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One of the most popular applications of Bitcoin is in the gambling industry. Bitcoin casinos online in Australia are some of the most sought-after due to the cryptocurrency payments they allow. 2017 was completely dominated by digital assets known as cryptocurrencies. As the price of these virtual coins started to skyrocket, it left many stories about quick riches and sudden fortune along its path. As a result, people started to pay more and more attention to the world of blockchain until the bubble burst in the early 2018 and the prices dropped precipitously. Still, the technology behind cryptocurrencies and its undeniable benefits have a lot of fans around the world. People see huge benefits in the fast and seamless transactions that the blockchain technology allows. These benefits are even more important with gambling, where the speed and privacy of transactions are paramount.

If you’ve decided that you’re interested in finding the best Bitcoin casino Australia has to offer, you’ll need to follow certain criteria in order to be secure in your decision and to find the best platform. In this article, we have outlined some of the most important advantages and drawbacks of gambling with Bitcoin, as well as the process of finding the best casino that offers cryptocurrency payments. It is best to go become acquainted with this information before you dive into Bitcoin gambling.

Already familiar with how it works? – Find the best Australian Bitcoin casinos here

If you don’t want to spend all that time on figuring out which casinos work and which don’t, we have done the search for you. Check out the list of best Australian Bitcoin casinos which we have meticulously selected for your convenience.

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Pros & Cons of Bitcoin casinos


Bitcoin payments have some significant advantages compared to traditional methods. The speed of transaction is one of them. When you get a sudden urge to play your favorite slot but are low on balance, you’ll want to be able to deposit right away and continue gambling. With Bitcoin online casinos in Australia, that is going to be very simple. Blockchain payments are processed very fast as there are no exchanges that need to be made between banks and there are no borders on blockchain either. Of course, there are the issues of scalability which could get in the way but will discuss them later. However, in general, blockchain payments are supposed to be instantaneous. That puts cryptocurrency above bank wires and other methods, however, many options like credit/debit card payments and eWallets are also instant, so it’s not enough on its own.

Privacy is another major reason why people decide to choose an Aussie online Bitcoin casino and transact with cryptocurrencies. Especially with gambling, people don’t always want the banks or other third-party companies to have access to the transaction history. That’s the reason why electronic wallets have become so popular with gambling. They introduce an extra step between the casino and the bank so that the gambling history is not reflected in the bank statement. However, with eWallets, these companies gain access to sensitive information which you might want to avoid. Bitcoin gaming and cryptocurrency payments use a decentralized technology and there is no central authority that can monitor your transactions. With cryptocurrencies, it is also often easy to conceal your identity when you are transacting. Thus, privacy is one of the biggest advantages that cryptocurrency casinos offer.


Cryptocurrency payments don’t only have advantages. Otherwise, Australian Bitcoin casinos would be much more popular than they are right now. One of the biggest disadvantages of cryptocurrencies is volatility. The price of Bitcoin and other popular cryptos could drop anytime and then come back up again. You never know what the value of these assets will be in the next hour. This makes it risky to hold on to the assets for an extended period of time. You might win playing your favorite games and then find out that the value of your holdings depreciated so that you’re no better off after all. That is a possibility with all types of assets, but with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it happens much more frequently. Of course, you can always cash out after you make a withdrawal, but even the intraday changes can eliminate your winnings.

Another reason why many avoid Bitcoin casino AU platforms is the regulatory environment. Most countries haven’t established a clear regulatory framework for the cryptocurrencies while others have banned them completely. Either way, you will find it troublesome to get involved with cryptos in many jurisdictions. Sometimes, banks will not process your payments to cryptocurrency exchange platforms so that you won’t even be able to purchase any in the first place. There is also a risk that the regulators will place a ban on cryptocurrencies in the future, which will be troublesome for you and could create issues with cashing out. To avoid all of these issues, many people choose to neglect cryptocurrencies altogether. However, in jurisdictions that allow smooth transactions with these assets, it shouldn’t be a reason to reject all the benefits that cryptos bring.

