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Large List of Aussie Bitcoin Dice Sites

Australian casino sites have fully adopted blockchain technology. As a result, today there are so many new online casinos in this country that allow players to place their bets and make deposits in cryptocurrencies. The majority of these online casinos provide generous bonuses an…

Australian casino sites have fully adopted blockchain technology. As a result, today there are so many new online casinos in this country that allow players to place their bets and make deposits in cryptocurrencies. The majority of these online casinos provide generous bonuses and promotions and have excellent quality games of dice that are created by top software brands such as Big Time Gaming or Microgaming. Recently we handpicked the best gambling options for Australians. Each best Bitcoin dice site that is listed below is trusted and licensed. So, check their main features, read our reviews to find out more about their service and payment system, and click “Play Now” to start gambling on these excellent online casinos!

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Best BTC Dice Casinos in Australia

It hasn’t been a long time since the Bitcoin Dice game became very popular in the Australian online gambling market. A few years ago, blockchain technology wasn’t integrated into the online gambling field at all. Not even the best Aussie gambling sites had payment options in Bitcoins back in these times. But now things have completely changed and there are so many high-quality online casinos in Australia that added Bitcoins on most of their services. One of the most popular games that can be played online with BTCs is Dice. Currently, there are plenty of BTC dice sites available for Australians where you can get amazing bonuses, jackpots, and a lot more.

Today Aussie gamblers tend to adore dice games. That’s especially with its BTC variations. The reason is that making bets in Bitcoins increases the chances of winning more than you could with AUD bets. Nowadays Australian online gambling industry is almost unimaginable without BTC dice gambling. But there was a time when dice was completely different and wasn’t even considered as a gambling activity. According to anthropological evidence, dice was first created by Ancient Greeks. Not only just Greeks but Orman people were also very proficient in making dice cubes and playing dice games. But you should also know that the first dice object didn’t even have the shape of a cube.

The modern form of dice originated in China as early as 600 BC. As scholars prove, cubical dice objects were first introduced in Europe by Marco Polo in the 14th century. That’s how it spread in Australia. In the 18th century, Australia was colonized by Great Britain and that was the time when the history of dice rolling started in this country. Of course, for centuries only a land-based version of dice was available, and even when Australian online casinos finally got established, a crypto dice game was invented later. 

Today Bitcoin Dice is considered one of the most favorable types of dice games. Aussies can take part in various dice variations that are available in Bitcoins on the best Australian online gambling sites. Australian gamblers believe that dice is an amazing fit for cryptos because thanks to Aussie crypto casino bonuses and promotions, they can get great winnings. Different dice variations require different rules and strategies and players need to learn each of them carefully in order to increase the chances of winning. However, in each case, the main purpose of the game is that players need to correctly predict the result of the roll of two dice. So, no matter you play Craps, Sic Bo, Scratch Dice, or other variations, you need to palace your bets on a combination that you think will appear after the dice is rolled. 

Just like this, the crypto dice strategy is completely the same. The only difference is that while playing crypto dice, you need to make bets in Bitcoins. Everything other than this is similar. So, if you have ever played dice and know some strategies and techniques, you can use either of them in BTC dice as well because there’s no difference between the rules of Bitcoin dice and regular dice games.

Australian gamblers are widely known for their taste in online casino games. Casino providers are aware of the fact that their customers enjoy diversity while gambling online. Considering this, they provide a wide choice of online dice games. If you choose a single online casino from the list of our recommended top Aussie casinos, you will clearly see that their game lobbies are full of various forms of dice games. There you can play online dice versions with or without Bitcoins, live dealer games that allow players to roll their dice alongside real-life dealers and interact with dealers. Another great opportunity for Aussies is dice games win BTC free. These games allow you to receive Bitcoins completely free after defeating dealers and winning the game. 

