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Most exciting Betsoft Gaming casinos in Australia

It’s always positive to talk about software providers like Betsoft Gaming as the quality is most certainly guaranteed. In this Betsoft Gaming review of sorts, we will focus on the circumstances that the company was founded and the journey it had to go through in order to reach th…

It’s always positive to talk about software providers like Betsoft Gaming as the quality is most certainly guaranteed.

In this Betsoft Gaming review of sorts, we will focus on the circumstances that the company was founded and the journey it had to go through in order to reach the heights it is sitting on top of right now.

Mostly you will see information about the number of casinos that accept Betsoft’s games, platforms, and tools used to develop these games and of course their nature.

We will also talk about Betsoft’s legal documentation and the licenses that allow them to operate as they operate in the modern world.

Furthermore, we will provide examples of some of the best Betsoft Gaming Australian casino slots and feature them individually for players to see.

Finally, we will offer you a small FAQ section where most players to find detailed information. It will contain everything starting from the complexity of developing these games and algorithms, to the details of how to maximize winnings and what facilitates them.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the company information.

Into Betsoft Gaming games? Skip the intro and start gambling right away

If you’re new to gambling, it’s a good idea to go over the background of the provider. However, if you’ve been gambling for some time, just dive into our list below and pick out a casino to sign up on.

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What is Betsoft Gaming?

Betsoft Gaming is a casino software provider that was founded in 2006 and has been dominating the industry ever since. With a large team of in-house developers, designers, and gameplay administrators, Betsoft has managed to conquer the gambling market and is currently represented on as many as 500 online casinos.

Naturally, those 500 casinos contain dozens of Australia Betsoft online casinos as well, which we will talk about in a casual manner further into the article.

What else we can say about Betsoft is that they’ve always prioritized the compliance with global regulations for casino games, meaning that their algorithms and game design are always oriented on fairness.

This is why they hold things like a class 4 Malta Gaming Authority license which they acquired in 2014. This was not the last license Betsoft Gaming got though, as they started focusing on certification from AAMS in 2016 and multiple further down the line.

However, one of the major decisions that the company made just recently (in company years) was when they decided to adopt the HTML5 framework, therefore giving access to their games to players from any device whatsoever.

In fact, accessibility is the primary reason why AU Besoft Gaming casino slots are so popular with Australians and other players from the world.

Let’s now get to the bread and butter of this article and the segment that undoubtedly everybody has been looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the best Betsoft Gaming online casino slots and try to showcase just how well this company manages to provide quality while also maintaining a fairly high volume of quantity.

Spinfinity man

Spinfinity man is one of the latest Betsoft Gaming slots and it managed to take the industry by storm from the get-go. Nearly every single casino of that 500 lists immediately listed the game and started promoting it on its platform thanks to its engaging and nostalgic design.

The game revolves around Spinfinity man trying to combat Dr.X an evil mastermind trying to destroy the city.

The game is based on a 7×7 grid which allows hundreds of paylines to choose from, thus giving players multiple ways of generating profits from playing Spinfinity man.

However, the reason why Spinfinity man is one of the best Aussie Betsoft Gaming slots on mobile is due to the added value that special features and bonus levels provide.

The whole idea of the game revolves around finding ten Dr.X symbols and finally challenging him to a duel during a 10 free spin round. During these free spins, Spinfinity man gets an increased chance to find his superpowers during a spin, which all lead to more and more winnings.

Here’s what the superpowers do.

Laser Beam Eyes. With this superpower Spinfinity man can clear whole rows or columns around the bonus symbol, thus leading to either more free spins or extremely large winnings as “broken” symbols are replaced with constantly more falling in their place, therefore opening a chance for amazing combinations. This is one of the primary reasons why Betsoft-powered Australian casinos are usually the most popular around the world.

Frost Breath. The frost breath freezes several rows in place and allows more and more symbols to keep falling from above and landing on already guaranteed combinations. Although not the best superpower, but a superpower nonetheless.

