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Huge List Of Best Australian Betting Sites [2022]

If you are looking for a sports betting site in Australia, you’re at the right place because in this review we will discuss all the possibilities of Bitcoin sports betting Australia available today. Nowadays Aussie sports betting operators provide lots of games where you can plac…

If you are looking for a sports betting site in Australia, you’re at the right place because in this review we will discuss all the possibilities of Bitcoin sports betting Australia available today. Nowadays Aussie sports betting operators provide lots of games where you can place your bets in BTCs. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy betting on mainstream sports, such as football, soccer, basketball, tennis, etc, or prefer the rarer forms of sports like cricket or horse racing, you can find everything you need on these Aussie betting sites with great odds of winning. 

AFL betting, cricket, horse racing, rugby, and golf are some of the most popular sports that Australians generally bet on. However, as the entire world becomes more and more digital, today eSports is considered as one of the most attractive types of where players can place their bets. eSports is one of the greatest fits for BTC betting. But if you’re not sure how to bet with cryptos on eSports or any other types of sports, you shouldn’t be concerned because the difference isn’t very big and we will explain everything in detail in this Bitcoin betting guide.

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Best Aussie Bitcoin Betting Sites Around

Betting with BTC is considered as one of the greatest options available on Australian online sportsbooks. The main reason for this is that it’s actually easier and far more convenient than real money betting. First of all, transactions with Bitcoins are very fast and secure and also, your bets will be accompanied by lower commission fees. Therefore, Bitcoin betting has a lot of advantages for Australians. Other than quick transactions and low additional fees, betting with BTCs is accompanied by great anonymity. 

Thanks to blockchain technology, your transaction history is completely hidden while making bets in BTCs. Therefore, you can easily place Bitcoin bets on any of your desired sports events with a  guarantee that no third party can be involved in your transactions. In fact, neither a bank nor the government can trace your identity according to the transactions you made. Not even the best Bitcoin betting operators have a possibility to link your identity to your bank account which makes BTC betting even more advantageous for Aussie gamblers. 

The most fortunate thing is that the best gambling sites in Australia that the majority of them provide a sportsbook and a  casino at the same time, which is quite a chance for those who want to play casino games for real money and place sports bets altogether. Besides, most of these sportsbook operators have mobile-friendly platforms meaning that you can easily place your bets either from your mobile devices, laptop or PC. Most of the games available on these Australian crypto sportsbooks are created by the leading iGaming companies in the world which prove one more time that you can absolutely trust these operators. 

What Sports Can You Bet on With BTC in Australia?

Today there are so many types of sports betting options available on new online betting sites that accept Bitcoin in Australia. As the online betting industry develops, the number of online sportsbooks with BTC betting possibilities increases rapidly. Aussie bettors can find lots of popular sports activities on Australian gambling sites where they can place their bets in BTCs. In fact, the most popular betting option for them is AFL Betting. But also, Aussies like to bet on major sports activities like cricket, horse racing, rugby, golf, NBA, and more. Among these types of sports, rugby, football, and cricket are so popular that they are even regarded as national sports. Therefore, Aussie online sites try hard to provide the greatest betting odds for these games.  Furthermore, the popularity of eSports is rising at a fast pace and today you can take part in lots of different eSports games as well. The most popular BTC betting options of Aussie gamblers are the following:

  • AFL Betting
  • Cricket
  • Horse Racing
  • Rugby 
  • Golf
  • eSports

AFL Betting

Aussie Bitcoin soccer betting sites usually provide AFL betting opportunities with BTCs. Australian Football League, which is more frequently referred to as AFL, is the highest league of Australian football. The league includes 18 different teams from five states of this country. This type of betting is available on either old and new sports betting sites in Australia. Soccer is one of the most popular forms of sport in Australia. The history of AFL goes back to the late 1800swhen the league was established. Initially, the league featured eight teams only and was called Victorian Football League (VFL), as it was available only in the state of Victoria. Afterwards, the league expanded and Australians took it to a national level. 

Today there are 18 teams in AFL and this sport is offered by all Australian bookmakers. The season usually lasts for 23 rounds and continues from March to September. The most advantageous part about Australian AFL betting is the possibility of live betting. Players can place their bets and watch an event simultaneously. At the end of the season, eight teams that are at the top of the leaderboard compete in a finale series that continues for four weeks. Even though players can bet on AFL events with their AU dollars or other fiat currencies, BTCs bets are more favorable. In fact, you can bet on Moneyline, handicap, or totals or even take part in special betting offers with your BTCs. 


The best sports betting sites in Australia also give locals chances to bet on cricket. Cricket is one of the most widely-known sports in this country. In fact, Australians even have a national cricket team, called Australian Men’s Cricket Team. Cricket is a famous sports game that is played with a ball and a bat. Usually, there are 11 players that take part in this game. Although Bitcoin cricket betting hasn’t been around for a long time, now Aussie gamblers enjoy placing their bets on this game pretty much. 

