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AU casinos with Big Time Gaming that are actually good

Gambling is a truly vast industry with lots of players. There are hundreds of casinos that are vying for the attention of millions of gamblers around the world. The industry is segmented in a way that there usually isn’t a single company that does everything from developing games…

Gambling is a truly vast industry with lots of players. There are hundreds of casinos that are vying for the attention of millions of gamblers around the world. The industry is segmented in a way that there usually isn’t a single company that does everything from developing games to offering them to the end-users. Instead, casinos purchase software from providers who are responsible for creating these games. There are a handful of such providers in the world but only a few manage to establish themselves on the market and acquire a loyal customer base. Some of these names have become popular brands that gamblers look for online gambling platforms. Big Time Gaming software AU provider is definitely one of such providers. In this article, we will go over the background of the provider as well as some of its most notable products.

Casinos you should go to for Big Time Gaming games

Did you spend hours online searching for the right Big Time Gaming casino and couldn’t find one? We understand. The process can be exhausting. To help you out, we have created a list of the best Aussie casinos where you’ll find Big Time Gaming software.

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Quick background on Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming is one of the largest casino software providers in the world. It also develops software for government lotteries and provides its services in strictly regulated markets. BTG is based in Australia. The company is led by Nik Robinson, a veteran in the business who has been actively involved in the industry since 1996 when he founded New Tech Media. The Chief Technology Officer of the company, Huw McIntosh also has extensive experience of working in the industry. Overall, the team behind the company is enthusiastic about the market and is focused on innovation and quality which is evident in Big Time Gaming slots Australia casinos offer as well.

“Big Time Gaming’s Slots consistently deliver ‘BIG WINS’ to players with a proven track record with the world’s largest operators” – reads the website of the company. In fact, BTG is also actively providing its own incentives to gamblers around the world not relying on the bonuses offered by the casinos. For example, at the time of writing it is giving away a Tesla Model 3 to one of the players who achieve the biggest win every month. Players who are interested in participating in the promotion shouldn’t be concerned about the regulatory status of the company as it is licensed in multiple jurisdictions including Canada, the UK, Gibraltar, and Alderney. Aussie Big Time Gaming online slots and software have to go through meticulous vetting before they are offered to the end-users.

Notable games by Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming has many iconic titles under its belt. If you are an experienced gambler you will surely recognize some of these games. We will go over some of the most iconic products BTG has come up with and describe them in detail. This way, if you register on an Australian gambling platform and you manage to get your hands on Aussie no deposit bonus BTG promotions, you will know what options you have for spending the bonus money.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Many popular TV shows have inspired slots but not many of them have been as successful as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. This game features standard symbols that depict different types of gems, and the standard letters and numbers. The logo of the famous game serves as a Scatter symbol. If you land three of these symbols anywhere on the reels at the same time, you’ll trigger 8 free spins and a Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble. The more Scatters you land, the higher up you will be on the Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble prize ladder. This bonus feature is inspired by the TV show. You get to pick randomly from four answers: A, B, C, and D. If you get it right, you move up the ladder. One correct answer gets you to 10 free spins, two to 12, and so on. This Big Time Gaming free spins Australia feature makes the game truly exciting. What’s more fun, is that you actually get to use the lifelines from the show for the answers.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit is another iconic BTG game. It is a fan favorite for its visuals as well as features. The game is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and is thus able to offer striking visuals and color schemes. This game is packed with fun bonuses that will attract gamblers who enjoy complex and layered games. The White Rabbit itself acts as a Scatter symbol and can trigger free spins. There’s a Wild symbol that can substitute for the standard symbols to form a winning combination. It is labeled accordingly. On the side of the reels, there’s the famous caterpillar from the books. It can add up to four bonus wilds to the reels randomly during the base game. The bonus wilds not only act as usual wilds but also increase all combinations by 2 or 3. If you think that’s enough to entice you to spend your Big Time Gaming casino bonus Australia offer on the game, wait till you hear more.

White Rabbit also features Extending Reels. When this feature is triggered, more symbols are added to the reels which increases your chances of winning. There’s also the Cupcake symbol, When it lands on the reels, it is immediately replaced by two new symbols, thus extending the number of symbols on the reel. You can get up to 12 symbols in a single reel in this manner. If a reel reaches that level, you get the Queen’s reel which lands more Red Queens and Wilds. You also get a Feature Drop option that allows you to buy the special features. If this doesn’t convince you to spend your Big Time Gaming casino deposit bonus Australia offer on the game, what will?

