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Betting sites with the best bonus offers in Australia

Sports betting is a very popular activity in Australia. There are many users who avidly follow certain sports and want to add to the experience by having stakes in the game as well. This is possible through sports betting. Because the interest in the activity is so big, there are…

Sports betting is a very popular activity in Australia. There are many users who avidly follow certain sports and want to add to the experience by having stakes in the game as well. This is possible through sports betting. Because the interest in the activity is so big, there are many providers out there who want to capitalize on that interest and earn money by offering their bookmaking services. As a result, the market has been saturated with many different players. These companies have to distinguish themselves daily not to lose customers and to attract new ones. One way they can achieve this is by offering bonuses. While they are totally free to come up with offers as they please, there are a few types of bonuses that you’ll encounter most often. As a user, you should be familiar with these types as well as the process of using them to be able to make the right decisions down the line. In this article, we will cover the best bonus bet offers Australia sites provide.

List of the best betting sites with great bonus offers for Australians

If you already know how the bonus offers work, skip the boring part explaining the details and pick out one of the trusted betting sites from the list below.

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Types of betting bonuses

Deposit bonuses

Probably the most common type of bonus you’ll come across on betting sites is the deposit bonus. As you might guess from the name, these bonuses are awarded after a user makes a deposit on the website. The bonus could be for the first deposit exclusively or for the repeat ones. It will often take the form of a match bonus. What this means is that the website will match your deposit by a certain percentage, which usually varies between 50% and 200%. The matched amount will be given to you as a bonus cash. You can’t withdraw the bonus cash directly, however, you can use it to make bets on the platform and then cash the winnings. Deposit bonus bet Australia offers are a great way for companies to encourage users to deposit money on the website and thus commit themselves to use it to a certain degree.

The features to pay attention to with a deposit bonus is the percentage your deposit will be matched by, the wagering requirement and the list of supported sports or bet types. The first is pretty self-explanatory. Everything else held constant, the higher the percentage, the better. The wagering requirement refers to the condition that specifies how much money you need to wager on the website before you are allowed to withdraw the winnings. You are not necessarily guarantee that you’ll be able to keep the money you win through the bonus cash. You have to fulfill the wagering requirements first. If these conditions are too demanding, it could take away the whole appeal of the bonus, so it’s best to pay attention to these things beforehand. Lastly, the betting site might not allow you to wager the deposit bonus bets Australia cash on all types of sports or all types of bets available on the platform. If you have a particular preference, you should make sure that you’ll be able to use the money for it.

No deposit bonuses

Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you will also encounter no deposit bonuses at online sports betting sites. These, unlike the deposit bonuses, don’t require you to make a deposit. You only have to create an account and use the bonus code if one is provided. You will receive the benefit immediately and be able to start making bets. The benefit itself might consist of free cash that can’t be withdrawn but can be used to place bets. The rest of the process is similar to the deposit bonuses. You will have wagering requirements to satisfy in order to be able to withdraw the winnings. Expect these requirements to be a bit tougher than those of deposit bonuses as no deposit bonuses are more expensive for the websites. If it was easy to make money through them everyone would sign up on such websites simply for the bonus and the company would go out of business really quickly. That’s why it’s important to read the whole set of conditions of a no deposit bonus bet Australia offer before you sign up for one.

Free bet bonuses

Another very popular type of bonus offered by online betting sites is the free bet bonus. This works just the way you would guess. You get to make free bets on the platform while keeping the winnings. Because of the obvious appeal of such offers, they are very effective in attracting new customers so the websites are putting out such promotions quite often. An important thing with free bet bonuses is to make sure that you are not going into it with too high expectations. For example, very often, such bonuses will not support all types of betting or all sports on the website. You will have to make sure that your favorite sports are included. There is also the issue of wagering requirements which applies to these bonuses as well as others such as no deposit bonus bets Australia offers.

The issue of the legality of betting bonuses is quite tricky. Providing online betting services in the country has been outlawed, which means that the operators of betting websites are taking on a huge risk of incurring fines when they serve customers in Australia. As a result, there is no legal framework for online bet bonuses to exist in, so by default, they are also illegal. On the other hand, there are absolutely no legal repercussions for individuals who decide to bet online. They can do so at their will, assuming that they manage to find a good website that’s willing to provide these services. This also means that you can take full advantage of the best bonus bet offers Australia platforms provide without the fear of being fined.

How do you decide which bonus to go for?

Due to the fact that there are so many platforms offering all kinds of bonuses to potential users, you will have to make a decision which one to accept. You can’t register on all websites to take advantage of all offers. In this process, the bonus itself is naturally quite important but there are other aspects of the betting sites that need to be taken into consideration as well. Otherwise, you might end up signing up on a platform that simply won’t be able to meet your expectations or even worse, will put your money or personal information at risk. To avoid all of this, you have to take a comprehensive look at the website and its services before handing over your information and payment details to it just because of the bonus bet AU offer it provides.


One of the first things you want to check about a betting site is whether it can be trusted or not. This is a bit tricky in Australia as there won’t be a list of licensed providers to resort to. Because of the illegality of the activity, there are no companies that have been vetted and allowed to operate by the regulators. The burden of doing those checks falls on you as a customer. You have to make sure that although the company doesn’t have a license to operate in Australia, it is at least regulated in some other jurisdictions. This will mean that the company has to follow certain guidelines and rules that will protect you as well. You also have to read lots of reviews online to get an idea of what the company’s services are like. If people have had bad experiences with the website, they will be more than glad to share them online. Don’t be fooled by a couple of positive reviews, especially if you come across them on the same forum. These could be fake reviews written or paid for by the company itself. Instead, observe the overall tone of the customers regarding the site, its services, and any sign up bonus bet Australia offers.

