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Aussie Bitcoin Live Casinos - Top Picks [2022]

The Australian gambling market is full of great online casinos that accept Bitcoins. In fact, there are so many new online casinos that offer Australian gamblers services in cryptocurrency, and even more of them are in the process of being established. Considering the diversity o…

The Australian gambling market is full of great online casinos that accept Bitcoins. In fact, there are so many new online casinos that offer Australian gamblers services in cryptocurrency, and even more of them are in the process of being established. Considering the diversity of crypto casinos, we handpicked the top online casinos in Australia that offer some of the best live casino Bitcoin games in the whole online gambling market. So, choose the best option below, read our reviews, register, and start playing BTC games!

Bitcoin live casino is one of the most attractive features for Aussie players. Live casino is a special edition of the regular game lobby which is often provided by top Australian casinos. This service gives players opportunities to play with real dealers without any need to visit an actual, physical establishment. By just using an online platform, players can take part in real casino games, pay with their Bitcoins and feel as if they are in a real casino. The main difference between a live crypto casino and a regular live casino is that in a land-based casino you can’t pay with Bitcoins. But with online crypto casinos, players can compete against live dealers and get their rewards in Bitcoins.

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Top Live Dealer Casinos Australia That Accept Bitcoin

The most frequently played live game by Aussie gamblers is definitely live dealer bitcoin blackjack. In fact, that’s the most searched game on the internet because players usually want to find out all the necessary strategies in order to increase their chances of winning. However, some other popular games are live casino roulette, baccarat, poker, and many other table games and card games. Australian online casinos offer their customers so many different types of live casino games. But most importantly, most of these games are created by authoritative software brands. The most popular live casino games for Aussies are created by Evolution Gaming. However, some other gaming firms such as Big Time Gaming, Endorphina, or Booming Games, also provide lots of excellent options to play live casino games with your BTCs.

Although today you can find lots of casino games in BTC, live dealer games are actually a perfect choice because no other casino gives you a chance to make deposits in Bitcoins while gambling on bitcoin live casino online and feel as if you are in a real casino at the same time. That’s why you should try registering on these websites, whether you are a beginner or an experienced online casino player in Australia. 

If you wonder how live BTC casinos work, then you should know those live dealers that you are interacting with are leading the game from a special studio with live cameras and all the necessary equipment that is needed to broadcast the game live. In this process, players can talk to each other, as well as interact with a live dealer. Live dealers are just people who lead the game and many players like to take part in games where they can actually see human faces and realize that the numbers and pictures on the screen are real. This makes the online gambling experience more like a casino experience.

Things to Know About BTC Live Dealer Games

Before you start gambling online with live dealers, you should know some important things about the features of live casino BTC games. But generally, there is not much difference between usual live casino games where you can make deposits with Australian Dollars (AUD) and live casino games with Bitcoins. Usually, a live dealer casino is a special room on an online casino where you can play different casino games, such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, and more.

All of these games are run by a real-life person which is called a live casino dealer. You can choose both male or female dealers, as most Aussie casinos offer various opportunities for these games. However, these games work pretty much the same way as ordinary games. The only difference is that you buy with BTCs instead of AUDs. Other than this, every rule and the entire process is just the same as regular live casino games. In order to dive deep into the way these BTC games work, you need to know that every bitcoin live casino game includes the following features:

  • RTP
  • Buy-In
  • Volatility


If you have ever gambled online, probably you have encountered the term Return to Player somewhere. Return to Player, short for RTP, is a well-known phrase that is used by online casino operators. This term describes the percentage of the wagered money on a certain type of casino game that will be paid back to a player after some time. In fact, it’s the reward that you should expect to win from a certain casino game. Usually, RTPs vary from 90% to 100%. For example, if an RTP is 98%, this means that the casino only takes 2% for itself as a house edge and you can get a return of 98% of your winnings. So, if you win 100 AUD and the RTP is 98%, the casino takes just 2 RTP and the rest is completely yours. 


Australian live dealer casinos accepting bitcoin include certain buy-ins. Buy-in is a fee for participation in a particular game. This fee is required in most online gambling sites and Australians also need to pay some buy-in fees for taking part in live casino games. Paying the fixed amount of buy-in is essential for using available chips without paying any extra fees. Therefore, it’s literally a bank that gives you chips that can be used until they are not spent. Once a player spends all the chips that they bought with this deal, they need to pay another buy-in fee. Otherwise, they will be knocked out of a game. Therefore, the buy-in is a necessary option to sit at the table and compete against real-life dealers. 


Volatility is a well-known term for crypto users. Generally, it means that something changes quickly and suddenly. The price of Bitcoin often fluctuates and its volatility is no surprise for online players. But with bitcoin live dealer casinos, this volatility has a slightly different meaning. In fact, it’s how much you can win in the process of competing against a dealer. If the game has a high score of volatility, then your chances of winning are low and vice versa. Therefore, players often aim to choose casino games with low or medium volatility. Generally, players don’t have control over volatility which is why you should consider it before choosing a particular game and place your bets with Bitcoins. 

