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Best Aussie Casinos With BTC Blackjack Games

Cryptocurrency is getting more and more popular in Australia. As a consequence, online gambling options for Aussie crypto users are wider than you can even imagine! In fact, today new online Australian crypto casinos continue to be established. The best thing about them is that t…

Cryptocurrency is getting more and more popular in Australia. As a consequence, online gambling options for Aussie crypto users are wider than you can even imagine! In fact, today new online Australian crypto casinos continue to be established. The best thing about them is that they offer lots of different services and therefore, it’s hard not to find something appropriate. But still, in order to avoid confusion and help you to find the best among these top Australian casinos, we made a list of top Aussie Casinos that provide Bitcoin blackjack games in their game lobbies. So, look at the highlights, choose carefully and click “Play Now”. Or read our detailed reviews first. 

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How To Play BTC Blackjack in Australia – Step by Step

Blackjack is a well-known casino game that has been around for many years. As research suggests, this game was first introduced in France in about the 18th century. The original name of the blackjack game was “Vingt-et-Un” which translates in English as “Twenty One”. Actually, this game represents blackjack better because 21 is the most common number in the game. Although Blackjack has a French origin, it’s believed that this game spread in Australia from the United Kingdom. Gambling, in general, became popular in this country since the time of colonization. However, cryptocurrency blackjack doesn’t have anything to do with old Vingt-et-Un games that were brought by British governors.

Actually, the main idea of this game is to get exactly 21 points. No more or less, just 21. The main aim of players is to get higher points than the dealer but they mustn’t get more than 21 points. The common BTC blackjack rule is that all types of cards have the value of their face. There are only two exceptions – jacks, queens, and kings are worth 10 points and aces are with 1 or 11 (depending on which makes a better hand). However, different versions of blackjack have slightly different rules.

The most common types of blackjack that can be played with cryptos are Blackjack Switch, Spanish 21, Most Liberal 21, Super Fun 21, Double Attack Blackjack, Face Up Blackjack, and more. You can play each of these types on top Australian crypto casinos. These online gambling sites are supported by the world’s leading software providers. Evolution Gaming definitely stands out for creating live casino blackjack games. However, some other well-known names are Microgaming, NetEnt, EGT, Pragmatic Play, and more. Most of these games can be played by BTCs or other popular cryptos such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, or Ethereum. Besides, some of the best bitcoin blackjack sites provide mobile versions of BTC blackjack games which are very convenient to play.

As we’ve already mentioned in this bitcoin blackjack review, Australian BTC blackjack is not very different from regular versions of blackjack games. Players just need to have their crypto wallets and exchange Australian Dollars for bitcoins, if they don’t own BTCs. That’s because bets can only be made with cryptocurrencies while playing this game. Other than this, everything is exactly the same. No matter, whether you play classic blackjack, Double Attack Blackjack, Super Fan 21, or other variations, you just need to follow the rules that already exist and place your bets in BTC. In order to provide you with more insights into the mechanism of BTC blackjack, we will review how to play this game in Australia step by step. 

Get a Wallet

You know that betting in Bitcoins requires players to have crypto wallets. You need to use your BTC wallet in order to receive winnings and make deposits. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do to play blackjack with bitcoin is to get a BTC wallet. If you’re lucky enough, then the casino will give you a wallet on its own. But considering the fact that not all Australian casinos offer chances of BTC wallets, you may have to find it yourself. A crypto wallet is an online place where you can securely keep your Bitcoins or other coins. Today there are many different types of wallets, including hot and cold wallets or hardware wallets. So, consider your goals, do a little research and choose a crypto wallet carefully. Each of them has different options and different levels of safety. 


The next thing after getting a wallet is registering. Deposits and withdrawals can only be made by registered users. The same applies to BTC blackjack games. You can only place bets or compete against a dealer if you are a member of a certain Aussie website that offers online blackjack BTC. Therefore, you will definitely need to create an account if you plan to gamble on Australian real money casinos. So, click “sign up” or “register” which is usually at the top right corner of the main page, fill in your personal information, and confirm your email address. The process is generally very easy and it just takes up to 5 minutes to become a member of the Australian gambling community. Just choose your favorite crypto casino, register, and sign in to your account. 