Supported types of betting

Of course, you are ultimately registering on the website to use its services and make bets. No matter how good the bonus is, if you can’t make the bets you want, there’s no point in the bonus at all. So, after you make sure that the betting site is safe to use, you have to move on to checking its supported types of betting. Most of these websites will have the support of the traditional fixed-odds betting but if you prefer live betting or any other uncommon types of betting, you have to check if they are available on this particular website. This shouldn’t be hard to do. You also have to check out what types of sports you can bet on. Most popular sports allowed on such sites are football, basketball, and tennis but it’s more than likely that your interests include other sports as well. See if the site will allow you to bet on them. What about eSports? Not all websites support betting on eSports but this particular type of betting is becoming more and more popular by the day. Some casinos might even have specific AU bookie bonus bets for eSports. There are also websites that will allow betting on other activities or real-life events, like elections.

Customer service

It’s not uncommon for people to ignore customer service when first considering different websites to sign up on. However, soon, when they come across an issue that’s not allowing them to continue making bets, they will be forced to pay attention to this aspect of the website. Customer service can become the top priority at times, which is why it’s important to think about it before you sign up on a website. There are a few ways the site might allow you to get in touch with the support staff. A very convenient way to do this is by using the live chat option. Live chat brings up a chat box right within your browser allowing you to talk to the representative directly. You can exchange messages until you come up with a solution. This way, no matter whether your question regards the payment options, site rules, or one of the bonus bet Australia promotions, you’ll be able to get a swift response.

There are other customer service methods as well. Phone lines used to be very popular before the introduction of the live chat technology. Although they are still present on many sites, most have substituted this method with the live chat. Phone lines are great for explaining and communicating your issue to the representative clearly. It also allows for instant feedback. On the downside, long queues might form as one representative can only help a single customer at a time. A slower and less effective method for urgent matters is using email. While it’s great for questions that require research, if the email is the only option available on the website, it might not be worth signing up on it just because of the Aussie free bet bonus offer.

User experience

You can’t ignore the user experience of the website either. It is a great way to compare different platforms that offer similar services. After you’ve been using the site for a while, you will get accustomed to its navigation and functionality. However, certain websites will take longer to get used to than others. There are some standards in site design that have established a logic many of our favorite websites follow. Because of this, we have developed intuition and can easily navigate websites we’ve never even visited before if they follow these standards. We know where to expect the menu bar and where to find information about the contact or customer support. The website that you choose should follow these principles and should have smart solutions for the design in addition to having the best bonus bets Australia offers. It’s not going to be hard to check all of this. You just have to open the website and you’ll see where everything is and how easy it is to navigate the site without straining your brain too much.

Mobile support

It’s not uncommon for many users to primarily rely on their smartphones or other mobile devices for making bets. More and more people are starting to actively use these devices for an increasing number of activities. If you’re one of such users, you will have to make sure that you’ll be able to access the site from your phone as well. Just because a website can be opened in your mobile browser doesn’t mean that it’s mobile-friendly. It should have a responsive design that offers an optimal interface and layout for the size of your mobile phone so that you don’t have to zoom in and out every time you want to click something. Most modern sites will follow the responsive principles, however, it never hurts to make sure. This way, you won’t have trouble navigating the site and using the AU sign up bonus bets on your phone.

There’s another way you can use your phone to make bets. The company that you’ve chosen might have developed a separate application that will allow you to get a more mobile-friendly experience. While the app will take up more space on your phone, it will almost certainly provide a better service. However, it’s not cheap or easy to develop such applications so don’t expect all companies out there to have one. You can check the availability of an app on the website or going to the app store and searching for the name of the company you’re considering to sign up on.

How do I deposit money to receive the bonus?

If you decide which is the best bonus bets Aussie offer for you and it requires a deposit to be activated or cashed, you will need to think about the payment options. In most cases, you will have a few options to choose from. There is no right or wrong answer here. You should go for the method that best fits your preferences and priorities. For example, if you want privacy and you don’t want your betting history to show up in your bank statement, you would probably want to avoid direct banking channels like credit/debit cards or bank transfers. Some banks could have policies that affect your credit score or access to certain services if you have a gambling history. You might also have to present your bank statement to other organizations with similar policies. In this case, you should go for alternative methods like electronic wallets, or online payment service providers. With these tools, the final destination of the transactions won’t be revealed to your bank.

For some people, privacy isn’t a huge priority when they want to deposit money and get the bonus bets Australia offer. Instead, they prefer fast and easy payments. While that completely depends on your idea of convenience, making payments through channels that you’re used to is probably a lot easier. For most people, that would be credit/debit card payments. The process will be very similar to online shopping. If you already have an electronic wallet that you use for other purposes, then e-wallets aren’t a huge problem either. However, because they are accepted in a much smaller number of merchants, you will have to move the money to and from your bank account frequently, which adds another step to the process. If you haven’t used an electronic wallet before, then setting it up and getting used to it might require some time and effort. Most of us already own bank cars and know how to use it.

Don’t forget to consider the withdrawals as well. Sometimes, the deposit options will be different from the withdrawal methods on the same platform. If you accumulate some winnings through your free bonus bet AU offer and meet the wagering requirements as well, you will want to withdraw that money, which can only be done using the methods supported by the betting site. With withdrawals, there will be a processing time that the company needs itself to release the payment. After that, different channels will take different amounts of time to get the funds to you. Naturally, you would want to go for the option that processes these payments in the shortest time.