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Bitcoin Casino Sites in Australia With The Best Slots

The best Australian gambling sites that accept cryptos on their service have various slot machines in their game libraries. This casino game is so famous in this country that they integrated it into the national gambling industry and created a special name for slot machines. In f…

The best Australian gambling sites that accept cryptos on their service have various slot machines in their game libraries. This casino game is so famous in this country that they integrated it into the national gambling industry and created a special name for slot machines. In fact, it’s a widely known fact that Aussie players call slot machines “pokies”. These pokies are Australian-style types of ordinary slot machines. Game developers use amazing video displays to make an experience of physical reels. Usually, Australian pokies include five reels. In addition, they are accompanied by special bonuses and features as free games.

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Bitcoin Slots in Australian Casinos – All You Need To Know

When it comes to Bitcoin casino slot games, Aussie’s experience doubled thrill. Actually, Bitcoin slots aren’t very different from regular pokies. But keep in mind that BTC slots require players to make their bets in Bitcoins. Every rule and entire gameplay is exactly the same. Every single BTC slot machine in Australia contains a random number generator (RNG) that creates thousands of number combinations in a second. BTC slots include several different symbols such as fruits, diamonds, spades, hearts, etc. RNG makes various combinations with these symbols and numbers, making it impossible to guess whether you’ll win or lose. Actually, unpredictability is one of the reasons why Aussies enjoy playing pokies.

Thanks to the random number generator, Australian slot machines are completely fair, meaning that casino operators can’t deceive their customers. Besides, blockchain technology ensures that nobody can access your identity, meaning that fair gaming is guaranteed with Australian pokies. Other than these, slots provided by the best Bitcoin pokies sites work the same as other slot machines.

It’s noteworthy that BTC slots are so popular for Australians that Aussie operators even created mobile versions of traditional pokie games. Some of the best pokie games in Australia are Mega Moolah, Starburst, Wolf Treasure, Cleopatra Pokies, Dead or Alive Slot, Dracula, Cash Bandits 2, and more. Top Australian real money casinos usually offer Bitcoin versions of these pokie games. All of these slots are provided by the world’s top-tier software developers. The pokies with the best visuals and graphics are created by iGaming companies such as Pragmatic Play and NetEnt. However, Aussie slot machines are developed by many other popular software brands as well.

Considering the fact that pokies are one of the most frequently played casino games for Aussie players, Bitcoin play slots offered by top Australian crypto casinos gain more and more customers from all over the world. Even though ordinary casino games such as blackjack, poker, dice, roulette, etc., are very popular in Australia, playing slot machines is the most attractive gambling activity for native gamblers.

5 Best BTC Slots to Play in Australia

Now we’ll review the top five Australian slots that are available in BTC. The majority of these pokies are created by NetEnt which is a well-known gaming company and a  premium supplier of the best Bitcoin pokies.

  1. The first and most popular pokie for Aussie players is Dead or Alive. It’s a Wild West-themed pokie with wins of up to 3,000x Dead or Alive is 5-Reel and 9 Paylines slot machines with bonus rounds This pokie has high volatility.
  2. Wolf Treasure is a nighttime desert-themed slot, developed by IGTech. This pokie includes 5-reel and 25 Paylines with 96% of Return to Player payout. 
  3. True Sheriff is a popular pokie with 5-reel and 30-pay lines, developed by BetSoft. This slot includes scatters, free spins, wilds, and bonus rounds and is famous for its animated graphics. Players can win up to 75000 coins in the bonus round.
  4. Aliens is a famous online slot based on the 1986 film of the same name. Developed by NetEnt, this pokie is accompanied by 15 win-lines, leveled gameplay, and fantastic visuals. The slot includes 5-reel and 10 Paylines.
  5. Starburst is one of the great Bitcoin slot machine free options with 10 paylines across five reels. This is a Sci-fi themed slot, developed by NetEnt where paylines can trigger in both directions.
Slot Developer RTP
Dead or Alive NetEnt 96.8%
Wolf Treasure IGTech 96%
True Sherif BetSoft 96.6%
Aliens NetEnt 96.4%
Starburst NetEnt 96.1%

Aussie Bitcoin Slots Explained

Today there are so many new online casinos new online casinos in Australia that give players chances to play slot games and place bets with their BTCs. If you are aware of how regular slot machines work, then you can already start playing BTC slots as well, because Bitcoin pokies work pretty much the same way as other slots. They include several reels and pay-lines and all you need to do is to place your bet in BTC, spin the reel and wait for the RNG to determine your outcome. The only difference is BTC wagers instead of Australian dollars. Therefore, you can play slots with Bitcoin without any worries about the rules and strategies. 