Telepathy. Spinfinity man’s telepathic abilities allow him to randomly choose a symbol and “break” them on the spot. These symbols can be the ones that provide the most payouts or they could be the ones that are most common during a specific spin.

Other features include the occasional fangirl that will take Spinfinity man’s pictures and help him break some random symbols in the process as well.

Keep in mind that all the symbols that break due to bonus features are considered as winnings, so the more powers you get, the more payout you’ll be able to receive.

Viking Voyage

Have you ever heard the phrase, “No good story starts with a glass of milk?” Well, that also applies to the gambling industry as well.

“No good software company has started without a Viking slot”.

Betsoft Gaming casinos in Australia are no exception in this as they all feature the relatively newly released Viking Voyage, which takes a much different approach to slots gambling that Spinfinity man that we talked about earlier.

As already mentioned, the game is quite simple and will be immediately familiar to any veteran gambler. It consists of five columns and three rows which all combine into around two dozen paylines for the players.

There are also wild symbols as per usual, bonus symbols and the additional “Buy Feature” symbol which we’re about to explain.

Viking Voyage has a very unique feature attached to it, which is called the “Buy Feature”. Basically, this small button at the bottom right corner of the game allows players to purchase 12 free spins. Depending on how much you’re wagering at a given moment, the price will differ.

However, players also have a chance of getting the discount symbol that reduces the price for buying those free spins. If the price is reduced to zero, then the free spins start automatically and payout 3x the winnings.

Another part of Viking Voyage is the impeccable Betsoft Gaming AU bonus feature that requires two symbols to appear during a spin instead of three. This bonus level triggers the free spins +3x payout benefit.

Another great unique feature is the “double-up” benefit, which allows players to add that extra risk with amazing payouts. After every significant win, the player will be offered a “toss a coin” game which is completely optional.

You can bet half or all of your previous winnings and potentially double them if you choose the correct side of the coin. Naturally, there are two sides, the “Heads” and the “Tails”.

Dragon Kings

Dragon Kings could be classified as one of the most profitable Betsoft Gaming slots in Australia casinos to date. The number of paylines and combinations that players can attain is enormous.

Thanks to the inclusion of unique symbols such as different colored dragons, an additional reel at the side of the game and a wild symbol that covers the whole column, players can reach jackpots within just minutes of playing the game. Let’s try to dissect it as much as possible.

First things first are the pearls that earn your free spins. 3 pearls mean 6 free spins with additional ones the more symbols you get. However, if you get a fiery pearl in the bonus reel at the edge of the game, your free spins can double as well.

Now let’s tackle the King Dragon symbol, which is this game’s wild symbol. Basically, it covers one whole column, therefore allowing players to make additional combinations on the reels. However, the real fun starts when the King Dragon is paired up with one of the colored dragons. That could actually lead to jackpots named Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Getting a dragon symbol during a spin of this game is the utmost priority as they come with amazing benefits.

The black dragon can provide 3x of your winnings on the next spin.

The red dragon can give you as much as x400 of your bet on that spin.

The white dragon creates another version of itself on adjacent reels and acts as a wild symbol.

The azure dragon gives the player one free spin and retains all the dragons on the reels if they had appeared when the azure dragon appeared.

Dragon Kings also comes with additional benefits such as the Buy Feature that allows players to get free spins whenever they like if they’re ready to pay the price for it.

Overall, Dragon Kings has the best Betsoft Gaming casino bonus Australia has to offer and even more. The RTP is 95.2% which are amazing odds for the player.

Fire and Steel

Fire and Steel are also referred to as the war of the wilds and the title is not joking at all. The whole game is revolved around getting the wild symbols and generating as much profit as possible.

The game itself is quite simple, there are four rows and four columns, each designed to create combinations to benefit the player as much as possible.

However, the whole centerpiece of this game is the wild symbol, which actually has two variations.