Transfer BTC

The last step is to transfer your Bitcoins from a digital wallet to an Aussie online casino. Generally, BTC transactions are generated in digital crypto wallets and transferred into the BTC network where it’s verified and added to your blockchain ledger.  There are two ways of transferring Bitcoins. The first is BTC ATM. It’s short for Automated Teller Machine which allows players to buy BTCs using their cash or debit card. This is essential for BTC gambling blackjack. Some of these machines even allow customers to either purchase or sell their BTCs for cash. 

And the second way is to register on a crypto exchange. This process is nothing difficult. You just need to go to a crypto exchange site, click the “sign up” button, follow on-screen instructions that are always provided, enter your one-time password, and create your own password. After that, you can start transferring your Bitcoins. 

How Does Bitcoin Live Blackjack Work?

Now as you already know how to get a crypto wallet, register, and transfer your BTCs, which are prerequisites to start playing BTC blackjack games, we will dive deeper into the game itself and explain some of its useful strategies. Keep in mind that you can use these strategies while playing each type of Blackjack on Australian casinos. You can either take part in regular blackjack games, play bitcoin blackjack live from the section of the best live casinos, or place bets on certain variations. 

But you should know that playing blackjack with Bitcoins is accompanied by more benefits than regular blackjack games. In fact, your transactions will be faster, you will be provided with increased security and anonymity and you won’t have to pay any additional fees. This is why we recommended you to play BTC blackjack on these top Australian crypto gambling sites. The most important thing is that these games work pretty much the same way as normal blackjack games. So, if you have ever played regular blackjack, there’s nothing new to learn, but if you’re just getting started, you should read some information on these strategies that are included in every blackjack game:

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Double Down
  • Split
  • Surrender


One of the most common strategies that can be used in all types of blackjack is “Hit”. You can use this strategy in the bitcoin live blackjack game as well. It means asking the dealer for another card. Therefore, when you hit, you receive a new card that can be carried on hitting until you reach more than 21 points. This is called “bust” because going over 21 is equal to losing the game. In this case, the dealer wins. This is why you should carefully use this technique and try to get as close as 21 points, as possible without exceeding it. Otherwise, you may have to use the “stand” technique. 


“Stand” is the opposite strategy of “Hit”. To stand means to hold your total amount of cards without playing any of them and end your turn. If you are closer to 21, this strategy may be useful because you will bust if you go over 21 points. If you got 21 points from the start, (for example, the combination of Ace and 10), you already got a blackjack BTC. Therefore, you don’t need to stand in this case. But you should definitely stand when you have 17, 19, or 20. On these occasions, you can’t gain anything from taking another card and you will go bust regardless of what the dealer has. 

Double Down

Double Down is one of the most frequently used bets in BTC blackjack. Doubling down means increasing the value of your first bet by 100%. This means that you are doubling your points. The double down technique lets players make an additional bet, which is equal to their initial one. And they get one card in return. After that, your hand is already over and you have to wait for the dealer to see what he or she has got. Don’t forget that you should definitely have to stand after using this strategy and taking one more card. Otherwise, you will go bust. 


Another popular strategy of online blackjack bitcoin is Split. When a player is competing against a dealer, the split bet is very important to the tool. Split gives a player an opportunity to split the cards into two separate hands and receive an additional card for each hand. This strategy is a little bit complex but is very useful in BTC blackjack games. First of all, you can replace your cards in your hands, and also, the dealer loses the cards. But use this strategy carefully. For example, you shouldn’t split under any circumstance if you have a pair of tens because you will exceed 21 and lose. In this case, the dealer wins regardless of what they have. 


