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Best Crypto Roulette Sites in Australia - Top Picks

Since the time when Bitcoin was first introduced to the Australian online gambling sector, crypto roulette became very popular for local gamblers. Cryptocurrencies actually changed the way online casinos are perceived in the world. Gamblers in Australia are aware of the fact that…

Since the time when Bitcoin was first introduced to the Australian online gambling sector, crypto roulette became very popular for local gamblers. Cryptocurrencies actually changed the way online casinos are perceived in the world. Gamblers in Australia are aware of the fact that cryptos are one of the most exciting developments in the history of the online gambling market. The majority of Aussie casinos now accept bitcoin as a payment method and even more, they provide Bitcoin versions of certain casino games. Roulette is among these games.

Considering that Australian gamblers have numerous choices of great roulette sites that accept bitcoin, we reviewed all existing gambling sites and revealed the best ones for roulette admirers! Below, you can check our recommended VIP online gambling casinos for Aussie players. Just look at the main highlights about their features and service and choose carefully. If you notice that these features are enough for your satisfaction, click “Play Now”, go to the platform, register, and start playing. But if you’d like to find out more about the characteristics of these websites, read our reviews and decide only afterwards. 

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How To Choose Australian Roulette Sites That Accept Bitcoin

Aussie players already have lots of chances to play roulette games online on the best Australian online gambling sites and place bets with their Bitcoins. However, it’s important to note that roulette games have been very popular for Australians even before the establishment of crypto roulette. In fact, online roulette is one of the most popular table games in Australia. Local gamblers enjoy the process when a small ball is draping on a wheel on differently numbered sections. While they play roulette for bitcoin, they place bets on certain numbers that they think will win. Therefore, roulette is almost a complete game of chance. 

Rules of Bitcoin roulette is nothing different from online roulette and regular roulette games that are played in land-based casinos. With online roulette, the wheel is spun by a computer. The final step is when a small ball inside the wheel stops on the winning number. And if the ball stops on your picked number, you win. The main difference with bitcoin roulette is that you place bets in Bitcoins instead of AU dollars. So, if you are lucky enough to guess on which number the ball will land, you will have a chance to win a fortune. 

Today there are so many real money casinos in Australia where you can play Bitcoin roulette. The main advantage of these gambling sites is that most of them give gamblers chances to take part in a provably fair bitcoin roulette game. While some Aussie casinos use RNG (Random Number Generator) in order to ensure fair odds of winning, others that provide live casino roulette games ensure that the game is led by an honest dealer and is completely fair. This means that no matter whether you choose to play roulette against a dealer or take part in online roulette with Bitcoins, fair gaming is guaranteed. 

Currently, Aussie players can take advantage of so many different variations of roulette. Australian crypto casinos provide American roulette, French roulette, Russian roulette, European roulette, and many other versions. All of these roulette games are available in cryptos, meaning that you can place bets with Bitcoins while playing each of these variations. Such diversity of BTC roulette games is one of the main reasons why roulette is so popular for Australian players. 

How Many Types of Bitcoin Roulette Are There?

Due to the fact that Aussies consider roulette as one of the most attractive games of all existing bitcoin games, Australian online gambling sites take great care to add more and more forms of roulette games on their platforms. As a result, today there are so many types of Bitcoin roulette games on these online casinos. Aussie bitcoin roulette sites give players an opportunity to take part in either American, European, French, or Russian roulette and satisfy their gambling needs by placing bets in Bitcoin. 

Besides these major categories, some other available roulette games are Multi Wheel Roulette, Triple Bonus Spin, Mini Roulette, and more. The rules and strategies of these games are slightly different. But in each case, the main purpose is the same – to make the right prediction about the place where the ball lands. Here are the most popular Bitcoin roulette games for Aussie players:

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette


American Roulette is indeed the most frequently played variation of roulette by Australians. This game originated in the US but quickly spread in other parts of the world as well. While the main focus of Europeans is the European version of roulette, Australian players enjoy both variations and find the US version very interesting. Bitcoin live roulette games are especially popular for Aussie players. They enjoy the thrill of playing live casino roulette against live dealers. This is why you can find lots of live roulette games on Australian online casinos where you can place bets in BTCs. 