Book Of Gods

Many cultures have given foundation to online slots and the old Egypt is definitely one of them. Book Of Gods is a popular game that is quite visually pleasing and also offers a few bonus features. This is probably on a tamer side of BTG games. You get your standard symbols that depict different Egyptian gods. The Book of Gods itself represents both a Wild and a Scatter in the game. It can substitute for all other symbols except for the Feature Drop. A unique feature of the game is called Symbol Cloning. In the base game, during every spin, 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A will be revealed as the cloning symbol on the book that’s displayed to the left of the reels. After the spin, the cloning symbols feel all of the positions on the reels where they appear thus increasing your chances of landing a winning combination. Whenever you land three or more Scatters and trigger Free Spins, one of the gods will be selected as a cloning symbol. Book of Gods is one of those games that definitely need to be checked out, especially, if you have received a Big Time Gaming no deposit free spins Australia offer.


Big Time Gaming continues to dominate the visual aspect of the games with another one of its hits – Bonanza. This game features a peaceful scenic backdrop with a water mill on the side. There are some cool features as well that you can be entertained by. The Scatter symbols trigger 12 free spins. There’s also a feature where if a cart appears, it adds an extra symbol to the reel it’s no top of. Whenever a symbol wins, it is replaced by another one that drops from the top or from the right in the carts. You also get the dynamite Wild that replaces others on the reels. That’s pretty much it for the special features of the game. If you like simpler slots and are still interested in Big Time Gaming, you should give this one a try. Some casinos might reward you with Big Time Gaming no deposit Australia free spins for the game.


What kind of Big Time Gaming bonuses are there?

Bonuses have become inseparable from the online gambling industry. Everywhere you look, there’s bound to be some kind of a bonus. Casinos and providers try to compete with each other through these promotions and it would be unwise of you as a customer to ignore them. You should take advantage of the competitive environment in the industry and pick out the platforms that offer the best Big Time Gaming casino bonus Australia

promotions. There are two main kinds of bonuses you’ll need to be familiar with: deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. Some casinos might come up with unique offers as well but that is not very common.

Deposit bonuses are awarded to gamblers after they make a deposit. Usually, the first promotion that you’ll be able to use on a casino is going to be a first deposit bonus. As the name suggests, this is a deposit bonus that only concerns your first deposit on the casino. The bonus itself might include free spins or a match bonus. Free spins are awarded for a particular slot game. You will only be able to use those spins on that slot. Using the bonus, you can spin the reels for free a given number of times and accumulate winnings. Those winnings will be yours to keep. If a deposit offer includes a few of the AU Big Time Gaming slots online, you’ll be able to play BTG games with the bonus as well. However, as most casinos have slots by multiple providers, it’s not guaranteed.

A match bonus, on the other hand, is more comprehensive as it allows you to pick from a wider array of games. It might not include all the games on the platform but it will definitely have a bigger selection than free spins. A match bonus matches your deposit by a certain percentage. For example, if a casino has a match bonus of 100% when you deposit $50 on your account, you will get an extra $50 to gamble with. You won’t be able to withdraw the money directly but you can gamble with it and keep the winnings. If you manage to find such Big Time Gaming deposit bonus Australia promotions, you’ll be able to select the game by the developer you want to spend the bonus on.

No deposit bonuses do not require you to make any deposit before giving you the reward. Because these offers entail less commitment from players, you won’t find as many casinos offering them. No deposit bonuses might also reward you with a number of free spins, or they might give you free cash. Once again, you won’t be able to withdraw the money but you can use it to make bets and accumulate winnings. No deposit bonuses are usually more coveted by the players for obvious reasons. However, because casinos don’t want to be in the business of giving away money, you’ll find that many of them will ask you to make a deposit before allowing you to actually take hold of your winnings. You should read the full description of Big Time Gaming casino no deposit bonus Australia offers before you sign up for them.