A major issue with any Australian online casino with Bitcoin, in particular, is the scalability of the biggest cryptocurrency in the world. Scalability refers to the ability of a network to process an increasing number of transactions. Bitcoin has some major scalability issues, which means that it can only process a limited number of transactions per given period of time and if the demand increases, so will the waiting time and the fees. The transactions are processed from a pool, waiting to be passed through the network. The higher the fee, the higher the chance that the transaction will be processed sooner. This could prove to be problematic for gamblers who want to avoid large fees as well as long waiting times.

How do I find the best online Bitcoin casino?

When you are looking for an online Bitcoin casino, you will have to pay attention to several features in order to choose the most optimal platform and not to have to switch to another AU Bitcoin online casino soon. While some of the things to think about are fairly obvious, there are also others that might not be as clear to beginners. We will go over the main criteria below and give a detailed explanation for each so that you are prepared when you have to make a choice among several options you think suit your needs.


The first thing you need to check is the reliability of the platform. If you can’t trust the casino that you’ve chosen, you can’t be sure that the features that have appealed to you are real or that you won’t lose your money and compromise your personal data in the process of gambling. Establishing the reliability of casino Bitcoin platforms in Australia is easier in some countries than in others. Unfortunately, Australia casino belongs to the latter category. The country has outlawed online gambling and has made it illegal for providers to offer their services to the population of Australia. Companies that fail to abide by the rule, will be fined up to $1.1 million a day. People gambling online, on the other hand, will not face any repercussions. They just have to find a casino first.

Because of the absence of a regulatory body and a licensing scheme, you can’t resort to the authorities to double-check the trustworthiness of an Australian Bitcoin casino. Generally, the regulator will have a register of licensed companies and you can be relatively more confident in your choice if a company is in that register. Unfortunately, such a resource is not available for the Australian gamblers. Instead, you’ll have to do the research yourself. First, make sure that the platform you choose is registered and licensed at least in some other countries. In such a case, the casino will have to follow some standards of behavior. Also, look at the past history of the company on the web. If it is completely new, be extremely careful. However, if the casino has been around for years and is still up and running, you can be more confident.


Of course, you’ll also need to take into consideration the Bitcoin games available on the casino. After all, the reason why you are searching for a platform in the first place is to play games. You want the casino of your choice to have many options and offer your favorite games as well. Casino games are generally divided into two categories, slots and table games. You want to have options for both. Slots are games with spinning reels and fun symbols. After each spin, a different combination of symbols will appear on the slots and depending on how they align, you either win or lose. These are fun games that often feature interesting themes and cool design elements. When you choose a platform, you will want it to have many Bitcoin slots as well as a variety in the types of slots offered.

In addition to slots, you might be interested in table games. These are usually more involved and complex games that require some sort of input from the player. Some table games you might be familiar with include Video Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. If you’re not an experienced gambler, you might think that there’s not much diversity to look for in table games. However, the small changes in the rules of these games have given rise to many different variations that each have its own fan base. You’ll want to be offered a large set of options to choose from. In addition to mane standard table games, you will want to have a few options for the Aussie Bitcoin live casino games as well. These are games that offer a live feed to an actual table with a human dealer. Live casino games make the gameplay more realistic and bring another layer of enjoyment to gambling. However, these games are also more expensive to host, so don’t expect a huge number of them on a platform.

Payment options

If you are looking at the best Bitcoin casinos in Australia, you’ve probably chosen the cryptocurrency as your preferred method, however, there are other things to think about when it comes to payment options as well. First of all, you want to have a few alternatives. If you can no longer use the cryptocurrency for payments, you don’t want to have to switch to a new casino as well. Instead, you want there to be other payment options you can use. However, even more important than that are the fees and processing times that you have to take into consideration.

