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Top Aussie Casinos Offering Real Bitcoin Bonuses [2022]

One of the most important things, why Australian players tend to prefer online gambling to physical gambling, is definitely crypto casino no deposit bonus. Nowadays the majority of Australian online gambling sites have very convenient systems of bonuses and promotions. In fact, a…

One of the most important things, why Australian players tend to prefer online gambling to physical gambling, is definitely crypto casino no deposit bonus. Nowadays the majority of Australian online gambling sites have very convenient systems of bonuses and promotions. In fact, a casino bonus is one of the most important things that makes online casinos special. Even though land-based casinos have plenty of services that make gambling an exciting experience, they don’t provide deposit and no deposit bonuses which is what makes the online gambling experience so unique. 

Today there are thousands of casinos in the world. One of the main reasons why they try hard to provide as generous bonuses as possible is to compete with their opponents and attract as many customers from the gambling market, as they can. Years ago, back when online casinos were taking their first steps in Australia, choices of bonuses weren’t so diverse. But things have drastically changed afterwards. About a decade ago, blockchain technology was invented and integrated into the online gambling industry of Australia. Therefore, the bitcoin casino bonus is very common with Aussie players. The top gambling sites in Australia that accept cryptos have various choices of BTC promotions. They allow players to make deposits in cryptos and get very generous rewards as a result. 

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How to Get A Bitcoin Casino Bonus in Australia

Australians have an opportunity to take advantage of several forms of casino bonuses. No deposit bonus definitely stands out between them. The reason behind this popularity is very easily understandable. In fact, Aussies that have never gambled before and are looking for trustworthy websites on the market where they can play safely tend to avoid making deposits for the first time. That’s Australian operators frequently offer no deposit bonuses. The main purpose of this bonus is to offer players a reward without having to spend anything. And with cryptos, the benefit received from this bonus gets even more favorable. 

No deposit bonus is definitely the most common type of promotion on Australian gambling sites. These casinos usually offer bitcoin online casino no deposit bonus and allow players to get rewards in cryptocurrencies. This bonus is created in order to attract new gamblers by offering them either free cash or free spins on certain games and real money slot machines. However, you should know that no deposit bonus isn’t completely free. Generally, this bonus is accompanied by a wagering requirement that changes from one casino to another. Different Aussie casinos have different demands for claiming no deposit bonuses and the withdrawal is possible only if you satisfy these requirements. 

Keep in mind, that it doesn’t matter whether you receive a monetary bonus or free spins, after receiving no deposit bonus, you need to use it to play games offered by the casino. In the case of free spins, this game is usually a certain slot machine. But in any case, crypto users can get lots of benefits from this bonus as it’s considered a very good fit for cryptocurrencies. That’s especially with the new bitcoin casino no deposit bonus.

Australian online gambling sites provide great opportunities for Bitcoin no deposit bonuses. The size of this bonus varies from casino to casino but generally, it’s from 0.001 BTC to 1 BTC. Each bonus contains limitations for the minimum and maximum amount of deposits and withdrawals. Also, the BTC no deposit bonus is accompanied by a wagering requirement which is x30 on average. This means that Australian players need to wager their bonus 30 times in order to cash out winnings.

How Much Can You Get with the Bitcoin Welcome Bonus?

New Australian players are usually awarded a Welcome Bonus. This bonus can be received once players register on a certain online gambling site. Even though the terms and conditions of this bonus are always different in different Aussie casinos, the main mechanism of this bonus is the same. Sometimes it can be called a sign-up bonus, instead of the welcome bonus, but in any case,  the bitcoin casino free signup bonus is an offer that is available for new casino users. If it’s a no deposit type, you will just need a promo code to activate this bonus, but if it’s a deposit bonus, then you will have to make your first deposit. 

The average size of the Welcome Bonus is 100%. This means that a casino operator is offering you 100% in free cash on any deposit amount you make. However, the size of the deposit match is more important. Generally, by gambling on top Australian casinos, gamblers can gain 0.0001 BTC at a minimum and sometimes even 1 BTC at maximum, which is very rare. But on average, the size of the welcome bonus is something around 0.01 BTC. 

Low Medium High
0.0001 BTC 0.01 BTC 1 BTC

What Is a Bitcoin Bonus Code?