You can see in the picture that there are two knights standing at either side of the grids. One male and the other female. Both of them act as wild symbols but have unique features as well.

When you get the male wild symbol, he will turn all of the columns below or above him into wild symbols and potentially generate x100 of your bet. The female knight will trigger wild symbols on the rows instead of columns. Needless to say, the female knight takes the cake as her wild symbol is much more profitable by far.

Much like any other Betsoft Gaming AU mobile slot, this game has its own unique flair to it, giving the players what they so desire, the possibility to make a fast buck, with an RTP of 95%.

Frequently asked Betsoft Gaming questions

As promised in the intro of our article we will provide you with information on the most frequently asked questions about not only Betsoft Gaming but about gambling in general. If you’re a veteran you can also use this info to refresh your memory for the future.

So, without further ado, let’s begin explaining!

What is an RTP?

An RTP is an acronym for “Return to Player”. This is a very important factor to focus on for professional gamblers as it’s what determines the profitability of the slot you’re playing. Normally, you’d never find anything below 90% but there have been cases in the past.

Basically what happens with RTP is that the return of profit to you as a player is equivalent to the percentage stated to your bet. So if you bet $100 on a single spin and the RTP is 90%, you will get $90 as a win if the combination is correct.

Every single slots game has this not just Australian Betsoft Gaming online slots games. Make sure to always check it as you don’t want to find out in the middle of your session that you’ve been playing a game with a 50% RTP.

What are Reels?

Reels are basically the columns that you see in the game. The columns that house the symbols inside of them are what we referred to as reels, it’s basically the things that actually do the spinning when you press that button.

The easiest way to explain it is to imagine a 4×4 grid. The game has four columns and four rows. This means that there are 4 reels in total all of them having a corresponding number. If you remember when we were talking about the extra reel with Dragon Kings, that was reel number 6 because it was at the end of the first row.

Reels are what help us create combinations with symbols and get some kind of payout, but the main focus is, of course, the symbols themselves. Speaking of symbols.

What types of symbols are there?

Pretty much every new Betsoft Gaming casino in Australia will tell you that there are four types of symbols. These are the “Low payers”, the “High payers”, the “Wilds” and the “Bonuses”. However, there are also developers like Betsoft who like to include additional types of symbols which we refer to as “Uniques”.

The colored dragons in Dragon Kings is a perfect example. Although many would classify them as “High payers” we still identify them as uniques because of their unique features and benefits for the average player.

Let’s now focus on the bonuses and the wilds for a moment.

The Wilds

The wild symbols are basically universal symbols. Meaning that when you get this symbol it can take the shape of any other symbol and participate in any other combination. That’s why it’s so important to get as many of them as possible because players can get up to 5 combinations every spin if the wilds are placed correctly.

The Bonus

The bonus symbols are usually very easy to identify. They mostly have the word Bonus written on them, but that’s not always the case.

What you need to know about them is that they can give you either immediate cash or free spins as a benefit. All of the best Betsoft Gaming casino bonus Australia is full of come in the shape of these free spins or immediate cashouts.

But there are some variations sometimes, such as additional gambling with the “toss a coin” features and multipliers.

How do I get bonuses?

Betsoft Gaming is very popular with every casino that features them, therefore always expect that they will have some kind of promotion for them at least once every year. These bonuses are usually in the form of free spins or multipliers.

All you need to do is pay attention to what your Casino sends in its weekly newsletters and look for things like Betsoft Gaming deposit bonus promo codes Australia or the country where the casino operates, as that’s how they usually refer to them.

Other than that, the company itself doesn’t have the right to send out these promo codes, they need to agree with the casino first.

That’s all there is to Betsoft Gaming

That’s about all you’ll ever need to know about Betsoft Gaming and their products. Most of the newly released games are quite similar so there’s no real learning curve to it.

As long as you know the basics of wilds, bonuses and paylines, you’re pretty much good to go.