Now let’s explain some mechanisms of Aussie pokies. Top-tier casinos in Australia rank their pokies according to the following features:

  • Paylines
  • Volatility
  • RTP

Besides, each slot machine that is available on Australian casino sites includes the following features:

  • Reels
  • Symbols
  • Bonus


Symbols are famous characteristics of slot machines. In fact, most gamblers choose slot games according to the symbols they contain. Every casino payer has encountered classic fruit machine symbols somewhere. Furthermore, even if you haven’t gambled online, you would definitely see colorful fruit slots somewhere on the internet, TV, or computer games. But nowadays online casinos in Australia and in the entire world got over typical fruit machine slots and created more advanced versions. 

Today fruits are not the only existing symbols that you can see on Australian pokies. In fact, famous game developers create slot machines of different themes and different symbols. The best Bitcoin slots sites usually contain some of the most beloved symbols, such as wild or scatter symbols. But Australians can also take part in Viking-themed slots, Ancient-themed slots, dragons, bells, crystals, cartoons, and many more. Although original slot machine symbols were completely different from today’s pokies, today pokies are definitely more advanced than with their bonus, multiplier, sticky and other symbols. The most frequent symbols that you will see on Australian slot machines are the following:

  • Regular
  • Scatter
  • Multiplier
  • Wild


The most common types of symbols on BTC slot machines are regular symbols. Regular symbols are some basic symbols like fruits, which we’ve already discussed briefly. Traditional fruit symbols, such as cherries, grapes, lemons, bananas, apples, and oranges are an integral part of the classic 3-reel pokies. However, fruits aren’t only regular symbols and another common type of regular symbols is cards. Aussie gamblers can find lots of card symbols on free Bitcoin slot games. Such kind of card-themed pokies represents the ancestor of today’s slot machines. In fact, modern slots originated from early poker machines. Typical card symbols on Australian slots include the Ten, the Jack, the King, the Queen, and the Ace. You can play with these symbols either on 3D slots, video slots, and BTC slots. 


Scatter symbols are especially common with video slots. However, compared to other symbols, like fruits, cards, and wilds, these symbols are a little bit rarer on the reels. Therefore, it’s more difficult to land on scatter symbols and win prizes. But still, the most fortunate part about these symbols is that they don’t necessarily have to be part of a payline in order to produce an effect. 

Generally, players need to have a certain number of scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. If it’s a 3-reel type of a Bitcoin slot machine, then you need 3 scatter symbols, if it-s a 5-reel type, you need 5 scatters, and so on, in order to win. Scatter symbols are also known as bonus symbols as it helps players to get their rewards. Therefore, no wonder why they are the favorite symbols for Aussie online gamblers. So, if you participate in a pokie with scatters, free spin rounds will be definitely very favorable for you. Besides, scatters sometimes offer payouts on their own


Multipliers is another favorable symbol on Australian Bitcoin slots. Their main purpose it’s exactly what the name itself suggests – to multiply your wins. Therefore, players usually aim to get these symbols. These symbols work exactly the same way as regular symbols. They can land on reels and lead you to win but the most important part about them is that they increase the size of your winning x2, x3, x4, and sometimes even x6 times. The best Bitcoin slots in Australia usually contain these symbols, but again, multipliers are very rare and not very slot features such symbols. 

Multipliers are also known as stacked symbols if they are combined into one. Stacked symbols require larger space on the reels and they tend to be very popular among Aussie players. If you are fortunate, they even contain a  bonus in addition. But the main aim of stacks is to increase the odds of winning combinations. 