One of the most famous additional features of online casino bonuses is bitcoin casino no deposit bonus codes. Gamblers in Australia or in any part of the world tend to search and look for promotional codes in order to maximize benefits received from the deposit and no deposit bonuses. Bonus code is a combination of letters and numbers that gives players a chance to receive a bonus. Sometimes newcomers don’t know where to get or how to use these promo codes but in fact, there’s nothing complicated with them. A bonus code is just a way to receive a bonus. 

Generally, promo codes are available on the page of promotions. But also, sometimes Australian casinos send bonus codes by email. So, make sure that you check your inbox from time to time. Using a promo code is especially favorable with bitcoins. The received code must be used while making a deposit, after choosing a payment method and copying the private deposit address When s player uses crypto casino bonus codes while making a deposit, these codes add extra winnings to their account. Therefore, you can ignore the bonus but get a lower size of a bonus, However, sometimes using a promo code is a requirement to receive a certain type of bonus. 

A Quick Guide for Every Type of BTC Bonus Available

If you’ve decided to gamble on an Australian online casino, you are lucky because these crypto gambling sites provide lots of generous promotions that you can get in Bitcoins. However, before you start playing your favorite casino games and make deposits, you should understand some general terms and policies of these bonuses. Online casinos usually offer different types and sizes of bonuses. It’s important to know about all the available options and take advantage of the most suitable bonus when it’s possible. 

The most common types of casino bonuses are deposit match bonuses, welcome bonus, free bitcoin no deposit bonus, sign up bonus, cashback bonuses, free spins, reload bonus, and more. Some Aussie casinos even have loyalty programs for their VIP users and most importantly, BTC faucet bonuses. Most of these Australian casinos accept crypto payments and therefore, these promotions are available in Bitcoins. Let’s discuss the most popular bonus options and dive into them one by one. 

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is available on nearly every online gambling site in Australia. It’s one of the most common bonus types which can be claimed after a player registers in a casino and starts playing games. Compared to other bonus types, a deposit bonus has the least restrictions on withdrawals and therefore, Australians have higher chances of getting benefits with it. The reason is that casino operators can trust gamblers more when they make deposits. While they have no guarantee that a player will keep on using their service after receiving a bitcoin casino deposit bonus or free spins, a deposit bonus can make them sure that a player will continue playing casino games because they have already deposited some BTCs and want to receive benefits as a result. 

The deposit bonus is also known as a Welcome Bonus because it’s usually awarded after registering on a website and making the first deposit. Therefore, generally, this bonus is designed for new casino users. Sometimes, when a deposit bonus is a part of a welcome bonus, it’s divided into several parts. In fact, the Welcome bonus can include the first, second, and sometimes even third and fourth deposit bonuses. The biggest bonus match from them is the first deposit bonus which is usually 100% or higher. But the second and third ones are usually about 75% and 50% respectively. 

It’s important to note that deposit bonus isn’t available only for new users and sometimes it has a form of Reload Bonus. This bonus also requires a bonus code bitcoin casino. Reload bonus is designed for loyal customers only. Therefore, if you have been gambling on a certain casino for a week or months, you can take advantage of a reload bonus. Generally, it’s a 50% bonus match that’s available every week or on special weekdays. 

Even though top VIP casinos online in Australia usually offer various types of bonuses, sometimes deposit bonus is the only one available and this is why it’s considered the best option in most cases. 

No Deposit Bonus 

Although deposit bonus is the most common form of casino promotions, every single gambler prefers receiving a no deposit bonus. The reason is simple – you get a reward almost completely free. Even though claiming this bonus does have some demands, it’s without any real charges. The only charge is that you need to meet certain requirements for wagering. This means nothing more than the fact that a free bitcoin casino no deposit bonus isn’t absolutely free. A wager is basically a bet (in this case in BTCs) that is spent on an online casino game. Most frequently, this game is a Bitcoin slot machine but also, it can be a poker game, table game, or card game. And a wagering requirement is the certain number of times gamblers need to play their winnings before they are finally allowed to make a withdrawal. 

The average wagering requirement for a no deposit bonus is x30. But sometimes it can be as low as x25, or as high as x45. It’s completely up to a casino and its policies. The only disadvantage of BTC no deposit bonuses is that usually, they are quite low in value compared to deposit bonuses. But still, considering you are not making a deposit, it’s fair enough. 

