creative features of all types around. Sometimes, the symbols will expand in a game to cover more positions, there might be new symbols added randomly to the reels as well. The most creative games will tie these features into the theme. When you open a game on the Australian online Booming Games casino, click on the ‘info’ button. It should display all such features available in the game.

RTP and Volatility are also features of slots that can’t be ignored. RTP or Return to Player measures how much you will get per bet back from the game. For example, if a slot has an RTP of 90%, you can expect to win $90 per $100 you wager. This number virtually never goes above 100% but it doesn’t mean that you can’t win at all. Because the winnings aren’t distributed equally, some turns can win big while others will lose. The measure of this distribution is Volatility. More volatile games will have large winnings concentrated in rare moments, while the losing streaks can be longer. Less volatile games have the return distributed more smoothly over spins. While a higher RTP is undeniably better than a lower one, it depends on your preferences what type of volatility games you should go for. Most Booming Games casinos in Australia will display information about RTP and Volatility openly.

How do I pick a Booming Games casino?

All great software providers are represented on multiple casinos. Booming Games is not an exception. As a result, when you decide that you’re interested in the games by the provider, you’ll need to pick out which casino to sign up on. You can just go ahead and pick out the first one, like many gamblers do, however, that is risky and could mean that you miss out on some great opportunities. It’s better to spend a few minutes and do the research before you decide to open an account on any of the websites. This way, you’ll get the best result and won’t have to start looking for another casino soon. Below, we will go over the major criteria that should help you pick out the best Booming Games casinos Australia has to offer.

First of all, you definitely have to pay attention to the reliability of the platform. The Internet allows anyone to reach anyone and there are many scammers who want to lure in customers to their fake platforms and steal their money. No one is immune to such schemes and if you don’t pay enough attention, you might end up a victim of one of them. To make sure that you’re looking at a legitimate casino, consider its registration and license. Australia doesn’t allow providing online gambling services, so don’t expect the casino to have a license to operate in the country. However, if it also provides its services to the residents of other countries, make sure that it is licensed at least in some other jurisdiction. This way, you’ll know that the Booming Games casino Australia platform is adhering to some standards.

You should also look out for some signs. While scammers have gotten really good at disguising their schemes, there are things that will give them away. For example, if you see an offer that promises to give you free money or a guaranteed return, you’re likely dealing with a scam. There’s no way a casino can promise you a guaranteed return. The whole point of gambling is that there are losers and winners. If the casino is hiding information about its background, registration status, and team, you should be very suspicious. There’s no reason why a legitimate platform should be keeping such information from customers. A quick internet search should help you figure out more about the platform. If the casino claims to have been around for years but you can’t find any information on it online, tread carefully. There’s no way that an established casino hasn’t left any traces on the internet. An Internet search should help you filter out Booming Games casinos Australia has to offer.

Bonuses will also be helpful in the process of picking out casinos. They are one of the main ways that casinos will try to appeal to users. It would be unwise to ignore bonuses and miss out on some great opportunities. Although promotions have become practically ubiquitous in the world of gambling, not all casinos will be similarly generous. Go for the ones that offer the best benefits to you. There are no rules on how a casino can structure its bonus. However, you’ll find that most platforms offer either a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus. The latter requires less commitment from the user and is thus rarer to come across. Make sure that you get some Booming Games deposit bonus Australia offers long after you’ve signed up as well.

Deposit bonuses generally offer one of two benefits: free spins or a match bonus. It’s not uncommon for a bonus package to include both of these rewards at the same time. You get free spins for a particular slot and you can use them to spin the reels for free a given number of times. You will be able to keep winning from these spins. A match bonus gives you more freedom to choose which games to play. It will match your deposit by a percentage and give you the bonus cash. You won’t be able to withdraw the cash but you can use it to wager. Once again, whatever winnings you accumulate from gambling with the bonus are yours to keep. However, you’re not guaranteed that you’ll be able to withdraw the winnings from Booming Games free spins Australia offers or the match bonus.

In order for your winnings to become withdrawable, you have to meet the wagering requirements. These requirements specify how much you have to bet in order to be allowed to withdraw. It is usually represented in terms of the bonus. For example, a wagering requirement of 10x with a bonus of $100 means that you would need to wager a total of $1000 on qualified games to withdraw your winnings. Sometimes, casinos will put out promotions that at first sight seem very generous and appealing. However, they will compensate for the rewards with tough wagering requirements. As many gamblers pay less attention to these conditions, they get a greater effect from it. You should be extremely careful in the process of selecting a Booming Games no deposit Australia bonus if you don’t want to be disappointed down the line.

In addition to the bonuses, it is also important that you consider other features of the casino. For example, how is the customer service? What options are there for getting in touch with the support staff? If the only option is an email, you will have a tough time resolving your issues. You want your casino to have a live chat or at least a phone line. Don’t forget to think about the payment options as well. You won’t be able to gamble at all if you can’t make a deposit. To do that, you’ll have to use one of the payment methods supported by the casino. If there’s nothing suitable, there’s no point in creating an account on the website. User experience is also very important. It refers to the ease of navigation and the intuitiveness of the design of the website. If you plan to gamble on your phone, make sure that you get a great mobile experience as well. If all of these features aren’t up to par, Booming Games casino deposit bonus Australia offers shouldn’t be enough to convince you to sign up on a website.