The majority of Aussie players appreciate almost all live casino games that can be played by using Bitcoins. Most of these games are created by leader software brands such as Pragmatic Play. All of the games created by this company are provably fair and this is why Aussies tend to prefer live casino games that are developed by well-known software providers of the world. The most popular games on bitcoin live dealer casinos for Australia are the following:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat 
  • Poker

Let’s discuss them one by one and see which one is worth playing on Australian online gambling sites with real money games. 


Blackjack is one of the most popular live casino games for Australian players. Generally, Aussie casinos provide lots of bonuses and prizes for taking part in blackjack games. But when it comes to Bitcoin blackjack, gamblers can get even more advantages. Blackjack is a popular online casino game which is also known as Twenty One. The main idea of this game is to get exactly 21 points. That way, you can win and defeat the live dealer. But if you collect less or more points than 21, then you lose and the dealer wins. 

Even though Aussie casinos provide so many blackjack versions that can be played without any involvement of live dealers, needless to say, that bitcoin casino live blackjack games are much more popular. First of all, every player enjoys the thrills that can be experienced when the game is broadcast online from a real casino or similar establishment. But also when they place their bets in Bitcoins, winnings are usually much higher. 

Top Aussie crypto casinos offer many variations of blackjack games, including Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack, Face Up 21, Match Play 21, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Super 21, and more. The basic rules of all of these games are the same – you need to get 21 points to win. But each of them has certain nuances and therefore, you need to get to know the rules carefully before entering a certain blackjack room. 


The second most appreciated game by Australian gamblers is indeed Roulette. Roulette has always been very popular in Australia. Even though this game originates from Europe, Aussies quickly integrated it into their gambling landscape. However, bitcoin casino live roulette is just a newly introduced edition of Australian online gambling sites. But local players understand this game and how it works so well, and as a result, they enjoy playing various roulette games on Australian online casinos. 

Just like the rest of roulette games, Bitcoin roulette features a wheel with different numbers. These numbers are from 1-36 and each standard pocket is either black or right. Players can choose certain numbers, groups of numbers, or colors. But keep in mind that depending on which version you play, the rules can vary a little bit. For example, the European roulette game includes one standard pocket, while American versions have who houser pockets. The game starts with the spinning of the wheel by a croupier. Besides, the Roulette game usually features a table that lets pacers to place their bets and guess where the ball will stop. The one and the only difference with casino bitcoin live is that they take Bitcoins for bets instead of Aussie Dollars. Also, competing with live dealers has plenty of other advantages. 


Although Baccarat is widely known as the most dangerous table game, Australian players love to play different variations of Baccarat with live dealers. This game is indeed a little bit riskier than blackjack, poker, or roulette, but this difficulty makes it even more attractive for Australians. Baccarat, also known as Baccarat is a popular card game that is offered by every online casino in the world. What makes Australian casinos stand out is that they offer Baccarat variations in Bitcoins. This means that you can place your bets in cryptocurrencies and gain benefits, without having to worry about revealing your identity. Generally, this card game is played between two hands – the player competes against the banker. In this case, a live dealer plays the role of a banker. 

Bitcoin live dealer casino rules for baccarat games are exactly the same. Here as well, each baccarat coup can result in three possible outcomes: player, banker, and a tie. But when you play a live casino version of this game, the dealer deals out the cards and gives them to players. The player that has cards closest to nine, is the winner. Therefore, if you placed a bet on the player’s hand and it has the closest to nine, then your winnings will double. The thing that makes this game a little bit dangerous for Aussie casino operators is that it has large requirements and a thin house edge. Therefore, players can actually win a serious amount of Bitcoins at the expense of an online casino. 


And the last game in our list of most popular live dealer games for Aussie players is poker. Australian online casinos offer a great number of bitcoin casino live dealers for poker games. Poker is one of the most well-known games in the whole gambling industry. This game is popular in either online or offline gambling venues. But crypto gambling sites in Australia provide certain benefits that can’t be found elsewhere. These casinos have the majority of poker variations in their game libraries. However, Australians definitely prefer some of the poker versions between these games.

The most popular poker game in Australia that can be played with bitcoins is indeed Texas Hold’em Poker. This game is not just a game of chance. In fact, this game is all about the psychology of players, certain skills, and techniques. This is why online players sometimes find it hard to defeat the dealers. However, if you prefer to play and learn all the necessary strategies, the chances that you will win increases. Another popular poker game for BTC users is definitely Omaha. Australian live dealer bitcoin casinos attach generous bonuses with Omaha poker games and therefore, players can get lots of advantages by taking part in this game. 

The Limits for Deposits & Withdrawals

Australian online casinos generally offer great gambling opportunities. This means that you can make deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoins with fair requirements. The majority of Aussie real money casinos have certain limitations for making deposits. In fact, the minimum deposit required by most Aussie casinos is 1 AU Dollar. But there are some casinos that accept 5 AUD for a minimum deposit. Usually, requirements vary from casino to casino and you should check the page of payment methods in order to find out what is the limitation for a certain casino. 