You want the fees to be as low as possible. There are fees that will be charged by the blockchain network that the casino has no control over. However, it could impose additional fees for paying with cryptocurrencies. Naturally, you want to minimize such fees. With processing times, you’ll want to aim for the Australia Bitcoin casino platforms that process your payments instantaneously. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck waiting for your payment to get to the platform before you can get to gambling. Limits are also important. Limits determine how much money you can deposit or withdraw at a time. If the limits are too constricting, you could be forced to pay more than you otherwise would, or you might get stuck withdrawing your winnings for months or years.


With the competition among gambling platforms, top Australian Bitcoin casinos have to come up with innovative offers and appealing promotions to appeal to new customers. As a result, bonuses have become quite commonplace in the industry. It would be unwise to ignore them and not to take full advantage of these offers. Bonuses come in different forms and shapes. Very often they are tied to deposits. These offers that are called deposit bonuses are awarded to users when they make a deposit. They could contain free spins on particular slots or match bonuses. Match bonuses will match your deposit by a certain percentage. For example, a first deposit bonus might include a 100% match bonus up to $200. This means that you would get $400 to gamble with if you deposit $200.

No deposit bonuses are also very coveted offers that the users of the best Australian Bitcoin casinos often look for. These don’t require you to make a deposit at all and will just reward you with free spins or free cash for opening an account. It is basically free money that you get to gamble on the website and you don’t even have to go through the effort of depositing your own money first. For obvious reasons, these offers are more expensive for the casinos, so you won’t find a lot of them around.

When you are looking for the best bitcoin casinos Australia has to offer, you will want to be presented with as many bonuses as possible. In addition to the first deposit bonus, the casino should make an effort to keep you satisfied long after you’ve signed up as well. This is possible through reload bonuses and weekly promotions that give you something to look forward to. You want the bonuses to be meaningful as well. Some casinos might offer many bonuses but none of them significant enough to mean anything to you.

Lastly, don’t forget to look at the wagering requirements and conditions for withdrawing the won money. While you won’t be able to withdraw the bonus cash directly in most cases, you’ll still get to keep the winnings you make on standard or live Bitcoin casino games. However, in order for you to be able to withdraw those winnings, you’ll have to meet the wagering requirements. Wagering requirement specifies how many times you have to bet the won amount. For example, if you received a bonus of $100 and the wagering requirement is 5x, you’ll have to make bets worth $500 in total before you can withdraw. Requirements that are too tough to meet, eliminate the benefit of the bonus. Unfortunately, casinos won’t advertise these as loudly as they will the more appealing parts of the bonus, so it is your responsibility to do the research and find out about such conditions before you sign up on a Australian Bitcoin casino online.

User experience

A very important aspect of gambling websites is user experience. Some casinos have an outdated design that makes it difficult to navigate their services and find what you’re looking for. The online browsing experience is standardized in many ways and we as users are used to a certain way of navigating a website. If a casino doesn’t follow the common principles, it might prove difficult to get used to. When you are selecting a casino, you’ll have to think about the user-friendliness of its website as well. Fortunately, you won’t need to do much research on this point. Just open the Bitcoin casino Aussie website you’re considering and try to navigate it for a couple of minutes. If you’re having trouble with it, be prepared to spend some time getting used to the website.

Mobile access

Nowadays, a lot of gambling activity is migrating to mobile devices which isn’t surprising considering the convenience of these devices. You can take out your mobile phone and start playing your favorite Australian Bitcoin games online anytime, anywhere. For that reason, a lot of casinos have adapted their platforms to mobile users. There are two ways a casino could allow you to gamble online on your mobile phone. First is to have a responsive website that adjusts to the size of the screen of your smartphone and gives you an optimal mobile experience. You can simply use the browser on your smartphone to access the casino.

Another option that you might get is a dedicated application. While the application will certainly take up more space on your phone, it will offer more mobile-focused functionality and could also have faster gameplay. It’s always good to have both options when you’re dealing with an AU online casino Bitcoin platform, but it also largely depends on your preferences.