We’ve checked all the available dice games on these Aussie crypto casinos in order to help you choose the most appropriate one among them.  By just registering on these sites, you can find classic dice and card games, which require just a few dice or a deck of cards. Australians can take part in famous dice games such as LCR Dice Game, Going to Boston, High Point Craps, Crapless Craps, Die Rich Craps, New York Craps, and more.  Here are the most popular dice categories that can be played with BTCs:

  • Craps
  • Sic Bo
  • Scratch Dice


Craps is the most popular type of dice casino game in the world. Actually, it’s one of the first dice games that was introduced to the online gambling industry. Craps games on Australian crypto casinos usually include a certain Bitcoin dice strategy. These operators perfectly understand that some players may not know the basic strategies of dice games and this is why they frequently provide guidelines about the rules and strategies of BTC craps.

Craps is a famous dice game where players need to make wagers on the outcome of the dice. It can be just a single roll, series of rolls, or a pair of dice. Players can either play against a dealer or place bets against other players, depending on which variation of craps they are playing. “Street craps” is considered the most popular type of craps. One of the reasons for this popularity is that Street Craps needs just a little equipment, unlike other dice games. 

The basic rule of street craps is that a player makes the bet before the roll that brings him or her a point. This is called the “come out roll”. However, this is not the best Bitcoin dice strategy and there are lots of other rules and techniques that you should be aware of before playing Bitcoin dice games. The most common betting strategy in craps is the pass line bet. This is a bet for the shooter to win. Shooter or crap-shooter is the name of a player that throws a dice on the table. This can be done by live dealers as well if you are playing a live casino craps game. Pay attention that the Pass Line Bet must be at least the table minimum and no more than the table maximum. If the come-out roll is 2, 3, or 12, you will result in “crapping out” which means that your bet loses. 

The majority of available craps games on Australian online crypto casinos are developed by top-ranked software providers. For example, Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, Extreme Live Gaming, and other famous names have created lots of variations of Live Dealer Craps. 

Sic Bo

Another popular Bitcoin dice game free is Sic Bo. This game is the best option for players that prefer complex gaming. Getting a winning combination in Sic Bo games is a little bit harder because it’s a game of chance that is played with three dice. As the name itself suggests, this game originates from China. ‘Sic Bo ‘ translates as “dice pair” but in fact, this game includes not just a pair, but three dice. Considering its difficulty, the game is related to a big hazard. You can also find Sic Bo variations with names such as  Dai Siu, Tai Sai, Hi-Lo, or the Big and Small game.

The main aim of this game is to guess the winning combination. However, it has several different rules and techniques. Sic Bo looks a lot like roulette games but the gameplay is different. In fact, first of all, a player needs to place a bet in Bitcoin casino dice by putting their chips on areas where you want to wager. If it’s a live dealer game, then the dealer shakes three dice and shows their random outcomes. You win even if you guess a single number. But if you guess the sum of numbers, winnings will be higher. But you lose if your predictions are wrong. 

The betting options of this game are relatively favorable. Aussie players can make either small or big bets, depending on a certain game and certain casino. However, before you place bets, you should keep in mind several things. First of all, you shouldn’t get tempered to bet on too many areas because, in the end, you may result in losing the game. Also, it’s better to place most of your bets in either a big or small area. Besides, you should be careful not to fall for the gambler’s fallacy. However, Aussie players sometimes don’t consider this dice strategy Bitcoin. Gambler’s fallacy is a term that describes players’ belief that the probability of winning after a series of outcomes is not the same as for the single outcome. Sometimes it can be true but with BTC dice games, no such thing is possible. 

In order to increase the chances of winning while playing Sic Bo, we recommend making either small or big bets in Bitcoins. Therefore, you should bet on a dice sum between 4 and 10, or between 11 and 17. That way the chances that you will get winning combinations are higher. Most Sic Bo games on Australian gambling sites are made by top tire software brands such as Pragmatic Play

Scratch Dice

Even though you may not find a different section of Scratch Dice games on Australian online gambling sites, this game is considered one of the most favorable dice games that you can play with your cryptocurrencies. Scratch Dice is a Bitcoin dice game with faucet. In fact, this game was first introduced to encourage Australians to place bets in Bitcoins. After this, the game became very popular throughout the entire online gambling sector of the country. One of the reasons why it became so popular for Aussie BTC users is that it’s very easy. The rules of this game aren’t complicated at all. 