In order to make a deposit on an Australian online crypto casino, first of all, you need to choose a reliable casino from our recommended websites and create an account on the best live casino accepting bitcoin. Also, you need to get a crypto wallet from which you can make deposits. After that just click “deposit”, choose Bitcoins, copy the deposit address and send the deposit to this address. After that, you can start playing live casino games and make your deposit in Bitcoins. It’s important to note that there are several online casinos for Australians that accept other cryptocurrencies as well. Some of the most popular crypto options after Bitocin are Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Tether. But Bitcoin is definitely the most common coin.

Australian casinos also have some limitations for withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal amount is usually about AU$20.00. But it can vary from  AU$10  -AU$30, depending on the casino. When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, Australian casinos take great care of their platforms to avoid related risks. Risk management is one of the most concerning matters for Aussie players that play BTC live dealer games. However, Australian online casinos that accept cryptos have certain policies to reduce the volatility of their live casino games. That’s especially with roulette, blackjack, and poker games. We will talk about risk management below. 

All You Need to Know About BTC Live Casino Bonuses

Australian casinos are widely known for offering some of the most generous bitcoin bonuses in the whole online gambling market. Bonuses and promotions are essential parts of online casinos. In fact, one of the requirements to give a casino a high rating is offering big bonuses. It’s especially with the Welcome Bonus. Bonus is a free offer from the casino. The only thing that they require for this offer is the commitment of users. This commitment often has the form of deposits. However, generally, online casinos in Australia also offer no deposit bonuses, free spins, sign up bonuses, and other promotions that don’t require making deposits. Australian live casinos taking bitcoin offer the following types of casino bonuses:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Free Spins 

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is the most common online casino bonus. In order to welcome their new users, casinos offer first deposit bonuses. The average size of the deposit bonus is a 100% bonus match. This means that if you deposit 1 mBTC for example, you will receive it back. But sometimes the first deposit bonus can be higher than 100%. For example, some top-ranked online casinos in Australia offer up to 200% bonuses on the first deposit. In this case, you can get 2 mBTC if you deposit 1 mBTC for the first time. Keep in mind that the deposit bonus is accompanied by certain requirements, like wagering limits and minimum deposit amount. 

No Deposit Bonus

It’s a common tendency that sometimes gamblers are concerned about making the first deposit. Especially, everybody knows that bitcoin live casinos no verification is related to certain risks. This is why newcomers tend to prefer no deposit bonus. Today so many Aussie casinos offer free bonuses. Actually, this is the best way to attract new customers and prove that gambling on your platform is worthy enough to make deposits. But still, no deposit bonus doesn’t mean that it’s completely free. Usually, it’s accompanied by a wagering requirement. This means that you need to play through your bonus several times in order to be applicable to receive it. Also, keep in mind that most times no deposit bonuses have certain promo codes that you need to use after registering on the platform. 

Free Spins 

Another casino bonus that is generally high in demand is Free Spins Bonus. Free spins are usually created for slot machines but you can also use your crypto free spins on some live casino games that accept Bitcoin. It’s especially true with live casino roulette. Just like bitcoin live casino no deposit bonus, free spins don’t demand players to make deposits but they do have some wagering requirements. Specifically, in most cases, players need to wager their free spins x30 or x40 times. Free Spins bonuses also have promotional codes that must be used before claiming your bonus. 

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Live Dealer Casinos in Australia

Taking part in Bitcoin Live Dealer games is accompanied by both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s first review some of the negative sides of playing against live dealers with BTCs. First of all, it hasn’t been a  very long time since online casinos started to accept Bitcoin as a payment option in Australia. Therefore, there are fewer options for live casino BTC games for Aussie players. Also, Bitcoin usually has high exchange fees which is also an unfortunate thing for casino players.

On the other hand, transactions made in Bitcoin are very well-timed. Usual BTC transactions with bitcoin live casinos online can be carried out in about 10 minutes. Moreover, Bitcoin deposits have very low or zero commission fees and returns are much higher compared to traditional payment methods. 

Pros Cons
Quick Payments Low Diversity
Zero Commission High Exchange
High Returns

FAQ on Aussie BTC Live Casino

What’s the most-played crypto live casino game in Australia?

Blackjack. According to Assie players, the most beloved live casino game that can be played by Bitcoins is blackjack. The main reason for this is that players enjoy placing their bets in cryptos. In that way, they can get far more benefits than with usual live casino blackjack games. Australian online casinos offer plenty of blackjack variations including European Blackjack, American Blackjack, Match Play 21, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, and more. 

How many Aussie BTC live dealer websites are there?

A lot! The Australian gambling market is full of authoritative casino sites that accept live dealer gaming with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Once you check our lists of recommended online gambling sites in Australia, you will be sure that most of them offer great casino bonuses, amazing payment options, and great diversity of Bitcoin live casino games. Depending on your preferences, you can easily choose the most suitable one from these live dealer options.

Who makes crypto live games?

Crypto live games that are available on top Australian online gambling sites are created by the world’s most trustworthy software providers. The most popular iGaming companies that make crypto games for the live dealer section of Aussie casinos are Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft Gaming, Endorphina, Pragmatic Play, EGT, Big Time Gaming, and many more. All of these brands are widely known for their commitment to the online gambling industry.