The fact that the casino is allowing you to accumulate winnings from your bonus doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to withdraw the money. To do that, you’ll need to meet the wagering requirements first. These are conditions that specify how much money you need to bet on the casino to be able to withdraw. Usually, it is specified in terms of the bonus cash that you received. For example, a wagering requirement of 5x with a $50 bonus means that you have to bet a total of $250 on the platform before you request a withdrawal. Tough wagering requirements could mean that you won’t be able to see any actual benefit from the Big Time Gaming no deposit bonus Australia offers, so you should check out these conditions before making any commitments.

How do I choose which BTG slot to play?

Slots offer the most variety out of all casino games. You will be able to find thousands of these games even on a single gambling platform. Big Time Gaming has quite a variety as well. Eventually, you will need to pick out the best game to play. If you’re new to gambling, you will not yet have developed preferences and the experience to judge games right off the bet. Instead, you’ll have to base your decision on several criteria. We will go over these features below so that you find it easier to make the final decision and pick out the best Big Time Gaming slots Australia casinos have to offer.

The first thing you can think about to narrow down your options is the theme of the game. If you have a particular movie or a TV show you’re interested in, or if you prefer games based around mythology, you can go for those slots. Themes are one of the main ways game developers distinguish their products from the rest on the market. There might be several games that offer the exact same features and gameplay with the only difference being in the theme. Some gamblers discount this factor completely from the equation and focus on more pragmatic aspects of the game. However, a theme will definitely have a big impact on your gambling experience so it’s something that should be taken into consideration when picking out games to play on top Big Time Gaming casinos accepting Australian players.

Design is also crucial to the experience and very often it will be determined by the theme of the game. Certain themes allow for more striking visuals, animations, and color schemes than others. The visual aspect of slots is one of the best things about these games. However, it is also very subjective. You shouldn’t look for a list of the most visually appealing games. Instead, when you’ve selected a few you’re interested in, launch the free version of the game and in the first few seconds you should be able to judge the design for your own. Game developers like BTG put lots of resources into developing high-quality games with great graphics and top-notch animations. It would be a waste not to take advantage of this and go for the games that are also pleasing to the eye. You shouldn’t have a shortage of options when it comes to Big Time Gaming casino Australia slots.

Visuals are important but there’s also the substance that you have to consider. Since slots are pretty straightforward games with simple rules, the uniqueness of the games comes from the bonus features. Do you want to go for games that only have a free spins mode or are you interested in slots that have interesting and unique features that tie into the theme? Many developers will come up with unique ideas for layered bonuses and different playing modes within the game. For some gamblers, this makes the process more fun and exciting. When you launch a game on one of the Big Time Gaming casinos Australia offers, click on the info button and it should display the list of all features that can be accessed in the game as well as ways to unlock them. Make your decision accordingly.

Gaming should never be about the return as all casino games are ultimately losing ventures. However, you can still think about the return to break a tie between games that you are equally attracted to. With slots, return is usually measured by RTP or Return to Player. This number, that is usually expressed as a percentage, denotes how much on average the game will pay back per bet. For example, if a slot has an RTP of 95%, you can expect to win $95 per every $100 you bet in the long term. This doesn’t mean that you can’t beat the odds. Gambling is based on chance and there are those who win while others lose. This number simply expresses what you would get from the game if you played indefinitely. Don’t expect RTP to ever be above 100%, however, you should aim for the high 90s. You should be able to find this information on the developer’s website or the casino itself. It will definitely help you pick out games on the best Big Time Gaming casinos Australia has to offer. There is another measure of return as well which is equally important but often overlooked.

RTP shows how much you’ll get in the long-run back from the game but it doesn’t say anything about the distribution of these returns. For example, a game that pays nothing for nine turns and then pays $10 on the tenth will have the same RTP as the game that pays $1 per turn for ten consecutive turns. The experience for a gambler, however, will be drastically different. The distribution is better measured by Volatility. Usually, casinos and developers will express the volatility of a slot game from 1 to 5, 5 being the most volatile. There’s no set rule for which type of slots you should go for. It depends on your preferences. If you are willing to sacrifice small wins for a chance of a bigger win, you want to go for the more volatile games. If you don’t want to have long losing streaks, you should aim for less volatile ones. Much like RTP, you should be able to find information on Volatility on the developer’s website as well as the Australian Big Time Gaming casino online websites.