The main characteristics of American roulette are that the wheel in this game has 38 divisions. It includes the numbers 1-36 which are colored in red and black. Also, there are 0 and 00 and they are colored in green. Just like the rest of roulette games, in American roulette players need to guess on which number the roulette ball is going to settle. For this, you need to place bets on a certain number, and after that dealer turns the roulette wheel and spins the roulette ball. Pay attention that the ball has an equal probability to set on any of those numbers. This makes the prediction and winning free bitcoin roulette a little bit difficult. But still, Aussie gamblers have won roulette games and defeated live dealers tons of times. 


American roulette is not the only roulette variation that is so popular in Australia. Generally, players in this country enjoy gambling on European roulette as well. Top online casinos in Australia have so many versions of European roulette in their game lobbies. Players can place bets in Bitcoins on most of these games, which makes them even more attractive and favorable. The basic rule of European Bitcoin roulette is the same – the game involves a wheel and colored pockets that are colored in red and black. But this time, the total number of pockets is 37 – black and red numbers from 1 to 36 and a single zero pocket marked in green. 

Even though the main rules and aim of European bitcoin roulette are the same as other roulette games, you need to be more careful with crypto roulette casino, as your bets are made in Bitcoins. But still, the betting process is relatively easy. You just need to palace your chips on your preferred bet and press the “Spin” button. After the wheel is finally spun and the second betting round starts, you need to choose a new pocket and place another bet or leave the game. The first option is called “Rebet”, while the second option is called “Clear Bets”. 


French roulette is one of the most popular roulette variations in the whole world. This game is often played by Aussie gamblers as well, as bitcoin live casinos in this country provide lots of high-quality versions of French Roulette. The majority of this version that can be played by Bitcoins is created by a well-known software brand, Evolution Gaming. This iGaming company is popular with Australians who are well-aware of the fact that this game provider usually makes provably fair casino games. Therefore, the French version of bitcoin casino live roulette games that are available on the best Australian gambling sites are completely fair. 

French roulette has certain strategies that can be used while placing your bets in bitcoin. In this game, the croupier spins the wheel one way and spins the ball in the other direction just like the rest of roulette games. You need to make a prediction and place your bet before the ball lands in a numbered pocket. The main advantage of French roulette is that here each bet includes one or more possible outcomes. Other than this, the rules are pretty much the same as in European roulette. French roulette features the same wheel with 1-36 and one zero pockets. Betting options are also the same. However, sometimes French versions have more favorable odds. Also, this variation differs from European with the rule called “en prison”. This rule of French BTC roulette means that lost bets remain on the table and are imprisoned until the next spin.

How to Choose a BTC Roulette Site in Australia

Today every casino operator acknowledges that Bitcoin roulette can bring plenty of advantages to their business. This is why almost every operator hurries to add BTCs on their platform but not all of them are reliable. In order to choose the best site that has BTC roulette, we have several criteria. The online gambling site needs to meet all of these demands in order to get a high rating from us. We believe that choosing a safe online gambling site is one of the most important factors of responsible gambling. So, if you want to avoid scammers, we recommend checking the following criteria and following them while choosing a Bitcoin roulette site in Australia. 

Optimized Website

The first thing that immediately catches the attention of gamblers is the website. The best bitcoin roulette website usually has a well-organized website with HD themes, easily classified game categories, and handy live chat. While some players are amazed by colorful themes and cartoon visuals, it’s better to check whether or not the website is optimized. Optimization is the process of using the latest technologies and advanced strategies in order to improve the performance of your website. 

This is one of the most critical aspects of gambling sites because players need to be sure that they are gambling on a trusted site that is supported by the latest encryption system.  Therefore, we check the designs of these Aussie crypto casinos so strictly and recommend only the ones where players can navigate easily, and feel secure due to the advanced security systems. We look at the visuals and themes only if the online casino meets these criteria.