Sometimes players need to use the strategy of surrender in order to avoid going bust. Surrendering means giving up your hand after the initial bet. This may be a useful technique when you have a little chance of winning the hand in bitcoin blackjack. If you surrender, you will keep half of your initial bet, rather than continue playing with both hands and lose your entire bet. Surrender is a great option if a player has 17 against a 9, or 10 or Ace against 17. But pay attention that if you have 15 in a hand, you should surrender versus a dealer’s 10-point card. 

Types of Bitcoin Blackjack in Australia

Australian players tend to take part in various different types of Bitcoin blackjack games. Generally, Aussie crypto casinos offer almost all existing forms of blackjack in Bitcoin. The most popular blackjack variation in Australia is the Playback blackjack. But Aussies still like to take part in classic blackjack games because the BTC version of classic blackjack can be very favorable. The top three types of Bitcoin blackjack in Australia are Classic, Progressive, and Playback blackjack. However, top Australian casinos also offer many other forms of bitcoin blackjack online, including blackjack Switch, Spanish 21, Most Liberal 21, Super Fun 21, Double Attack Blackjack, and more.  Let’s discuss the most frequently played ones. 


Every single blackjack player in Australia is well-aware of the rules and strategies of classic blackjack. This type of blackjack is the most traditional form of Twenty-One games which is usually played at land-based casinos. Australian online casinos call this version of 21 “Classic blackjack” but you can also encounter it with the name of “blackjack” or “traditional blackjack”. In fact, this is the version Australian gamblers grew up playing. But the online gambling market in this country took the game to a completely different level. 

Traditionally this game is played with just one single deck. But some variations of this game can also have multiple decks, which is not very common. Playing classic blackjack is very easy. You just need to be informed about the basic rules of crypto blackjack and that’s it. The main purpose of this game is to create a hand with a value of cards that are equal to 21. Another option is to get closer to 21 points, but more than the dealer holds. The numbers cards count as 2-10, Aves count as 1 or 11, and Kings, Queens, and Jacks count as 10. At the start of the game, both the dealer and a player receive two cards. In classic blackjack, all cards of the player are dealt face up but only one single card of the dealer is dealt with face-up. 


Progressive blackjack is especially popular for those Aussie players that love winning progressive jackpots. The name “Progressive blackjack” is called after a popular side bet in blackjack. In order to place progressive bets, players must have a regular blackjack wager. Most times, this wager has to be more than AU$5.00. Bitcoin blackjack faucet deals often include progressive blackjack bets. The rules of progressive blackjack games are almost the same as the standard blackjack variations. But keep in mind that here you place your bets in BTCs. 

Again, the main objective is to obtain a hand with higher points than those of the dealer’s. However, the most important thing, which is also very favorable, is that progressive blackjack games are linked to a progressive jackpot network. This means that by winning the game, you will have a chance to get a jackpot. Generally, the prize keeps increasing until someone finally gets it. Once someone wins the jackpot, the network resets and starts getting bigger all over again. In most cases, Australian progressive jackpot games start increasing from AU$10 000 to AU$50 000. Main bets and side bets are usually the same as in regular blackjack games. So, if you enjoy the risks of the blackjack bitcoin faucet and want to experience the thrill of getting a progressive jackpot, you should definitely play progressive blackjack variations on Australian crypto casinos. 


Playback crypto blackjack is another popular online casino game in the Australian gambling market. Actually, playback is a type of bet which is frequently used in sports games, but Aussie gamblers also tend to use this strategy in crypto blackjack games. This is especially useful for those who miss placing a bet before the game begins. There are multiple betting options available in the process of a game. While wagering your cryptos in Playback blackjack, you can bet on point spreads, alternative point spreads, or money lines. But whether you use a playback bet or not, you still need to get closer to 21 points and defeat the dealer. Therefore, the basic rules of this game are exactly the same. 

How to Apply a Bonus to Your Blackjack Game

Bitcoin blackjack bonus is one of the most attractive features of BTC blackjack games in Australia. Top online casinos in this country usually offer plenty of generous bonuses and promotions. Most of them can be claimed only if a player makes deposits in Bitcoins. However, the best Aussie crypto casinos have diverse payment options on their platforms. So, if you are not a BTC user, you can still get blackjack-related bonuses by making bets in different cryptos. There are a number of cryptos available for online blackjack in Australia. Besides Bitcoin, some gambling sites allow you to use Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, and even EOS or other crypto coins for placing your bets. 