In fact, Scratch Dice is an easy game that is offered by well-known iGaming brand SoftSwiss. In this game, players can make only one bet based on the role of three dice. Therefore, just like in Sic Bo, here as well, three dice cubes are involved. The outcome of this dice game is revealed like a scratch card which is why it’s called that. The rules of this game are pretty simple. First of all, you need to make a wager with BTCs. Then, you need to scratch a game card to reveal three dice. And the last step of this Bitcoin dice free game is to wait for the dealer to roll the dice and see if the outcome matches your prediction. 

The game is accompanied by modern design and HD visuals that quickly catches the attention of players. The main focus of the game screen is the casino table and playing dice. It’s important to note that the majority of Australian gambling sites provide demo versions of this game. This means that you can practice and understand the game well before you start making bets in Bitcoins. Besides, if you’ve never paid for this game before and aren’t sure whether it’s worth spending your BTCs on, the demo version is the perfect way to try.

Keep in mind that just like other dice games, in Scratch dice it’s almost impossible to work out whether the next roll of the dice will be a winner or not. But still, there have been so many cases when Aussie gamblers won big prizes on the best Bitcoin dice games by just placing bets on this game. Considering the fact that Australian casinos started to attach progressive jackpots to Scratch Dice as well, you should definitely try this game if you aim to win big rewards. 

Can You Play BTC Dice with Faucet?

Even though BTC faucets were first introduced a decade ago, they tend to be very popular even nowadays. Today Australian online gamblers can find lots of reliable online gambling sites that offer BTC dice games with faucets. Dice games on these platforms are transparent and provably fair and a free faucet is another favorable addition to these games. Aussie casino operators acknowledge that dice is one of the most popular games in the entire crypto community and this is probably why they decided to add faucets on certain types of BTC dice games. 

If you’ve never experienced something like a free faucet, we will tell you that the Bitcoin dice game faucet is basically the best way to get Bitcoins completely for free. A faucet is a small task that is created especially for Bitcoin users. The main purpose of Bitcoin faucets was to encourage users to make deposits in BTCs and buy more of these cryptocurrencies. Today there’s no need for this because BTC transactions are very popular without any faucets. But this strategy is still used by the top Australian real money casinos. But today it’s more of a reward system. 

In order to get prizes from Bitcoin faucets, you need to complete certain tasks. For example, an Aussie casino may offer to watch an advertisement or complete a survey. By just completing this easy task, you can be rewarded with a few Bitcoins completely for free. Therefore, the BTC faucet is no less favorable than casino bonuses and promotions. Bitcoin faucets usually have different forms. It can be placed on a website or mobile applications. Australian Bitcoin dice sites generally allow players to play dice games on mobile as well. For this, you just need to download an application of a certain Aussie casino, perform a small task and after that, you will be rewarded with several satoshis which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC.

Using A Bonus on BTC Dice Games

Players who want to take advantage of free Bitcoins that can be spent while using various casino games, frequently tend to check bonuses and promotions on Australian online casinos. The main idea of casino bonuses is to convince players that playing on this particular site is favorable enough. If a casino has a generous reward system, players are encouraged to register on the platform and start making deposits. If you are a new player, the first bonus that you will encounter on these Australian casinos will be the Welcome Bonus. You can receive this bonus either from Bitcoin dice mobile or website platforms. It’s often called a welcome bonus package as it includes a deposit bonus and free spins. However, sometimes a deposit bonus is the only available option for newcomers. Moreover, Australian gamblers can also take advantage of no deposit offers. Let’s discuss these bonuses one by one.