No deposit bonus is often referred to as a Free Bonus. This is why the best bitcoin casino no deposit bonus is an excellent choice for beginners. Often new gamblers are concerned about the security measures. They think that if they make deposits, their bank information and personal details will be accessible to casino operators. But actually, the main advantage of BTC bonuses is that no one can receive any of your personal details. 

Blockchain technology works in a way that it’s impossible to link somebody’s identity to their transactions. Therefore, you can easily get a crypto wallet, open a blockchain account and start making crypto transactions without any worries about security. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, meaning that the government or any other third party isn’t involved in the process of your payments. So, everything you need for claiming a BTC no deposit bonus in Australia is registering on a gambling site, starts playing, and meeting bonus requirements. 

Free Spins

If you love gambling with slot machines, then the best bitcoin casino bonus for you is definitely free spins. Free Spins bonus is a particular type of casino bonus that is generally designed for a certain slot machine. Free spins are usually available for those casino games that include a spinning wheel. This can be a roulette game, sometimes even poker, but most times Bitcoin slots. The main reason why gamblers admire this bonus is that they can test a certain slot with little risk. 

Just like other types of bonuses, BTC free spins also include certain promo codes. Sometimes members of customer service send these codes via email, but in general, you can find promotional codes in the terms and conditions of a certain free spins bonus. The average size of this bonus is 150 free spins. But it varies from 50 to 250, depending on the casino. Australian online casinos rarely offer free spins separately. Most times, it’s a part of the bitcoin casino welcome bonus package and is divided into some parts. For example, on your first deposit, you may receive 50 free spins, but the rest can be claimed throughout the first week on a crypto casino. It is a common policy that is frequently used by online casinos. The idea of dividing free spins into several parts is that a customer will continue gambling there and chances that he or she will become a loyal customer of this casino are high. 

Free Spins can also be a part of the free bonus or no deposit bonus. However, free bonuses are usually monetary bonuses. Unlike deposit bonuses where players gain some BTCs which can be spent on playing casino games, with free spins all you can receive is a possibility to spin the reel of a certain slot machine several times. Considering free spins bonus has a very specific requirement to play only one single game, Aussie operators choose slot games for this bitcoin casino sign up bonus that is created by well-known software operators. When a new gambler sees that a casino offers free spins for their favorite slot game which is quite well-known, they are likely to register and start gambling. Therefore, the purpose of this choice is to attract as many customers as possible. 

BTC Faucet Bonus

If you’ve ever gambled online, probably you’ve heard some things about deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback bonuses, and so on. But sometimes even regular casino users don’t know anything about faucet bonuses. This bonus is a very specific type of promotion that is designed specifically for cryptocurrency. Therefore, if you are a crypto user, you can take advantage of the BTC faucet bonus by gambling on Australian online casinos. 

Bitcoin faucet bonus is very different from ordinary bonuses and promotions that are available on Aussie crypto casinos. The main advantage of this bonus is that it doesn’t require bitcoin casino promo codes, wagering requirements, deposit limitations, etc. In fact, you don’t need to invest anything in order to receive a BTC faucet bonus. The mechanism of this bonus is very simple. For example, while gambling on an Australian crypto casino, if you encounter something like an advertisement or a quick survey, you should definitely take your time and perform these easy actions because most times it’s a facet bonus. 

Bitcoin faucets were developed in 2010, back when people didn’t know many things about the advantages of cryptos. This bonus intended to encourage gamblers to buy cryptocurrencies and make deposits in them. Nowadays, no such thing is necessary anymore because players are aware that Bitcoin transactions can bring them lots of benefits. However, BTC faucet bonuses remained. Actually, Bitcoin faucets became an integral part of Aussie crypto casinos. Today it’s a great way to gain new players by just offering them the possibility to receive a few satoshis completely for free. This BTC casino bonus is typically very low but is definitely worth your time because by just stopping to play for 5 minutes, you can receive dozens of satoshis which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. This is why it’s the best option for new gamblers. 

How to Handle Bitcoin Bonus Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement is a term that is not so desirable for Australian gamblers. However, the majority of operators tend to have certain demands for wagering on each available bonus. While at first, it may seem a little bit scary, actually satisfying wagering requirements is nothing difficult. All you need is to understand what it actually means and after that, claiming bonuses will definitely become easier. 