A cricket game includes a large playing field with two wickets that are defended by a batsman. Generally, a single cricket match continues from an afternoon to several days. The main aim of teams is to score runs and bring their opponent’s innings to an end. Betting on cricket with BTCs is very similar to regular cricket betting. In fact, there are two ways to bet on a cricket match. First of all, you can bet on the result of the match which is quite usual in sports betting. But also, you can place bets on the outcome of sic-overs. This means that you are placing your BTCs on how many runs you think will be scored by a certain team in a particular period of time. 

Horse Racing

Australian sports betting sites that accept Bitcoin also provide great odds for horse reading events. Horse racing is a form of spectator sport that has always been very popular in Australia. Actually, horse racing is a huge part of the history of sports in Australia. Therefore, Australians don’t consider it as just a regular form of entertainment. This sport has been around for centuries already. It was founded in Sydney in the 1800s and afterwards, many variations of this sport were introduced. There had been a time when horse betting wasn’t even considered a gambling activity. But now it’s a form of gambling just like ordinary gambling activities, like playing live casino games, betting on sports events, or gambling on Aussie slot machines. 

Today there are plenty of reliable horse racing betting sites in this country. Australian bookmakers are well-aware of the fact that horse betting is one of the most attractive types of sports to bet with crypto for local gamblers. As a result, they offer great betting odds for major horse racing events in Australia and in the whole world. Aussie horse racing has evolved so much that today even betting with BTCs is available on Australian horse betting sites. Even more, betting with BTCs has become the most favorable form of betting for local gamblers. 


Rugby is another national sport in Australia. The country has its own rugby team called the Australia national rugby union which is often offered to the Wallabies. Considering that local bettors usually support Australian teams, they often place bets on Aussie rugby teams as well. The first match of this team was held in Sydney in 1899. It was the time when they first won the match and defeated the British Isles. Since this time, rugby is very popular in Australia. 

Crypto gambling sportsbooks in Australia offer Bitcoin betting odds for rugby matches. The most important thing about these BTC betting opportunities is that most times, they are accompanied by the best bonus offers. Deposit and no deposit bonuses are not the only available choices for those who bet on rugby and they can even take advantage of free bet bonuses, which is the most beloved type of bonus for sports bettors. Even though rugby union is sometimes called a dying sport in Australia, local bookmakers still continue to offer betting options for this sport and help it keep growing. As a consequence, the AU rugby union is still one of the best rugby teams in the world at this moment. 


One more sport that is usually considered as one of the most popular ones for Australian bettors is golf. Generally, this sport is frequently ranked among the top ten sports to play today in Australia. Needless to say, crypto sports betting sites also offer plenty of golf events on which Aussie gamblers can place their bets with BTCs. The first time when this sport was introduced in Australia was in May 1839 in the capital city. Today the premier gold tournaments in this country are run by Golf Australia and these events have been held since 1904.

Australian betting sites give gamblers opportunities to place their bets on major golf events such as the Masters Tournament, the U.S. Open, The Open Championship, or the PGA Championship. Each of these events is held annually, giving bettors much time to predict possible outcomes. A great part of Aussie golf events is available on Australian mobile betting sites as well. Therefore, you can use your smartphones and palace bets with BTCs in a more convenient way. BTC betting on golf events is the same as on different sports. In fact, you can take part in Bitcoin betting just as you would with any other currencies. You just need to choose BTCs while placing bets and cash-out money using Bitcoins as well. 


Even though all forms of online betting is very popular in Australia, eSports betting definitely stands out. Australian iGaming companies are developing more and more video games with great visuals, HD graphics, and amazing features. Due to their convenience, Australian bookmakers held lots of competitions of these multiplier video games. Just like the rest of the world, the most popular video games for Aussie players are League of Legends, Fortnite, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, Call of Duty, and more. Aussie sportsbook sites give players chances to place bets on these games with Bitcoins. 

The main mechanism of eSports BTC betting is just the same as regular betting. eSports is a term that describes a multiplayer video game that is played by teams of opponents. In order to take part in Bitcoin betting eSports, you need to choose a team, get a crypto wallet, register on the platform, and place bets on this particular team or your favorite player. Thanks to the increased price of BTCs, you will have a chance to get greater benefits compared to regular, fiat money betting. 

Betting With Cryptos in Australia – Step by Step Guide

As you probably already know, there’s not much difference between betting with Au Dollars and cryptos. However, the services of crypto sportsbooks are accompanied by a number of advantages. Besides, in order to place bets in BTCs, you will definitely need to know some basic principles of betting in general. But there are some differences as well. For example, unlike usual bets, here you’ll need to get a crypto wallet first to be able to conduct crypto transactions. So, if you are a newcomer and it’s your first time on a crypto sportsbook, read this BTC sports betting guide carefully. We will try to explain in detail how to place bets with BTCs in Australia. 