Australian Bitcoin slot machines also contain Wild symbols. The main purpose of this symbol is to replace other symbols on the reels. In the meantime, wilds complete winning paylines. Without them, it wouldn’t result in a win. Generally, wilds can replace all other types of symbols but sometimes a wild can’t substitute for scatter symbols, free spins, or other bonus symbols. But it depends on a given slot machine. Also, there are some BTC slots where the wild doesn’t have any individual value of its own, which is an unfortunate thing. But still, there are so many pokies on Australian gambling sites where the wild symbol represents the highest-paying symbol in the game. 


Generally, Australian slot machines have special payouts that feature all existing symbols and combinations of symbols. Aussie pokies are programmed to give out 0% to 99% of wagered Bitcoins as winnings. Some of the slots that are known for having the highest payouts are the Ugga Bugga slot that has 99.07%, Mega Joker with 99%, Jackpot 6000 with 98.8%, and Uncharted Seas which has a payout of 98.6%. The average payout with Australian BTC slots is 96% which is also very favorable. Payouts usually depend on certain factors. In particular, there are three things that determine the percentage of a payout and the volatility of a game, the number of paylines a crypto slot machine includes, and the Return to Player (RTP). 


Volatility is a well-known term for crypto users, as it represents the tendency of cryptocurrencies to rise and fall quickly. Just like this, the volatility of slot machines is also a very unfortunate thing. In the terms of pokies, volatility represents the possible risk involved with a game. Volatility determines how much it’s expected that a given slot machine can provide winnings. Generally, the volatility of slots is three types  – low, high, and medium. Low volatility is the most desired because it means that the chances of your winnings are higher. But with high volatility, it happens vice versa and players have lower chances to get winning combinations.


Return to Player, short for RTP, is the term that is frequently used by online casinos. It’s a percentage of the bet that will be paid back to players over time. Actually, it’s a reward that a gambler can expect to win from casino free slots. Usually, Return to Player varies from 90% to 100%. For example, if you make a hundred bets on 1 mBTC on a certain slot and it has an RTP of 90%, you can expect to get back 0.09 BTC as a reward. Different slot machines have different percentages of RTP and most times, it’s one of the factors according to which players tend to choose which slot to play. 


A payline is a term that represents the betting line or winning line on slots. Actually, it’s a place where you can see symbols and where you get winning combinations. Therefore, paylines are one of the most important parts of slot machines. It’s a combination of symbols that finally results in a win. While traditional Australian slot machines had only one paylines, today slots have advanced and they include more paylines. The most common version on BTC slot machines is a three-payline slot, where you need to get three matching symbols on a horizontal line in order to win. But also, some Aussie slots include 5, 9, or more paylines. By just looking at a payline, you can see how much you can win from this slot. Today paylines are not just horizontal, but you can also see various shapes, like zigzag, geometrical figures, and more. 

The Difference Between Casino Slots and Australian Pokies

“Pokie” is a term that online gamblers often encounter while gambling on an Australian casino site. Sometimes players are a little bit confused because once they click on an offered pokie game, all they see is a regular slot machine. This is why they often search for a difference between typical casino slots and Australian pokies. If you are confused as well and try to understand the difference between Bitcoin pokies and Bitcoin slots, we will tell you that actually there’s no difference at all. The pokie is just the way Aussie players call slot machines. It’s Australian slang for slots that are used more often in this country, than slot games. So, probably, you will see terms such as video pokie, BTC pokie, a pokie machine, etc., while gambling on Aussie online casinos. Both of them are available on either land-based venues or gambling sites and both of them have the same features and rules. 

Should You Use a Bonus?

Bonuses and promotions are essential parts of each online casino game. Actually, one of the main reasons why gamblers take part in casino games is to get bonuses. Of course, they also want to play interesting games and have fun, but usually what catches their attention is accompanied bonuses. BTC slot machines include various types of bonuses as well. Free Spins are the most common with Bitcoin online pokies. That’s because slot machines include spinning reels and players can easily use free spins on these games, unlike regular table games, card games, or other casino games which don’t contain any reels. Most times, the free spin bonus is attached to a specific slot machine. But also, you can get other types of bitcoin bonuses by playing free spins, such as deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses.