BTC wagering requirement is a term that describes the number of times Aussie gamblers need to bet with their Bitcoins in order to be able to make a withdrawal. Just like bonus code bitcoin casino, wagering is almost an essential part in terms of certain bonuses. Wagering is a necessary condition that you should meet if you want to fully enjoy the bonus. 

Wagering requirements can be something like x35, x40, or x50. While x30 and x35 are considered as fair options, x50 is a harsh requirement but Aussie casinos never ask for this high wagering. For example, if a bonus has an x30 for wagering requirements, it means that you must wager your winnings from the bonus 30 times in order to claim the bonus and cash out your prize. It’s important to note that different games have different wagering strategies and each game contributes in a different way. 

Are slots the best option?

The short answer is yes. In fact, slot machines are the best option for meeting wagering requirements. Slots are very easy games that can be played multiple times without wasting much energy and time. So, in order to get bitcoin no deposit bonus with slots, you don’t need to know any strategies of this game, as the basic rules are enough. Therefore, experienced casino players usually choose bitcoin slot machines in order to meet the wagering demands. 

What about Live Casino games?

Playing online games against live dealers is fun because you can feel like you are gambling in a real casino, but live casino games are not regarded as a good choice for meeting wagering requirements. No matter whether you are playing live casino roulette, online crypto blackjack, or poker, you will need more time to meet wagering requirements with these games. Therefore, you better choose slots.

Do jackpots work for wagering?

When it comes to progressive jackpot games, players also tend to refuse to choose these games for wagering demands because jackpots are widely known for their high volatility. This means that your result will be short term and you may result in losing a chance to claim a bitcoin casino Australia sign up bonus.

Are Bitcoin Promotions Worth It?

Having reviewed all available bonuses on Australian online casinos, we finally concluded that BTC bonuses and promotions are actually worth your time and energy. Cryptocurrencies are accompanied by lots of different benefits. First of all, they don’t charge gamblers any additional fees, help you make fast transactions, and feel extremely secure. But the main advantage of BTC bonuses is that there’s no need to spend your own money or double what you spend. With Bitcoin bonuses, you can just get a crypto wallet, transform your AUDs into BTCs and start playing online casino games. 

Moreover, bitcoin bonuses can lead to exclusive deals with a certain Aussie casino. For example, if you make transactions with Bitcoins, you may have a chance to get early access to new games. Needless to say that Australian gamblers would love to try new casinos with a wide range of games. Besides, the best bitcoin casino deposit bonuses are risk-free ways to help yourself understand how a particular casino works if you are new to the Australian online gambling market. 

FAQ on BTC No Deposit Bonus

How to check if I am eligible for the Bitcoin casino bonus?

In order to find out whether you can get a Bitcoin no deposit bonus, you need to check the terms and conditions of a certain bonus. In fact, the same applies to deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses, and literally every bonus offered by Australian crypto casinos. To check eligibility, first of all, go to the general terms and conditions, where you’ll find whether your country is allowed in this Aussie casino or not. Then, check bonus terms and conditions where you can find some additional information. If you still can’t find what you need, just reach for a live chat and ask questions. 

How do I apply to Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus codes?

Players can get cryptocurrency casino no deposit bonus codes after becoming members of a certain Aussie casino. So, first of all, you need to click “register”, fill in your personal information, and verify an email address. After that, you will receive no deposit promo codes either on your digital account or an email. Keep in mind that sometimes Australian casinos don’t provide promo codes. In order to check whether they have it or not, open a live chat at the bottom right corner of the platform and contact the members of the customer support team. You’ll get answers in a few minutes. 

Is it possible to gamble for free with Bitcoins?

Yes. The great part of Australian bitcoin casino sites offer gamblers to play casino games with zero transaction fees. Unlike this, traditional fiat casinos have certain limits and transaction fees. Therefore, you can gamble with your BTCs completely for free. But sometimes, you do need to make a deposit with AU dollars for getting a crypto casino bonus before converting it to BTCs.

Which countries are restricted from free Bitcoin gambling?

Although some countries already accept Bitcoin gambling and even consider it as a legal tender, some of them ban BTC gambling inside their borders. These are the countries that are restricted from free BTC gambling: China, Russia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Algeria, Columbia, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, and Ecuador.