Variety of Providers

The number of software providers is also a great indicator of detecting whether or not a given cryptocurrency roulette casino is worth gambling. The best Australian casinos are usually supported by plenty of different providers that are well-known on the entire market. If a Bitcoin roulette game is created by Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Endorphina, or other reputable gaming companies, then you can be sure that this site can be trusted. 

The main reason why it’s essential to choose a game for reliable iGaming brands is that they create casino games that are of great quality and provably fair. Otherwise, you may lose your winnings because some lesser-known brands don’t pay attention to the fair odds of winning. Most of the Bitcoin roulette games on these Aussie crypto casinos are provided by reputable companies such as Betsoft Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Big Time Gaming, etc. 

Available Bonuses

Offering diverse bonuses and promotions is another important factor to rate an online gambling site as a trustworthy one. We will discuss available casino bonuses in more detail in this bitcoin roulette review, but for now, we can say that having generous bonuses are one of the key factors while choosing a BTC roulette site in this country. Aussies that enjoy playing roulette games, usually prefer Free Spins Bonus. The reason is that you can use this bonus to spin the roulette wheel completely for free. But generally, the free spins bonus is related to slot machines. But still, there are plenty of online casinos in Australia that offer free spins for BTC roulette games. However, offering Free spins is not everything. Keep in mind that a casino that offers a generous welcome bonus, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and even free faucets is definitely worth trying. Otherwise, you may have to think about switching to a different gambling site. 

Variety of Coins

One more necessary criterion for choosing the best crypto roulette site is a variety of coins. Usually, the best bitcoin roulette sites have diverse payment options. Even though accepting cryptocurrency is the real advantage of an online gambling site, players tend to prefer online casinos that have as many payment options as possible. Therefore, you should consider choosing a site that has Australian Dollars, as well as Bitcoins and other currencies. It can be both fiat currencies and cryptos. 

But nowadays, accepting cryptos is more important than having fiat currency options. The reason is that cryptocurrencies are decentralized forms of money that aren’t controlled by central banks or the Australian government. Therefore, the best gambling sites in Australia accept various coins such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, EOS, and more. Of course, they must accept Bitcoin as well, to be considered as top-ranked crypto gambling sites. 

What Are Bitcoin Faucets on Casinos?

Nowadays Bitcoin faucets are getting more and more popular in the online gambling industry. Australian crypto casinos also offer plenty of bitcoin roulette free faucet choices in order to attract more players. BTC faucets were first introduced back in 2010 when Bitcoin was a new development and its creators tried to make it more popular. Originally, these faucets intended to give out about five bitcoins per person. 

Today the crypto-related situation has drastically changed. Bitcoin is one of the most discussed matters in the whole world and people are aware of buying as many bitcoins as possible. The price of bitcoin can go up anytime and as a result, players even consider it as an investment. But Aussie crypto casinos still use BTC faucets on their roulette games in order to catch the attention of gamblers. The mechanism of these deals is very easy – you just need to go to a faucet site, perform an easy task like watching an ad or taking part in a survey and you will be rewarded with completely free BTCs. Needless to say that bitcoin roulette faucet is an amazing deal especially for beginners because you can get free bitcoins without making deposits and spending anything at all. 

Pros & Cons of BTC Roulette in Australia

Playing roulette with bitcoins is accompanied by lots of advantages. However, if you are new to BTC gambling, you should know that it also has several downsides. Let’s review the pros and cons of BTC roulette on Aussie gambling sites one by one. 


The reason why so many gamblers tend to switch to crypto gambling is that it carries plenty of advantages. Placing Bitocin bets on various roulette games can be very favorable for a number of reasons. First of all, you don’t need to wait for days for your deposit to be shown up in your account. BTC transactions are very quick and it only takes 10-15 minutes on average to perform a transaction. Besides, live roulette bitcoin games are famous for being provably fair. Reputable software companies ensure that your gambling experience is completely safe and fair. There’s no way that your account can be linked to your identity. Moreover, players don’t need to pay any additional fees while playing BTC roulette in Australia. BTC payments have very low or zero commission charges. To sum up, these are the pros of BTC roulette gambling:

  • Quick Transactions
  • No additional fees
  • Safe gaming


Playing Bitcoin roulette on Australian sites has a few disadvantages as well. To begin with, as we already mentioned, it hasn’t been a long time since cryptocurrencies were added to casino games. Therefore, the choices of roulette games on which you can place bets in BTCs are not very diverse. But this is not a big problem, as the market is expanding and more and more casinos are adding BTC roulette games on their platforms. But bitcoin roulette live is related to great volatility. The high volatility of a game means that the probabilities of winning combinations are very low. Besides, Bitcoin is very volatile itself. The price can go up and down immediately and you may lose the chance to cash out your winnings. So, the main disadvantages are the following:

  • Volatility of game
  • Volatility of Bitcoin
  • Lack of Diversity

Your Guide to Aussie Crypto Roulette Bonuses

Aussie gamblers have plenty of chances to take advantage of various casino bonuses. First of all, each casino that offers BTC roulette options has a very generous Welcome Bonus offer. The only thing you need to do for claiming this bonus is to click “register” and create an account. But the welcome bonus is not all you can get. Most of these top-ranked crypto casinos offer amazing chances to get no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, and free spins. 

No Deposit Bonus

Bitcoin casino roulette players love to get no deposit bonuses. If you are a newbie in the online gambling market of Australia and don’t know how to get started, a no deposit bonus is definitely the best option for you. In the beginning, players aren’t sure whether it’s worth depositing their BTCs or not but they do want to receive rewards. In this case, you can enter AU crypto casinos without any worries and start playing BTC roulette because there are so many chances of getting no deposit bonus on these gambling sites. No deposit bonus can be awarded either after signing up, or later when you start playing Bitcoin games. 

Deposit Bonus

Australian operators encourage their customers to make deposits by offering deposit bonuses. The most common size of a bitcoin deposit bonus is 100% match. But sometimes, Aussie casinos offer you even greater deals on your first deposit. Therefore, bitcoin roulette with faucet is not the only amazing deal. It’s worth mentioning that deposit bonuses can be claimed on your second, third, and even fourth deposits as well, depending on a casino. But the first deposit bonus is the most frequent deal for Aussie players. In order to receive this bonus, you just need to register, make a deposit, start playing and meet the wagering requirements. 

Free Spins

Generally, the Free Spins bonus is a part of the Sign-Up bonus.  Even though the first association that comes with free spins is a slot machine, you can also use this bonus on several table games that include spinning the wheel. Roulette is one such kind of game. Here everything depends on the spinning wheel and ball. Therefore, you can easily spend your own free spins on roulette games and place bets in BTCs. Most times, these bitcoin roulette free spins bonuses have certain terms and conditions. In particular, you need to wager your free spins a certain amount of times, and also, sometimes you need to use a promo code to get this bonus. 

FAQ on Aussie BTC Roulette

Is Australian bitcoin roulette risky?

A little bit. Bitcoin users are well-aware of the fact that this cryptocurrency carries some risks. First of all, bitcoin is volatile, meaning that the value of your winnings can change imminently, resulting in losing part of your winnings. Also, BTC games are volatile as well. BTC roulette carries high volatility. This means that the chances that you can win are very low sometimes. But BTC gambling is accompanied by so many advantages as well that make it worth trying. Some of them include zero commission fees, fast transactions, and anonymity. 

What was the biggest win for bitcoin roulette online in Australia?

There had been many cases when bitcoin roulette online helped Aussie players to win jackpots and big prizes. The most notable win of online roulette in Australia was back in 2013 when a single player managed to win  AU$3,36 million from the Dark Knight. He was just playing his favorite progressive jackpot online when suddenly he resulted in the biggest win in the country. Converted in Bitcoins, the size of this jackpot was 95,36 BTC. The gambler remained anonymous, but the casino that offered this jackpot quickly became very popular. 

Which type of BTC roulette has the highest chance of winning?

French Roulette. Even though chances to win great rewards are pretty high while playing each roulette variation with Bitcoins, French roulette definitely stands out. The best part of this game is definitely the rule called “en prison”. This means that even if your bet loses, they remain on the table and are imprisoned until a croupier spins the crypto roulette wheel again. This increases the chances of winning prizes and bonuses.