Step 1 – Get a Crypto Wallet

In order to place bets in Bitcoins, the first step is to create a crypto wallet. If you want to access cryptocurrencies, you need to have a blockchain account first. So, find a reliable site that gives you a chance to transfer your AU dollars to cryptos. Keep in mind that it must be a platform that you trust. Make sure that this website is secure enough and easy to use and proceed with. Then you need to create an account. Just enter your personal information, create a strong password, and your blockchain wallet will be created immediately. You will need to use this crypto wallet for sending a deposit on your preferred game. 

Step 2 – Register

Then you need to choose carefully and register on the best BTC sports betting site in Australia. All of our recommended bookmarks have simple registration procedures. You just need to click “sign up”, enter some of your personal information, such as username, password, first and last name, country, and city of resistance, etc. Then, you should choose Bitcoin as a payment method if a sportsbook provides more than one payment option. Finally, sign that you are 18 or more and agree to the terms and conditions of your preferred sportsbook site. Generally, the privacy policies of these betting sites are fair, as Aussie operators try to pay attention to the needs of their customers. 

Step 3 – Make a Deposit

Finally, you can place a bet on your favorite sport. For this, first, look at the provided sports categories on your chosen website. These Canadian sportsbooks provide lots of types of sports and each of them includes different leagues. Once you choose the best Bitcoin sports betting option, you can proceed to make a deposit. Just click “deposit” and choose BTC. There you’ll see your unique address for crypto deposits. Indicate the amount of BTCs you want to transfer, use a promo code if you have one and send a deposit. Your BTC transaction will be confirmed in minutes.

What Bonuses Can You Get?

Bitcoin sportsbooks that are based in Australia usually provide diverse choices of bonuses. There you can take advantage of welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, deposit and no deposit bonuses, and more. Players are usually rewarded for placing their first bet on a platform. Pay attention that even though some of these best sports betting sites in Australia accept multiple payment providers, their bonuses may be only in cryptos, as they are crypto-focused.  

So, choose the right method of payment while making a deposit. Also, how surprising it may seem, some betting sites Bitcoin even provide bonuses for a series of bets that you’ve lost. Therefore, you can get great benefits by just making deposits on these platforms even if you lose. Let’s review the most popular bonus types of Aussie sportsbooks which are no deposit and deposit bonuses. 

No Deposit Bonus

Compared to deposit match bonuses, No deposit bonuses are rarer on Australian crypto betting sites. In general, the main advantage of this type of bonus is that you don’t need to make a deposit in order to take advantage of it. Therefore, you can get benefits from these crypto sportsbooks even without spending your Bitcoins. That’s especially favorable for new users who have never gambled with real money. No deposit bonus on sportsbooks sometimes is referred to as Free Bets. A free bet bonus is one of the most desired bonuses for sports bettors. This means that players can make bets on the best Bitcoin betting site and keep their winnings for themselves. 

Actually, it’s an opportunity to make bets without any risks and get paid if your bet wins without depositing anything. However, there is a certain difference between free bets and usual bets. With regular bets, you contribute the stake yourself. But with free bets, your winnings are independent of the stake. This is the greatest option for beginners. However, if you can’t decide which market and which bet they prefer to choose, you should check the terms and conditions on a free bet. 

Deposit Bonus

Unlike no deposit bonus, deposit match bonuses require you to make deposits in order to claim a bonus. The deposit bonus is the most common form of sportsbook bonus that you can bump into on a crypto betting site. Generally, this bonus is awarded after a user makes the first deposit on a website. However, some Aussie Bitcoin bookmakers provide deposit bonuses for their loyal customers as well, weekly or even monthly. Most times, a deposit bonus is a part of the Welcome Bonus which is designed for new players only. In order to claim deposit bonuses, you should definitely check the bonus terms and conditions because probably, this bonus will have some limitations for minimum and maximum amounts of BTCs you can deposit and withdraw.  Also, keep in mind to use available promo codes and meet wagering requirements. You need to use your crypto wallet to make a deposit on Australian BTC sportsbooks. 


Finally, we can say that if you are thinking about betting on sports events, Australian crypto sportsbooks are definitely the best choice for you. BTC sports betting sites are accompanied by lots of advantages. First of all, they provide diverse options of sports, from national sports like cricket to more advanced types such as eSports or soccer betting. Therefore, it’s hard not to find something suitable for you. One of the greatest advantages of BTC betting is that risks related to confidentiality are reduced. Blockchain technology ensures that you are the only one who has access to your account and personal details. So, no one can trace your transactions and no third party can get involved. Besides, deposits in BTCs are much faster than usual AUD deposits, though withdrawals can be a little bit slower.

The bottom side is that BTC betting is a newly developed gambling activity in the online betting industry and therefore, the available betting options may not be enough satisfying for you. However, crypto sportsbooks continue to keep up with the latest technologies and in the future, crypto bettors will have more diverse chances to place bets in Bitcoins.