No Deposit Bonus

When it comes to Bitcoins, making a deposit gets a little bit riskier. Sometimes gamblers avoid making bonuses in Bitcoins before they find out everything about the service a certain casino provides. Once they are convinced that this operator can be trusted, they start making deposits. The main purpose of the no deposit bonus is exactly to assure casino users to make deposits. Australian players can claim this type of bonus without making deposits. However, they need to meet the wagering requirements and sometimes, use special promo codes as well. This offer is even more favorable than BTC dice with faucet. Even though there are no special bonuses for dice games, received Bitcoins can be used to place bets on dice variations. 

Deposit Bonus

The main advantage of Australian online casinos towards land-based casinos is that these operators provide lots of generous deposit bonuses. A deposit bonus is usually awarded to newcomers on the first-ever deposit they make on a gambling site. For this, you need to register on the platform and make a deposit. However, sometimes the Welcome Bonus is divided into several parts and is called the first, second, or third deposit bonus. Pay attention that each deposit bonus has its own conditions, including minimum and maximum amount of Bitcoins for deposits and withdrawals. Australian crypto casinos provide bonuses not only for new but for old and experienced players as well. In this case, the deposit bonus is called a reload bonus and is awarded weekly or monthly. 

BTC Dice in Australia – Pros & Cons

Bitcoin dice gambling is accompanied by certain advantages and disadvantages. Today BTC gambling is considered one of the most favored forms of iGaming activities but it can also carry some risks. This is why we want to help you understand some downsides of playing dice games with Bitcoins. 

First of all, playing dice games with cryptocurrencies is quite hazardous. Dice is a game of chance, meaning that predicting the chances of winning is almost impossible. Adding the risks for Bitcoin itself, it becomes a very risky game. Also, Bitcoins are volatile, meaning that the price can change instantly and unexpectedly, making it difficult to withdraw all of your winnings. The dice game is very volatile itself as well and with BTC dice, chances of winning reduce. One more unfortunate thing is that today there are not so many casinos that have Bitcoin dice games in their game libraries. 

But considering its numerous advantages, crypto dice sites are really worth trying. The main advantage is that it’s extremely safe to gamble with Bitcoins as they are supported by a decentralized ledger called a blockchain. Also, transactions made in Bitcoin are very convenient. In fact, players can perform deposits and withdrawals in about 5-10 minutes, while fiat deposits sometimes can take up to 24 hours. Another important fact about BTC dice games is that they are mobile-friendly. Most Australian crypto casinos allow players to play BTC dice games by using their smartphones or tablets, which is essential in today’s digital world. 

Pros Cons
Safe and Secure Hazardous
Mobile-friendly High Volatility
Convenient Transactions Small Choice

FAQ on Aussie Bitcoin Dice

Is BTC dice different from regular dice?

No. Actually, Bitcoin dice games are pretty much the same as the rest online dice games that are available on Australian online casinos. The key difference is that making deposits and placing bets in Bitcoin is a must with Bitcoin dice casinos. Therefore, players need to get a crypto wallet and use their private deposit address to send deposits on dice games. Other than this, everything is similar to regular dice. So, if you know the rules, strategies, and techniques of regular dice games, you can use all of them while gambling on BTC dice casinos in Australia. 

Is there a good Dice strategy for beginners?

Yes. Even though dice is a game of chance and it almost completely depends on your luck, there are still some strategies that you can use in order to increase your chances of winning. Most times, everything that new players know is that they have to guess the numbers on dice. But also, you can use certain strategies in order to win as many BTCs as possible. One food strategy is to throw dice five times if possible and then stop. Another key strategy of the Bitcoin dice casino game is that if the points in this round add up to 20 or more, you should stop. Otherwise, it’s better to continue. 

What is the smallest bet I can place on BTC dice?

Before we discuss the average size of bets on BTC dice, you need to know that different casinos have different betting options. Besides, betting options change from one single dice game to another. Generally, the minimum amount of bet on dice games offered by Australian casinos is something close to AU$10. This is exactly 0.00021 BTCs. But the smallest bet can vary from AU$5 to AU$25, depending on a certain gambling site.