Deposit Bonus

Players are usually rewarded with deposit bonuses once they join a certain Australian online casino. As the name itself says, deposit match bonuses are received after making the deposit on a certain casino game. The same applies to slot machines. Usually, Aussie casinos have different deposit bonuses in their section of promotions. Players can place their bets or make deposits on various different games, and slots are usually among these games. However, you should check the terms and conditions of each bonus to be sure that betting on Bitcoin video slots is allowed. Also, check deposit limitations such as the minimum and maximum amount of BTCs you can deposit and withdraw.  

No Deposit Bonus

Australian BTC slot machines are also accompanied by no deposit bonuses. In order to get a no deposit bonus, players don’t need to make deposits but this type of bonus also contains certain terms. Specifically, most times, Australian casinos offer promotional codes that you need to use while registering or while making a deposit in order to take advantage of a no deposit bonus deal. This bonus can have a form of monetary bonus or free spins. Free spins are more common with slot machine winnings. But also, you can get Australian Dollars, Bitcoins, or other currencies, depending on a casino. Aussie gambling sites usually offer no deposit bonuses in BTCs, AUDs, or Free Spins.  

Free Spins

Free spins bonus is a specific type of bonus that can be spent on Bitcoin casino slots. Players that often take part in pokie games probably know well that free spins don’t only represent a bonus type. Also, they are symbols that are included in the most famous slot machines. Therefore, while playing a particular slot game, if you encounter a free spins symbol, this means that you’ve won several spins for free. However, crypto free spins are more widely known for being a casino bonus. This bonus is generally offered for new players as a part of the Welcome Bonus package. But it can also be awarded weekly or monthly, depending on the casino. 

Should You Play BTC Slots?

Bitcoin slots on Australian gambling sites are usually high in demand. The main reason why gamblers often choose to play slots with Bitcoins instead of AU Dollars or other fiat currencies is several advantages that accompany BTCs. But they also do have some disadvantages.

We believe that you should definitely play Aussie BTC pokies if you are ready for coping with increased risk. That’s because cryptocurrencies are very volatile and they change prices all the time. Keep in mind, that sometimes you can even take advantage of the volatility of these digital coins. Also, if you understand the rules of pokie machines very well, you should consider playing them because players that know how payouts happen, what combinations lead to winning, etc, often result in great prizes. 

However, if you’re looking for low-risk gambling options, then you should consider different games because Bitcoin slots on Australian gambling sites tend to be very volatile. This means that sometimes chances that you will get a winning combination are very low. Also, you should definitely try something else if you are a very impatient person because all you need to do with slot machines, is to sit and watch an animation with no actions. But if you are ready for this, then Bitcoin slot games may be great options for you. 

FAQ on Bitcoin Slots in Australia

Are BTC pokies the best games for beginners?

Yes. Considering the fact that Australian slot machines are very easy to play, as they don’t need any special strategies and techniques for winning, we believe that BTC pokies are the best games for newcomers. So, if you’ve just decided to start gambling on Aussie casinos, you need to look at this brief guide where we explain the meanings and purposes of the most common slot symbols. Other than this, you just need to place bets with BTCs, sit and wait until you get a winning combination. 

Is it better to play high or low volatility slots?

It depends on your goals. Usually, casino players prefer low volatility slots, because it means that the chances that you will get winning combinations are higher. So, if your main goal is to win and get rewards from free crypto slots, choose low volatility slot machines. However, those who prefer more complex games with higher risks should choose high volatility slots. In this case, you will have lower chances to win and get bonuses. 

What was the biggest win on a BTC pokie?

The biggest win that has ever been recorded on a slot machine was in 2003 when an LA software engineer won $39.7 million. He just made a bet of $100 on Megabucks and became a millionaire. His winning was paid out in 25 annual installments of $1.5 million. Even though there haven’t been cases of such big wins in Australia, local gamblers have also won big jackpots while gambling on Aussie BTC casinos, taking part in Bitcoin pokies.