If you want to get a bitcoin bonus while playing blackjack in Australian casinos, you should know that most of these websites offer different types of bonuses. The most popular promotion for beginners is indeed bitcoin blackjack with faucet. This is a great deal because you only need to perform a  basic action like watching an ad or clicking a certain link and as a result, you get a few BTCs completely for free. But the most common bonus for Australians is the Welcome Bonus which can have a form of no deposit bonus or a deposit bonus. 

No Deposit Bonus

Newcomers that just started to gamble on Australian online casinos are often offered no deposit bonus deals. No deposit is a type of bonus that can be received without having to deposit your money. Therefore, you can still get plenty of benefits while playing on Australian casinos without spending your Bitcoins. Today there are lots of high-quality online gambling sites in this country that offer a welcome bonus in a form of a no deposit bonus. However, keep in mind that this bonus also has certain conditions and requirements. In order to get a bitcoin blackjack free bonus, first of all, you need to register on a platform. Sometimes, you will also need to use a promo code that is received after registration. The most important thing is that the majority of no deposit bonuses have wagering requirements, meaning that you need to wager your bonus a certain amount of time. 

Deposit Bonus

The second most popular bonus type is a deposit bonus. Aussie casinos often offer their players various forms of deposit bonuses in order to encourage them to make deposits and become complete members of their platforms. A deposit bonus can be called the first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus, or something like that. Also, you can find reload bonuses that are usually intended for loyal casino customers. In any case, you need to make a deposit if you want to claim this bonus. The average size of a deposit bonus is a 100% match for making deposits on blackjack bitcoin. But it can be higher or lower, depending on a casino and its terms. 

Is BTC Blackjack for You?

Using Bitcoins in the process of playing blackjack can be very favorable. In fact, BTC bets are usually accompanied by higher winnings because the price of Bitcoin often changes and it’s highly likely that it will still continue to go up. Also, transactions in Bitcoin itself are related to lots of advantages. Players usually have to pay lower commissions for making BTC deposits. Most importantly, this digital currency provides guaranteed security. Thanks to blockchain, no third party can get involved in the transactions you make on Aussie crypto casinos. 

However, you should be aware of the risks as well. The main disadvantage of Bitcoin blackjack gambling is that these games carry high volatility which means that your chances of winning can be lower. But the opposite happens if the volatility of a blackjack crypto game is low. Moreover, nowadays there are not so many online casinos in Australia that accept Bitcoins on their platform. 

Pros Cons
Higher Winnings Chance of Volatility
Lower Commissions Limited BTC Casinos

FAQ on BTC Blackjack in Australia

What’s the minimum amount you can bet on BTC blackjack in Australia?

Generally, Australian crypto casinos have some limitations for minimum deposits, just like the rest of other casinos. On average, a typical Aussie casino requires players to deposit at least AU$10 or AU$15. But sometimes, it can be as low as AU$5 or as high as AU%25. Converting it to Bitcoins, the minimum bet you can place on BTC blackjack in Australia is 0.00032 BTC on average. 

Will I play with Live dealers for BTC blackjack?

Yes, if you’d like to. Australian online casinos provide lots of live dealer blackjack options that can be played with Bitcoins. While doing so, you can get blackjack bitcoin free prizes and bonuses. If a casino has a section for Live Casino, then you will have a chance to play blackjack games against live dealers and place your bets in BTC.

What’s the difference between Aussie BTC blackjack and regular blackjack?

The difference between bitcoin blackjack and regular blackjack on Aussie casinos is so small, that we can hardly call it a difference. Basic rules, strategies, and the entire process are the same whether you play blackjack with Bitcoin or Australian dollars. The only difference is that with BTC blackjack, you need to place bets in Bitcoins. In some cases, odds in BTC are more favorable. But generally, there’s no difference with betting odds as well.